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Today is Tuesday and I am so happy it’s only a three day week. My 4 day weekend is coming up yay.

Today is versus Tuesday!!!! We have the Meisters from Soul Eater. Maka Albarn, Black Star and Death The kid. Which Meister do you like better?

They all three are very different and unique in their own way. All good fighters and all dedicated to winning for their team.

Maka who is very passionate about being the best Meister at DWMA. She really wants to collect 99 spirits and 1 witch soul so she can have the best and most powerful Death Sycthe. She wants to surpass her dad who she resents. Her relationship with soul is really genuine and amazing when it comes to fighting together. They overcome a lot of their opponents.

Black Star who is from an assassin family called the Star Clan sometimes can use his Assassins skill when he is fighting. But because he is an attention seeker he shouts when he is about to fight and makes his presence known instead of sneaking up on his enemy. He is a good fighter but not yet has mastered being great. With his partner Tsubaki who sometimes tries to calm Black Star down they do win many fights.

Death the kid who is one of the top 3 Eat Level Fighters has an OCD of everything must be symmetrical even though his hair isn’t. He is great at his skills with shooting his Thompson guns. He can over power any of his opponents. He may have a weak moment because something is not symmetrical but once his partners Liz and Patti knock some since into him he comes too and wins.

If I had to choose I would go with Death the Kid! Something about him just cracks me up and I love him for his weird OCD. But he is also a great fighter. Also I like that he shoots guns. They look cool when he is firing at his enemies. I kind of relate to him because I have an OCD with cleanliness. Haha Maka can sometimes be annoying. Black Star I just can’t stand.

Who is your favorite Meister?



Today is Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday!! Today we have Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Yato from Noragami.

Who would win this fight????

Well they both have super entity powers. Rin is the son of Satan and Yato is the God of Calamity. Both are goofy and both can flip a switch and be bad asses.  Plus they both have a sword that has powers.

Rin was always there to help his brother Yukio from being bullied since they were kids. After his adopted father was killed by his real father Satan, Rin enrolls in Cross academy to become an exorcist so one day he can get revenge against Satan. Rin inherits a sword called Kurikara and when he opens it his appearance changes into a demon with blue flames. he becomes more powerful.

Yato wants to become a really popular God. He would leave his phone number anywhere for the people to call him for a deed to be done. Just so everyone can remember him. He is goofy and sneaky at the same time. But does care for his friends. When it comes to battles he can whoop some ass with his partner Yukine who is a Shinki that transforms into a silver Katana. We also find out in his past he was a ruthless killer and killed so many people.

Of I had to choose who would win, hmm I’ll probably go with Yato because he did have a past of being deadly. But then Rin could become posed by Datan and become super bad and kill. UGHH who knows. Hahah

Who do you think would win this fight Rin or Yato???



Yeah, it’s still early in the week. Haha oh well. But today we have Versus Tuesday. One of my favorite rivalries. Izaya Orihara VS Shizuo Heiwajima both from Durarara. Who is your favorite from this group? 
Now this rivalry is super hilarious. They never liked each other from the beginning. Izaya can be in the street talking to someone and then randomly gets hit by a vending machine or a street pole. All due to Shizuo’s super human powers throwing these objects at him. I also love when Shizuo screams Izayaaaaaa. But Izaya can always get away from Shizuo unharmed and back to causing trouble for Shizuo. It’s a real cat and dog game. 
Izaya is an Information Broker that knows everything and anything of Ikebukuro. He is the one that turns the wheels in everyone’s storyline. He is very sneaky and super manipulative. He can play on any characters’ emotions and use it against them except Shizuo.  
Shizuo is a Tom Tanaka’s body guard. He is a handsome character and wears sunglasses and a bartender outfit. Even though we never see him at a bar. He smokes a cigarette all the time. He has super human strength and has real anger issues. He knows whenever anything bad/crazy happens in Ikebukuro it’s all due to Izaya. He is a reliable character when it comes to him standing up for his team. 
Now if I have to decide who I like better ughh that is extremely a hard one. I like them both so much. They are both my favorite characters from the show. But if I had to go with one I will go with Izaya because he is the reason all the plots/storylines happened in the first place.
Who do you like better Izaya or Shizuo??? 


Happy Halloween!!!! 
It’s Tuesday and it’s time for Versus Tuesday. Continuing with our rivalry segment. This rivalry we have Sasuke Uchiha vs Naruto Uzumaki both from Naruto. Which one do you like best? 

Sasuke is super cute and very talented. He excelled at everything he was handed to do and was always number 1 in his class. He was a bit obsessed with wanting to defeat his older brother Itachi. He was kind of a pissy person when it came to interacting with others. I guess he was like that because he didn’t want to lose focus of his goal. 

Naruto was very goofy and a neglected child. He didn’t excel as a student and kind of half assed a lot of things. Especially when it came to written exams. Haha He had a goal he never lost focus of and that was to become Hokage of the leaf Village. He was obsessed with trying to find Sasuke and help him out. Naruto always helped anyone that needed a helping hand. He Always tried to smile in difficult situations. 

Out of the two who I like best, well I will be honest guys I can’t vote because I am already Bias against Sasuke. He is one of my least favorite characters from Naruto next to Crazy ass Sakura. So I will leave this to you guys. 
Who do you like better from this Rivalry Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki??? 



Since last week I did rivalries. I wanted to see out of the rivalries who is your favorite person. Today we have Natsu Dragneel VS Gray Fullbuster both from Fairytail.

They both are awesome characters and contribute a lot to the fairytail guild.

Natsu has a big personality and can be kind of goofy. He can fight and uses fire better than a blow torch. I love that he can eat so much food as if his stomach is a vacuum. Haha

Gray is a cool character no pun intended. Haha he can also fight and uses his ice powers to destroy his enemies. He is hilarious when he always takes off his clothes for no real apparent reason. Haha

Out of the two who I like better I may say Natsu because I like his determination when he fights and I like he is hot headed as well. He is always there for his friends when they need him. Also, I like him and happy together.

Who do you like the best Natsu or Gray???




Its Tuesday and we have Versus Tuesday. Today is a fun one.

Today we have some infamous rivalries in anime. Goku vs Vegeta, Naruto vs Sasuke, Natsu vs Gray and Shizuo vs Izaya. All of these rivalries are so fun and I love them. But which rivalry is your favorite?


Is it me or do you think this is more one sided. Sometimes Goku to me seems so oblivious to Vegeta’s jealousy. Vegeta is always doing everything he can to try and surpass Goku but never succeeds. Haha but I find it funny how Vegeta always has an attitude towards Kakarot and hopes that Kakarot fails so he can look like the strong one. But in the end they have a bromance.


also, another one sided rivalry.  Naruto is def jealous of Sasuke because he is always top of the class in Ninja tests plus all the girls loves Sasuke. Even Sakura Naruto’s crush. Sasuke pretty much brushes it off and continues doing what he does. Yet, they have an understanding of each other and have a bromance as well.


This one is funny because Natsu and Gray are both crazy and hot heads. They bicker at each other all the time. Over the most stupid and simple stuff but you can’t help but laugh. Haha but as usual they have a bromance as well.


Now these two hatred stem from when they were in High school and continued in to their adulthood. Izaya does everything possible to bother Shizuo to make him look like a crazy person. Then Shizuo will do everything possible to harm Izaya with a vending machine or a light pole. Shizuo just doesn’t trust Izaya because he knows he is alway manipulating people and causing trouble in Ikebukuro. In no way is there a bromance here. Haha

My decision, 🤔🤔🤔 I will say my favorite rivalry is Izaya and Shizuo because I find it very funny of how much they really hate each other. I think it’s hilarious that Izaya can be talking to someone in the street and then get hit by a vending machine out of no where. Then to hear Shizuo scream his name is even more hilarious.

So, who is your favorite rivalry?





It’s Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday. This is a good one because both characters are strong and awesome. It is Karma Akabane and Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom.

Both are in a Class- E plotting ways to kill Koro-Sensei. They are trained killers in their own special way.

Karma is smart and strong. He is the first in class-e that caused any harm to Koro-Sensei. He is very witty and caused havoc when he first arrived in class- e. Throughout the series he is def one of the strongest students. He can use many weapons especially a gun.

Nagisa the most adorable looking boy ever (I swore was a girl for a while) who is very quiet and friendly always kept tabs on the professors weakness. He documented anything he felt would be be valuable to assassinating Koro-sensei. Never really saw too many fighting skills until the students went into training and his classmates were in trouble. The darker side comes out and you see a bad ass assassin.

If it came down to who would win, I think Nagisa because once he is triggered he can aim to kill. It will be a great fight because both are skilled. But Nagisa has a dark side that I think Karma should be more careful of.

Who do you think would win this fight Karma or Nagisa???