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WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???


Today December 15th is World Otaku Day!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ now I know some may say the word Otaku can mean something bad. But I like to take it and turn it into something good. I do not mind being called an Otaku. Otaku in Japanese mean nerd. So I am going to celebrate.

So to celebrate us being anime and manga lovers. I want to hear everyone’s reason why they love anime, manga or gaming. Whatever falls under the Otaku fanatic world.


I’ll start first:

The reasons I love anime and manga are because it is life! First, I love the storyline and the plots that keeps me engaged in the series or stories.

The characters and watching or reading about their journey and seeing them grow. Another thing about the characters are the hot men. My fan girl moments. I love the different characters from the hero, to the emo, to the flamboyant to the angry female. The range can go on for days.

My most favorite thing about anime and manga are the cliffhangers. When I think I am done with an episode or a chapter I have to keep going because I must know what happens next. There have been times I stayed up all night watching a whole series or reading 4 manga books. Hahah

So that is just a few things about why I love anime.

So my fellow OTAKUS tell me why you love anime? Can’t wait to hear your stories.