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This is one of my favorite Versus Tuesday. Only because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. It was one of my fav shows filled with some funny and interesting Villians.

Well the three main villains from my childhood are Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.


Well to break it down:

Frieza was probably one of the most epic first fights Goku had to me. I mean back then he did fight Vegeta and Nappa but when he fought Frieza he really had to give it his all. Frieza was so powerful he was def a huge challenge for Goku. I also liked Frieza because he knew how to put cocky Vegeta in his place. He also wrecked havoc for all the other DBZ fighters.

Cell was an unexpected villian. Even though most of them usually are but he was def really a cool one. I thought he was kind of funny and his different forms went from weird to kind of cool. I did like his coloring the most. He was def a strong character as well.

Now Majin Buu was probably the most entertaining and very underestimated ย character. When you first see him all you saw was a fat bubble gum looking alien. His voice alone made me crack up. Haha but when he fought he was def nothing to play with. Then his different forms went from cool buff guy to little short gremlin looking creature.

All in all my favorite villain was def Majin Buu because he was just not what I expected. He was too funny and I loved his different forms the most.

Who was your favorite DBZ Villian, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu?



Its Tuesday and the Weeknd is not over yet. UGHH but it is Versus Tuesday. yayyy

Today we have Kaneki vs Shinichi/Migi!!!

Well they both were humans in the beginning. Now one is a ghoul and the other is intertwined with a Parasyte. Their human abilities and powers def advanced with their new changes.

Kaneki is def powerful because he has part of Rize’s organ in him and she was a powerful ghoul. Once he became more of a ghoul he was perfect with his new found powers.

Shinichi became even more powerful when Migi had to save him when he was struck by another Parasyte that put a whole through his chest. Migi used some of his cells to heal Shinichi. So his new human abilities were way more advanced.

Now in a battle who would win. ย Really can’t tell you because Kaneki is really good when he fights and with his Kagune he is even more dangerous. Then Shinichi and Migi together are amazing. Migi can create like 8 arms with mini axes and can whoop ass. So Kaneki’s Kagune and Migi’s many arms would def go toe to toe. So honestly I can’t tell you but what I do know it would be one hell of a fight.

Who do do you think would win in a battle Kaneki or Shinichi/Migi??




Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. Hope you are enjoying an awesome bbq. Or just watching anime haha. It’s Versus Tuesday.

Today we have Yuno from Future Diary ย vs Lucy from Elfen Lied. Which of these mass murdering females did you like best???

Well they both had split personalities. Yuno had the sweetest voice and smile. But when she goes on her murdering spree there is no stopping her. Then when Lucy was Nyu she was so cute and adorable. She also had a sweet voice and her big eyes awwww. But when Lucy kicked in best believe people are going to get killed.

Now as for who I liked best I probably will say Lucy because she was very dangerous. Evil and would kill at a drop of a dime. But you had to feel sorry for her because humans kept her captive and tortured her. So she was like that for a reason. Yuno really had no real reason to be crazy. She was just obssessed with Yuuki. Haha crazy girl

so who do you like best from these mass murdering females Yuno or Lucy??



Yes, it is Tuesday and that means we are no where near the weekend. UGHH haha but it’s Versus Tuesday.

Today we have the Titans from Attack on Tian. The Armored Tutan a.k.a Reiner Braun and the Female Titan a.k.a Annie Leonhardt.

I know they are on the same team but I would like to see them battle.

They both have a lot of strength. But Armored Titan has a lot of Brute force where he charges into his enemies. Then the Female Titan has a more skilled combative technique.

if I had to choose I will go with Female Titan because she has combative skills. Armored Titan is just good at running into his opponents. But I think the Female Titan can dodge his move and then take him down.

Who do you think would win in a battle Female Titan or Armored Titan??? 



It’s sports day! Two of the most popular sports anime Haiykuu and Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basektball).

Which sports anime did you like best?

Now I really have to say I love both these anime sooo much. They both kept me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was part of the team. I felt the drive they had as a team and individually of wanting to win.


I loved Hinata and Kageyama love hate relationship. They were complete opposites and yet they worked well together. Even though they argued every chance they got. I also loved their teammates. But their opponents were just as memorable as well. I mean hello my husband Oikawa.

Kuroko no Basuke

Kagami and Kuroko were such an amazing duo. The support they had for each other was on point. One stood out above the rest and the other was never seen, the shadow. But I really loved the generation of miracles. The skills and personalities were all individually awesome. I loved the supporting characters just as much probably a bit more than the main characters.

But in the end, it’s a very hard decision because I really liked both anime but I will have to go with Kuroko’s Basketball. I liked way more supporting characters than Haikyuu. I loved Kurko’s and kagami’s relationship even more. I stayed home for a week just to watch all three seasons of this show. It controlled my life haha

So, which Sports anime is your favorite???




Now this is a fight I would love to see. My fav females in Attack on Titan. This fight will be in human form so Annie can not change into a Titan.

I was so upset when season 2 gave a snippet of a fight that was about to happen. But then they changed to another scene and left it unanswered.

Well if that fight were to happen who would win?? Well Annie had some combat skills with her hands. Plus her special move is everything. But mikasa is a killer with swords. She is almost as good as Levi.

So would would win ummmm I would have to go with Mikasa because we have seen her on the battlefield more than Annie.

Who do you think will win this battle Mikasa or Annie?



It’s versus Tuesday. Yayy it’s Pokemon vs Digimon.

So, I can not participate because I never really watched Digimon. I’ve only saw one episode and it was okay. Nothing special.

I just know both shows have little monsters and they  are cute haha. Plus they all battle.

So, tell me which show did you like best Pokemon or Digimon?