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So I’ve posted this top image on some of my social media accounts. It’s been getting a great response because it’s hilarious. BUT! It’s also true.

First let me start by saying there are some favorite and top known ships out there. As I have stated in a previous post Natsu X Lucy (FAIRYTAIL) Kirito X Asuna (SWORD ART ONLINE) and Naruto X Hinata (NARUTO). Just to name a few.


Now me I like to play against the rules, I like Kirito X Sinon (SWORD ART ONLINE) Gray X Lucy (FAIRYTAIL) Naruto X Sakura (NARUTO). Of course I get flak for it. But you sometimes have to switch it up. Hahah but the flak I get it very settle.


Now when it comes to yaoi fans and their shipping, they can get vicious. I have no problem at all with Yaoi. But if a character is not made to be gay in an anime then I won’t ship them with a guy.

Now back to the image, the most yaoi ships I see online are usually from Attack on Titan. Eren X Levi or Armin X Eren and Jean X Marco. Etc. so when I said my favorite ships are Eren X Mikasa, Sasha X Connie, Armin X Annie, Levi X Petra or even Levi X Zoe. OMG the comments and anger I get. It is hilarious. Not only me but I have seen it happened to other people as well.

Yaoi shippers can be the most fanatic and harsh group to deal with. I still love them because they love anime. But don’t cross them with a straight ship when they want a yaoi ship. Hahaha

Now the only Yaoi ship I actually really like and would like to see happen is Sebastian Michaelis X Grell Sutcliff (BLACK BUTLER)


Have you ever had a ship gone wrong? Or tell me some of your shipping experiences. Hahah

Thanks for reading.