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Today is Tuesday and I am so happy it’s only a three day week. My 4 day weekend is coming up yay.

Today is versus Tuesday!!!! We have the Meisters from Soul Eater. Maka Albarn, Black Star and Death The kid. Which Meister do you like better?

They all three are very different and unique in their own way. All good fighters and all dedicated to winning for their team.

Maka who is very passionate about being the best Meister at DWMA. She really wants to collect 99 spirits and 1 witch soul so she can have the best and most powerful Death Sycthe. She wants to surpass her dad who she resents. Her relationship with soul is really genuine and amazing when it comes to fighting together. They overcome a lot of their opponents.

Black Star who is from an assassin family called the Star Clan sometimes can use his Assassins skill when he is fighting. But because he is an attention seeker he shouts when he is about to fight and makes his presence known instead of sneaking up on his enemy. He is a good fighter but not yet has mastered being great. With his partner Tsubaki who sometimes tries to calm Black Star down they do win many fights.

Death the kid who is one of the top 3 Eat Level Fighters has an OCD of everything must be symmetrical even though his hair isn’t. He is great at his skills with shooting his Thompson guns. He can over power any of his opponents. He may have a weak moment because something is not symmetrical but once his partners Liz and Patti knock some since into him he comes too and wins.

If I had to choose I would go with Death the Kid! Something about him just cracks me up and I love him for his weird OCD. But he is also a great fighter. Also I like that he shoots guns. They look cool when he is firing at his enemies. I kind of relate to him because I have an OCD with cleanliness. Haha Maka can sometimes be annoying. Black Star I just can’t stand.

Who is your favorite Meister?



Its Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday!!! Yayy Well today we have Death the Kid from Soul Eater VS Revy from Black Lagoon. Which one of these two would win in  gun fight???

Well Death the kid has Patty and Liz as his helpers. They are his guns so he might have an advantage. They have been in many battles with the witches and their goons.  But then I wonder if Death the kid’s OCD would get in the way if something isn’t symmetrical.

Now Revy is crazy and psychotic and probably came out of her mom as a baby with guns. Hahah I never seen someone in so many gun fights like her. Plus she never gives up.

As much as I love Death the kid I have to go with Revy because of her psychotic gun fights.

Who would win in a gun fight Death the Kid or Revy???





It is time for Versus Tuesday. Here are some bad ass females. Both part of my top 10 favorite villains. But who is more evil??

I really appreciate the both of them because they are such cool characters. Even though they are evil they are still perfect. At least in my eyes. 😈

Now, Lust was very manipulative, she plotted so much through Full Metal Alchemist. She did everything she can to please Father. She tried to kill the Elric Brothers and Roy Mustang. I remember her letting Gluttony eat people alive. 😳😳 she ordered Envy who was really crazy to do some pretty gruesome things. She was super crazy and sadistic.

Then you have Medusa, the snake witch. She acted like a caring Nurse in the DWMA nursing post. But we eventually find out she is a witch. Her main objective was to release the Kishin. She is also the mother of Crona who she kept locked away and had so many problems. Then last when she was defeated by Stein she took over the body of a little girl. I mean come on.

So pretty much I think Medusa is the worst of these two. She took over the body of a little girl. She had a kid Crona who had so many issues due to her. I mean come on how bad can that get. But I still love her hahahahaha

Who is more evil? Lust or Medusa?








I know that is a hard question! There are so many anime out there and many more characters to choose from. But there are some characters that draw us in more than others. You may have 1 or 20 fav characters. I have sooo many. But to narrow them down to my top 5 was very hard. But these 5 I will say def deserve to be my top 5 because I get super excited every time I see them on the screen.



We meet L in Death Note. He is a world renowned detective that has solved many difficult and unsolved cases. He comes to Tokyo to find Kira who is the serial killer behind the recent deaths of many dangerous people.

As soon as L’s voice was heard I knew I would like this guy. Then you finally see L. This lanky, slim, pale, dark circles around his eyes and kind of shabby guy. He looked AMAZING!!! Hahah he was such a different and unique character. I fell in love immediately. Not in a fan girl way. More like I want to be him, even though I’m a girl.

I really like L because he was extremely smart. He narrowed down all his suspects of Kira down to Light right off the bat. He kept his suspicions on Light the whole time. I was extremely fascinated with how unique he was with everything he did. From the way he sat in the chair, the way he wore no shoes, from him eating sweets and even how he answered the phone.

(spoiler ahead) You know my life came to a halt when L was killed. I literally didn’t know what to do with myself.

I have to say L is my ultimate favorite anime character no doubt about it.



In Tokyo Ghoul Juuzou is a special class ghoul investigator. He was partnered with Yukinori Shinohara. He was assigned to handle the Binge Eater investigation in the 20th ward.

At first when you see Juuzou in the anime you think it’s a girl. I was like wow this girl is crazy. Haha In the Manga I knew right away he was a boy. I like his style of clothing, he wear shoes that look like slippers, his colorful suspenders, his baggy white shirt, his Capri black pants, his white hair and then his stitches tops it all.

When he came out fighting and going crazy on the ghouls I was obsessed. He had no mercy and was ready to kill any ghoul in site. When they showed his back story I started to understand his maniac ways. He was kidnapped as a kid and was brought up in a crazy environment by a lady named Big Madam (wont go into details) and his original name was Rei. He was mistreated.

I sometimes wonder is he a hero or a villain? I mean don’t we like the ghouls. He is killing them. But yet you are rooting for him. It’s soooo confusing. But I still love Juuzou. I like that he is just a crazy maniac. It’s just so entertaining. Even his voice is crazy too.



Toto Sakigami a.k.a The Mockingbird is a deadman in Deadman Wonderland. He is considered to be the most powerful Deadman. He is the only person who has fought with The Wretched Egg and survived. Each Deadman had their own branch of sin (blood powers). Toto’s branch of sin is called Love labyrinth which can copy other deadman’s branch of sin if he gets a lick of their blood.

In the anime you don’t get to see Toto as much. But what you get to see you can get an idea of how free spirited he is. He is very flamboyant and seems carefree. He is friends with Shiro as well. I liked Toto because of his free spirited way. I loved the first full scene you get to see of him when Renji (The Crow) is showing Ganta (The Woodpecker) how to use his branch of sin. Toto comes into the scene and Renji is scared. He explains to Ganta who Toto is and Ganta freaks out as well. You then see Toto lick Renji’s blood. Such a cool scene.

So I read the Manga and you get even more of an evil side of Toto because you the find out (Spoiler ahead) that Doctor Hagire has taken over Toto’s body the whole time. The madness that he has and the craziness gets even more intense. It just makes me love Toto even more!!!


The next two names you may have seen these in my post about my top 10 favorite Anime villains. But these two are also my favorite characters as well.


In the empire Esdeath is a high ranking general. She is also the leader of an elite group of killers called The Jaegers who are in charge of killing Night Raid. Night Raid is an elite group of assassins that are trying to take down the Empire. Esdeath is a vicious/malicious general.

I loved Esdeath! I thought she was sexy, smart, tough and extremely strong. She knew what she wanted and that was to kill anyone in her way and to also be with Tatsumi. Her outfit was so cute. I think I may cosplay her one day. I loved her powers, the way she used her ice powers to kill people. She never wanted to be weak. She knew she must be strong.

Esdeath also had a charm to her. When you saw her with Tatsumi you felt a genuine person. She had a heart and she seemed real. I know she was a killer but I just liked that she was a tough chick and didn’t let anything stand in her way. Again, I was upset when she died.



Medusa is a witch related to the Gorgon sisters. She posed as nurse at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). She is the mother to Crona (Demon Sword Master). Her goal in Soul Eater was to release the Kishin from his seal to recreate the world.

Well first off, I loved Medusa because of her snake vectors she used to hurt her enemies. I love snakes. Next, she was so manipulative that she used her own son Crona to do crazy things for her. She was the main antagonist in the series. She set the whole story to me. If it wasn’t for her we would not have such a great plot.

When I first watched the anime, I knew something wasn’t right about her, her face looked so sneaky. So I became more interested in her. When I saw her put the black blood into Soul I was like I knew it she is bad. Hahaha then when she came out with her army I was like wow this is getting crazy.

I became sad when I thought Dr. stein killed her. I was like who will be the cool bad guy now. Then she took over little Rachel’s body. I said DAMN how low can you go. Hahaha but she went there and continued in her mission to release the Kishin.

She is awesome and I wish they did a spinoff series of Medusa of where she came from.


So as you can tell from my list I like characters that are crazy, psycho or very evil. I was never in to normal characters. I like characters that stand out.




Where will a story be without a villain? I actually root for them more than the hero. A hero can’t be a hero without a villain. I love characters with evil, sadistic, and non remorseful personalities. They never let you down. What more can you ask from them.?
If I had the opportunity to be a hero or villain, best believe I will be the villain. I do not have to apologize for being me. I don’t have to worry about anyone relying on me and I let them down. Or having people turn their backs on me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some villains that I just do not like because they are way too sadistic to a point where it is beyond crazy (e.g Father – Fullmetal alchemist)

Below are my top 10 villains. No specific order.

Light Yagami – Death Note

Light Yagami was an extremely smart regular high school teen. One day he finds a note book called the Death Note which was dropped by Shinigami Ryuk. The book gives the owner power to kill someone by writing their name in the book.
What I really like about Light is, at first it was used for good. Get rid of all the really bad criminals. But the power got to his head and he started killing anyone who got in his way. I feel like many humans would react the same way. Once you have power it’s gets to your head. I know I would act the same way. The one thing I did not like was when Light kills L. He was my favorite character.
When Light died too best believe I was crying my eyes out.

Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

The Ice Queen Esdeath is probably my favorite female villain. She is the strongest and highest ranking General in the empire. The leader of the Jaegers which was an elite team of killers. She will kill anyone who gets in her way. Doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not. She is sexy and sadistic. She had a little heart for her obsession of Tatsumi. That was the only time you really got to see her soft side. But when she wanted something for her self she would take down anyone who gets in her way.
I was deeply upset when she was killed by Akame.

Vegeta – Dragon Ball

Vegeta the Saiyan prince is my first favorite anime villain because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. When he came to earth with Nappa and went head to head with Gohan, Piccolo, Goku and the rest, I was in awe. I know Vegeta isn’t really bad in the later series but I liked him better when he was bad. He had no mercy for Goku and the gang. He wanted to destroy earth. I loved it. I don’t mind the good Vegeta but I just like bad guys.

Medusa Gorgon- Soul Eater

I really don’t care much for witches. I’m more of a vampire type of person, but Medusa can change me into liking witches. She was so manipulative, devious and awesome. I liked how she was the nurse who really had ulterior motives. Her vector magic with the snakes was so cool. I love snakes and have one so I can relate to her even more.
I was rooting for her and Dr. stein to be together because they were a true match.
When they had that fight and I thought she was dead I was super upset. Not sure if I was the only who was happy she came back even though she took over Rachel’s body.
But either way she is one of my favorite villains.

Itachi Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

Itachi! Sasuke’s older brother, killer of the Uchiha clan and member of the akatsuki. Is he a villain? In the beginning yes! Only because that is what the writers wanted you to think. But when he is killed you find out he had a plan that was no where near evil. He wanted to help his brother and the Uchiha clan. He was misunderstood. But I have to say he is one of my favorite villains because that is what the media puts out there. Poor Itachi 😭😭😭😭😭

Hidan – Naruto Shippuden

Hidan was definitely one of the most sadistic characters. He enjoyed torturing his enemies and he had no remorse at all. His ritual fighting style with the blood of his enemy he can have control of their bodies. He will stab himself in different areas and his opponent with be injured in that area. I loved his sarcasm and funny outburst with his cussing.
Another crazy thing about him was he could never die. No matter how hard the ninjas of the leaf village tried they just could not kill Hidan. Until Shikamaru came up with a strategic plan.
I wish Hidan could have been in the series much longer.

Sasori – Naruto Shippuden

Sasori the puppet master was such a cool character. He used to work with fake puppets but started using human puppets. Sasori was one of the most powerful Akatsuki. Throughout the beginning of the series you saw his human puppet Hiruko who worked with the Akatsuki. Then later in the series Sasori is revealed with his youthful good looks using Hiruko as a puppet the whole time. This red head puppet master had two fights that I loved in the series. The fight against his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura Haruno. Then his next fight against Sakura. You got to see is puppetry put into action. It was so cool to see him work with so many puppets at the same time.
I was extremely upset that Sakura of all people killed him.

Annie Leonhardt – Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I have a hate love relationship with Annie. I loved the fact that she was quiet and to herself. She was a strong skilled fighter. I was all for Annie because I always like tough chicks. The moment she fought Eren and used her signature fighting move, I knew she was great. Then boom she is the female Titan. I was like Noooooo. Whyyyyyyy???? The secrets she held was astonishing. She did so much to ruin the squads. The worse was when she killed members of Levi’s Special Operations Squad especially Petra.
When her and Eren were fighting inside the walls as Titans she crystallized herself. Now we can’t get any answers out of her.
I do think she is misunderstood. Her father told her the world is her enemy. So she grew up with this mission to destroy humanity. But I still like her.

Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust is my favorite homunculus and one of the most dangerous. I loved her claws that can rip through her enemies. She played the cool, calm and sexy role but can kill anyone in an instant. I love the way she can manipulate anyone. You couldn’t kill her easily because of her regenerating abilities.
I was not happy when Mustang did finally kill her.
But can you blame her for being evil, her father created this monster.

Ulquiorra Cifer – Bleach

This Espada was such a mysterious character. Ulquiorra was my favorite Arrancar and possibly favorite Bleach Character. He only fought when he needed to. Or if anyone gets in his way. He would kill his enemies and even his comrades.
When he killed his enemies he would stab them with his bare hands in the same location as his hollow hole. He was just a cold and hollow person. No emotions at all.
This is why I loved this mysterious character.
I was so upset when Ichigo killed him.

So in conclusion, why dislike or kill the villains. We need evil to balance out the stories we are reading or watching. Lets start rooting for them.

Who are your favorite anime Villains?


ANIME RANT- Anime Characters I dislike!!!


I am sure that everyone has a character in an anime they just dislike. Reasons being they are annoying, a b***h, whimpy, they killed a character you liked a lot. Whatever the reason may be we all have one, two, three or more we dislike.

As you can see in my pictures those are my main characters I dislike a lot. Different reason for each one. (Please respect my opinion Hahahah)



I don’t know if it is just me, but she is just too depressing. She is very sweet and kind hearted, but she always worried about Ichigo way too much. He will be okay stop worrying. I hated when they cut away to her and she had this sad look on her face because she is too worried. Like smile more goodness ughhh
Then she is captured and now they have to save you. Learn to fight better.



Black Star is so annoying. I know a lot of fans love him but I just couldn’t get into his character. I loved Death the kid, Dr stein and Medusa. Black Star was always there to was up a situation. Maka can have a situation handled and here comes Black Star messing things up. He was super selfish. Sometimes he may have though of others but majority of the time it was all about him. Then he thought he was like the best fighter ever but then he lose the fight. Hahaha too much



Do I have to explain why I hate Seyru??? I mean this crazy girl killed Sheele. Whyyyyy 😭😭😭😭 Then she kept trying to kill everyone in the night raid. They are the good guys. They were fighting for real justice. Seyru’s justice was all wrong but she didn’t realize it. But back to Sheele, she was the quirky, ditsy and the most loving character. We barely got to know Sheele. It’s like we met her and then She was taken from us in a split second. 😭😭😭😭
The thing about Seyru she was so nice as a regular person, but then she becomes crazy with her fighting dog Koro. She was demented and twisted. She loved to kill to an extent that was scary.



I found out many people do not like Sakura as well. I just feel like she is a worthless character to have in Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto always had to save her. She was a fast learner and better at using her Chakra. But what is the purpose if you never or barely fight. All she ever did was sit on the side and cry. Then when you think she is about to fight, NOPE, she doesn’t.
What also makes me mad she can knock the guys out when they say something bad about her. But come to the battlefield that strength she has is not put into use.
The only fight I was actually rooting for her is when she fought Sasori. But he was like my favorite character though hahah.
Positive words for her she was pretty and was great for healing her teammates.
So this is my Anime Rant! These are my reasons for disliking these characters.

Which anime character do you dislike and why?