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Let me start by saying I’m super proud and happy to be part of an amazing group Owls. I appreciate that there are fellow anime lovers out their looking to support people who are discriminated against or bullied for being different. I say it’s good to be different. If we all were the same then this would be a boring world. Every month we have a topic we must take an anime and relate it to that topic. This month’s topic is “dreamers”.

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

Like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore–

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over–

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?”

Langston Hughes
Due to recent events that happened in September, this month’s OWLS topic will be on “Dreamers.” Every individual has a goal or ambition that they devote their whole life to with passion and courage—whether it’s landing your dream job, traveling, or finding the love of your life. However, there are those who spent their whole life working towards a dream but it was cut short due to an unexpected occurrence. Those people are left only to dream and wonder about the possibility.

This month’s topic will be dedicated to these characters in pop culture entertainment. We are not going to focus on the individuals that achieved their aspirations but instead, we will focus weon characters that weren’t able to. We will explore what happens to characters who had their wings forcefully cut off as well as those who gave up before they even started their journey. We will also discuss what it means for “a dream to be deferred.”

Once I saw this topic I had so many ideas of characters that came to mind but one character stood out the most to me. That is Mikado Ryuugamine from Durarara. He comes from a small town in Japan named Saitama which is very uneventful. After hearing stories from his childhood friend Masaomi about Ikebukuro he decides to move there. What was supposed to be a good life in the city turns out to be more than what Mikado can handle.


Durarara follows many characters who lives throughout the series Intersect each other. Each of their interactions play a major role in each other lives. Ikebukuro is a district in Tokyo that has many interesting characters from Izaya Orihara the information broker who is sneaky and manipulative. Shizuo Heiwajima who has super human strength and is usually seen attacking Izaya throughout the series. Then you have Celty Sturluson an Irish Dullahan (in Irish means no head and its an Unseelie Fairy) that is known as the “Black Rider” who rides a motorcycle that sometimes looks like a horse. She is rumored to have no head underneath her helmet and is in search for her stolen head. Plus many more characters that each of their interactions creates a bigger plots in the series.


Mikado Ryuugamine, is a 16 years old boy from a small town called Saitama in Japan. He longed to live in the big city of Ikebukuro after hearing so many stories from his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. While in Saitama he and a few online friends created a fake online group called “Dollars” as a prank to play on others. The group begins to gain momentum and many of its followers are based in Ikebukuro. Mikado decides to move to Ikebukuro to reunite with his friend Masaomi and to attend Raira Academy. The beginning of the series Mikado is a quiet and timid character. Later in the series we begin to see a more colder and darker side to him.



The group Dollars was founded by Mikado and a few online friends as a prank to play on others. Anyone can join the group through email invites. The group begin to gain momentum as more and more people begin to join. It started as an online group but became known as a colorless gang in the streets of Ikebukuro.

The original members that created this group with Mikado decided to leave due to the violence. The dollars expanded and became more known as a gang committing crimes. Mikado decides to email all the Dollars’ members to start doing good for the city to show that the group is not a gang.

Throughout the series the Dollars become more and more dangerous. They get involved in gang fights and start committing more and more crimes.



Mikado was living a boring life in a small town named Saitama. Majority of his time was spent being online in different chat rooms. He would also talk with his childhood friend Masaomi about his life in Ikebukuro which sounded exciting to Mikado. He was looking for something different and exciting. So, Mikado and a few of his online friends created the group “Dollars” as a prank. Whenever a situation happened in the city they would claim the Dollars were responsible in the online chat forums. Anyone was able to join the Dollars through an email invite only. Many people joined the Dollars because the group was designed to have no rules, no commands plus no restrictions. No one knew who the leader was (Mikado) but they never questioned it and kind of liked the mystery.

Mikado finally decides to move to Ikebukuro to reunite with Masaomi and to live his city life. He also wanted to see how the Dollars acted because majority of the members live there. When he arrives he is welcomed by Masaomi at the train station. Now in Ikebukuro, Masaomi explains to him the different people he should stay away from one being Izaya and the other Shizuo.

Mikado enrolls into Raira Academy where Masaomi attends as well. There he meets a lot of new students. One main student that stood out is Anri Sonohara who he gains an interest in. After meeting Anri, Mikado, Masaomi and Anri start hanging a lot as a trio.

Throughout the series we witness Mikado starting his life off well in Ikebukuro to spiraling downhill. The major factor for his troubles was his involvement with The Dollars. His original friends who started the group with him decided to leave due to the reputation the Dollars Were earning. They started to become a street gang and were committing different crimes throughout the city. They were nicknamed “the colorless gang” because they were unidentifiable compared to the street gangs that had colors assigned to them such as the “Yellow Scarves” and the “Blue Squares”.

Due to this negative reputation Mikado went on the Dollars forum and asked the members to do good deeds for the city because he didn’t want to be associated with violence. He was laughed in the beginning but some members went to the streets to show that they are not a bad group.

The Yellow Scarves were now out to start trouble with the Dollars. Especially since they think the Dollars were involved in with the Slasher incidents that were occurring around the city. Since the Dollars were a colorless gang the Yellow scarves were attacking anyone they thought was part of the Dollars or whoever tagged their streets up with the name Dollars. There are many occasions we see Mikado getting beaten up by Yellow Scarves and other crazy characters.

When a dollar member was being harassed the Dollars would send mass messages out to the group to help the fellow Dollars member from the yellow scarves. This kind of made Mikado happy that his group can stick together and help each other.

The violence begin to extremely escalate because more people joined the Dollars and were ready for an all out gang war with the Yellow scarves. The Yellow scarves attacked some key members of the dollars. When the dollars heard the news they were upset that the leader didn’t do anything to handle the situation. So they decided to take it into their owns hands.

As the street wars escalated Mikado and a few of the Dollars were plotting to eliminate any members in the Dollars that were causing all these problems. But they were unsuccessful.

The battle he was in was at the climax where there was no turning back. This is where we start to see Mikado’s sinister side that is his true self. He was getting an excitement from all the things that were happening. He knew this was a bad situation but he was enjoying the life because it was something new and different.


(Spoilers) One day Mikado is told by the Black Rider (Celty) that Masaomi was the Leader of the yellow scarves and Anri was the Slasher. This hit Mikado hard because these were his very close friends that he was hanging with his whole time in Ikebukuro.

He heads to the Yellow Scarves hide out and see Anri holding a beaten up Masaomi. They escort him to the hospital and there Masaomi decides to leave Ikebukuro.

Now, Mikado is dealing with some new characters from the Blue Squares who want to team up with the Dollars to rid the Yellow Scarves from the streets. Mikado doesn’t trust this group and feel they have an Ulterior motive. He shows his power by stabbing a pen in their leaders hand to let him know he has the power.

As the wars progress we begin to see Mikado’s attitude change because he realizes he can not handle all these problems. He is now regretting becoming the leader of the Dollars and having the gang get to this point.

We witness a scene where Mikado is hysterically crying and ranting because he just can’t handle it anymore. He wants the Dollars back to where they use to be but know it is not capable of going back. He pulls out a gun and tries to kill himself but the bullet is blocked by The black rider (Celty). He is taken to the hospital after this incident to recover. after this incident he shuts down the Dollars forum. But there were still a few active Dollars.


Now I didn’t want to go into full details of the Durarara story but wanted to give you the situations that caused Mikado to get to the point in his life for him to try and commit suicide to escape it all. A small town boy that wanted excitement and once he was in the city he got the excitement he was looking for. Yet, he didn’t realize the consequences he had to face. It can happen like that in real life as well. You may think things are greener on the other side but sometimes it’s not.

His  goal to turn the Dollars into a group that did good for the city was never reached. The situation became worse and worse. Yet, he was loving the power he was gaining from being the leader of the Dollars. It was something he never had in life. He needed more but couldn’t handle it. He let his dream get the best of him that he was put in danger mentally and physically. Never let your dreams take you to a place where you are in danger mentally or physically like Mikado.

If he noticed from the beginning that this was escalating to a point of no return he should have tried to pull back or shutdown the Dollars forum from the beginning. But since he had the mentality of wanting his life to be exciting he was caught up in trouble that followed him everywhere he went. It’s sad that he started out as a sweet boy and very trust worthy to becoming a darker person and hurting people along the way. He lost himself in the city and forgot where he came from.

How far will you go to achieve your dream? Many people in life have a dream, some put so much effort in to it and many times it can fail. Do you dust yourself off and try again or do you pursue another dream? How can we make a dream a reality? There is no right or wrong answer but there are some people who continue to try and the there are those who decide let’s try another path. I think it’s good for people to dream and have goals. If you don’t reach that goal or dream maybe try another path. Just know we are very lucky that we can dream and have more options on our plates.


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Hello everyone,

Hope your week is going great so far. Here is a wrap up of our awesome September Month for our Owl Tour.

Last month’s topic was Treasure:

There are moments in our lives where we lose our sense of self-worth and value and as a result, we find ourselves deep in darkness or drowning in the ocean. However, every person in this world is a treasure—we treasure ourselves or we are treasured by others—and at times, we may need to be reminded of that.

For this month’s topic, we will be exploring pop culture characters who have suffered from mental illnesses, depression, and/or suicide. We will be discussing how these individuals cope with these issues, the reasons for their emotions, and how they handled the situations they are in.

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Stay tuned to the October tour which topic is Dreamers!!




As I always my fellow Owls are killing it again with their July Tour. The theme for this tour is “Mirrors”.

“Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”

When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves or someone we don’t want to be? For this month’s theme, we will be exploring some of our favorite anime and other pop culture media that redefine individual beauty – inside and out. Some topics we may explore are physical appearance, social expectations on gender, and the importance of self-confidence.

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I’m happy to be doing this Owl blog Tour for the month of June. It’s Gay Pride Month and I am closing it out with a bang. Hahah

June is known as “Pride Month” within the LGBT & Queer communities in honor of the Stonewall riots that occurred at the end of June in 1969. At Owls, we strongly support individuals who are part of the LGBT & Queer communities as well as individuals who are struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Team” functions in two ways: 1) allows individuals to show their support to the LGBT & Queer communities and 2) allows LGBT & Queer communities to express their love to whoever they want.

So for the “Team” topic, we will be discussing our favorite LGBT & Queer characters in anime and other pop culture related media, the impact of the yaoi and yuri genre within LGBT & Queer communities, our personal stories involving gender/sexual orientation, and etc.

The reason I was super happy about this topic and month is because I myself am a Lesbian Female (bisexual only for Japanese, Korean and anime men) hahaha yeah weird.

I fully came out in college. When I mean fully in high school some friends of mine knew I was gay. My parents and sister knew I was gay and were fully supportive. But I just didn’t shout it out to the world. I think at that time I was still trying to understand it myself. But when I came to understand myself and my community I was in college and usually your college experience can change your life altogether.

I will say being a Lesbian I haven’t had any bad experiences but info get annoyed by guys saying “oh what guy did you wrong” to “you haven’t had the right guy yet”. Ugh all the stupid comments. Another I get from male and female is “oh I didn’t know you were gay, you don’t look gay”. Not all lesbians like to dress like a guy. I like to dress like a girl and the business I am in I have to dress fashion forward. No I don’t like flannel shirts or cargo pants. Hahah so much ignorance.

Back to the Owls June tour. This was a perfect topic for me because one anime that I’ve watched and kind of related to a life experience I had was Akuma no Riddle (Riddle Story of Devil). This anime is considered to be part of the Yuri Genre (female like female).



Myoujou Academy is a private girls’ boarding school. Class Black has 13 transferred students who are all assassins with one target… Haru Ichinose. If they are successful with assassinating Haru they are granted any wish they desire. All these assassins are all equipped with special skills they’ve learned in the academy. There is one particular assassin Tokaku Azuma who is top of her class. She begins to develop feelings for Haru and begins to protect her from the other assassins on her own.



Tokaku is no 1 in Class Black. She is a very skilled assassin but is also a cold and distance person. One of her special skills is fighting with knives. She comes from the Azuma family which are infamous assassins. Even though she is tough and seems distant she is very easily manipulated and cares what people think about her. During the series we learn she has never killed before. Even though she is put into deadly situations she can never kill. When Tokaku enters Class Black she becomes Haru’s protector even though she was also sent to kill her as well. She gains feelings for Haru and feels obligated to protect her.



Haru is no 13 in Class Black. She is the Target in Class Black that all of the other assassins are supposed to kill. She is opposite of Tokaku, very out going and cheerful. Her body is covered in many scars that she is embarrassed of. She possesses an ability from her clan called “Queen bee” which attracts, controls and can manipulate people. Similar to the insect. Due to this ability Class Black was created to see if Haru has the ability to control the class. Tokaku becomes her protector throughout this series. You see the love one has for the other.


Tokaku’s love and protection she had for Haru was everything. She fought as hard as she can for the safety of Haru against top female assassins. Tokaku had the opportunity to get any wish she wanted but decided to sacrifice that to save Haru. But I guess love conquers all.

The reason I was very fond of this anime was that in my senior year in highschool I had a secret relationship with a girl (no name for protection). She was not out at all because her family and many of her friends were not accepting of the gay community. Plus her family was very religious. So it was very hard for her to accept herself as well. But her and I had a great connection. We can talk for hours and just relate to each other on many levels. Plus she liked anime 😀. She once told me she wished she had friends and family like mine that were accepting and supportive. But she didn’t have that support system and I was her only support system.

One day she got the courage to tell her family and some of her friends that she was gay. And oh God it did not go well. Her friends pretty much abandoned her except 3. Then her family were saying the devil is in her and she is falling for his temptation. Let’s just say it was a shit show.

After her coming out she became my Haru and I her Tokaku. I became her protector, because on a few incidents in school 2 of her old friends told other students about her coming out. Some idiots would say some really rude and crude stuff to her and my crazy ass stepped in and cursed their asses out. Their has been a few occasions where I had gotten into physical fights to protect her. No one ever bothered me because I was too confident to let them get to me but because she was a timid person they knew they can taunt her and it would hurt. Since I was friends with so many people and everyone knew me as the fun and cool person in school many of them started to step in and help out with the situation. Things finally calmed down after they saw many of my friends started stepping in and doing something about it as well.

So back to Akuma no Riddle, I really watched this anime and thought OMG those idiotic Students in my school were the assassins, and her and I was Tokaku and Haru. The assassins were doing any and everything just to get to Haru just to kill her for their own gain. Like the students in my school who harassed her to feel better about themselves without realizing they were really the insecure ones. My love for her to protect her from those idiotic students was similar to Tokaku’s love for Haru.

This is why I really liked this anime so much because it just felt like my life written in a different storyline. I also like the crazy characters as well and seeing tough chicks helped out too.

But my friend and I split after high school because she went to college at Florida State and I stayed in New York but we still remained very close friends. She is living a much better life and she is in Miami now that we are older and the gay community down there is just as cool as NY.

So this is exactly why I am happy I joined the Owls because I always love to support people who feel different and not accepted whether gay or straight or a nerd or geek haha we all are unique in our own ways and we all should embrace and accept everyone for who they are.

Hope you enjoyed my life experience and the Owls’ tours for the month of June. Check out Crimson613 post that was just before mine.

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As always my fellow Owls are still going strong and hard with their tour posts. The month of May’s Theme was strength.

Strength: “Your greatest weakness can become your greatest strength”

In anime, characters struggle with inner demons or physical weakness that make them feel insecure and prevent them from achieving goals. Yet when these characters overcome their adversity, they can finally be able to express who they are or in other words, “Free to be Me.”

For this tour, we will be exploring anime characters that have overcome adversity due to a personal insecurity or physical weakness. It is these type of characters that many anime fans may identify as role models because fans are able to feel empathetic towards these characters’ struggles and insecurities.

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This month was an awesome month for the Owls. I’m so happy to be a part of a great group. This month’s theme topic was “colors”.

Colors: We are all part of one race, the human race. “Colors” refers to people of color in anime. For this monthly topic, we will be discussing how people of color or characters of different “races” (a literal alien race) are represented in anime. Some topics we are considering are the dangers stereotyping bi-racial characters, and the importance of “inclusion”.

Please make sure to check out everyone’s post and their take on colors.

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Well the Owls are kicking ass and this is our 4th month of tours. I am super happy I am part of this group. Well it’s my turn again for the Blog Tour. The theme this month is Colors.

Colors: We are all part of one race, the human race. “Colors” refers to people of color in anime. For this monthly topic, we will be discussing how people of color or characters of different “races” (a literal alien race) are represented in anime. Some topics we are considering are the dangers stereotyping bi-racial characters, and the importance of “inclusion”.

We are all interpreting colors through different anime and our own unique take on it.

I actually want to talk about color in anime as in race. Just like the definition says I’m going to talk about race plus about the characters of color in Twin Star Exorcists.

TWIN STAR EXORCISTS (Sōsei no Onmyōji)

The story is about a 14 year old boy Rokuro who has many dreams, but one of them is not becoming an exorcist. He grew up in a house with many exorcists including his best friend Ryogo. They all believe he can be a great exorcist one day, but Rokuro just does not have that goal in life.

One day while he is out he runs into a mysterious girl the same age as him named Benio. He soon finds out that she is an exorcist when they transport into Magano which is a realm of Kegare (evil spirit monsters).

After their encounter, Rokuro and Benio both soon find out that they are The Twin Star Exorcists and are suited to marry. They are fated to have the prophesied child who will be the most powerful exorcist ever. Benio and Rokuro are both against this fate. Especially Rokuro because he has other goals in mind especially not to marry Benio or to become an exorcist.

I like this anime a lot because it is your basic Shounen anime. Rokuro is funny and had a goal to become the best exorcist when he was younger. But due to a tragic situation as a kid he stirred away from his dream. After he meets Benio and they become more connected as exorcists his whole attitude changes where he wants to become a great exorcist again.


Now back to the theme topic of this month, since I am a black female, I always love to see characters of color in anime. It is not a common thing because it is not part of the Japanese culture to have characters of color in their series. But when they do I am excited and happy.

I did a post last year that was based on characters of color in anime. It became really popular last year to see so many diverse characters in many series. Plus there were other series that I like a lot that had some diversity as well. Series like Black Lagoon with Dutch, Bleach with Yoruichi, Michiko and Hatchin almost the whole cast, Black Butler with Prince Sōma and Agni, Dimension W with Salva and Food Wars with my Husband Akira Hayama just to name a few.

Twin Star Exorcists was one of the series I’ve watched that had a diverse group with characters of color. Now, the thing is this, when I actually really paid attention to the characters of color in Twin Star Exorcists I began to realize they were all the antagonists of the series called Basara.

Basara: is an evolved and humanoid impurity that has absorbed the powers from exorcists by killing them. When they absorbed enough, they turn into a Basara regaining human form and the human speech.

In twin star exorcists, Rokuro and Benio fight the Basara in the Magano world. They are the most powerful demons compared to the Kegare. They have special powers plus Intelligence that they can operate in a different manner compared to the mindless Kegare. The Basara are the human form of the demons compared to the Kegare who are monster and creature forms. But one thing I began to notice about these antagonist characters is that they are all of darker complexion. (Refer to images above)

I admire these characters because they have great characteristics behind them, they are extremely strong and they add great content to the story. But to have your antagonist all be of a darker complexion made me think hmmm are they persuaded by media of how they portray darker people.


Let’s face it, in the media people of color are usually portrayed in a negative way. In many movies, television series and the News. Showing them as being from the urban neighborhoods to the arrests made on tv and etc. The last two years in America we had a huge protest for Black Lives matters because cops were killing innocent people of color.

When I visited my friend in South Africa, I met her friend who told me in their media they portray “black people” to be usually aggressive, sometimes unsuccessful and uneducated. Many of the people I work with say the same thing in their country it goes the same way. I do find this to be upsetting and wrong. My family growing up were called the Cosby family because we were well educated and we didn’t grow up in an urban environment. Kids tried to tease me because my upbringing was different than theirs. I use to be called white girl because when I spoke it wasn’t the so called “urban way” like people expect all black people to speak. I feel we type cast people of color and I think it’s wrong.

There are many successful people of color that are in high positions in companies, school systems, and shoot we just had a Black President. If we can promote more of the positive images maybe the other world will not see us in a negative light. I am happy we have shows like Scandal, How to get away with Murder and Blackish that show us in a positive light.

Back in the 80s when The Cosby show came out (before the Bill Cosby scandal) it received a lot of negative attention in the beginning because they were portraying blacks as being very successful. The dad was a doctor and the mom was a lawyer. Many people criticized saying that can never happen why are they doing this. But the show became very successful that it was the most successful show in the 80s.

Then in the 90s we had The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which had a black family “The Banks” that were from a rich neighborhood. They lived in a mansion and they had snobbish ways about them, except for Will of course. But again it was good to see a family that wasn’t the typical stereotype of what the media tries to portray ethnic people.

Things have really changed a lot since the 90s when almost every movie was about ghetto urban school kids who were uneducated needed a white person to come in and help them succeed and become better. Or every movie was about the hood and the violence. Which I did appreciate those because there are a lot of neighborhoods out there like that but let’s have a balance and have equal amount of films where we are also successful.

We need to have more shows and movies that can help put the positive images out there, show the world that people of color can be well educated, not always “ghetto” as they say it and not violent as well.


Now back to Twin Star Exorcists, I wonder what was going through the creative thought process of making the antagonists all of darker complexion. Were they influenced by the media because darker means bad? Or do they find darker complexion to be more aggressive for their antagonist?

There are many factors that could have been played into their creative process. I am not here to bash the series at all because of this choice they made. I just find it kind of interesting on their creative idea. I still watch the series because I find it very entertaining.

Maybe in a positive light, they may have thought the darker complexion was cool with the white and pink hair they have. Which it totally does.

In other anime series the characters of color are usually either good or bad. They have a diverse roles. But to have a whole series where all the bad characters are dark complexion is rather interesting.

I hope, maybe later in the series they may change up their design and start to create new creatures with other ethnic roles or different skin tones. I know they didn’t mean any harm and again I do enjoy the show. But it was something that had to be addressed.


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