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Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. Hope you are enjoying an awesome bbq. Or just watching anime haha. It’s Versus Tuesday.

Today we have Yuno from Future Diary  vs Lucy from Elfen Lied. Which of these mass murdering females did you like best???

Well they both had split personalities. Yuno had the sweetest voice and smile. But when she goes on her murdering spree there is no stopping her. Then when Lucy was Nyu she was so cute and adorable. She also had a sweet voice and her big eyes awwww. But when Lucy kicked in best believe people are going to get killed.

Now as for who I liked best I probably will say Lucy because she was very dangerous. Evil and would kill at a drop of a dime. But you had to feel sorry for her because humans kept her captive and tortured her. So she was like that for a reason. Yuno really had no real reason to be crazy. She was just obssessed with Yuuki. Haha crazy girl

so who do you like best from these mass murdering females Yuno or Lucy??