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Happy Halloween!!!! 
It’s Tuesday and it’s time for Versus Tuesday. Continuing with our rivalry segment. This rivalry we have Sasuke Uchiha vs Naruto Uzumaki both from Naruto. Which one do you like best? 

Sasuke is super cute and very talented. He excelled at everything he was handed to do and was always number 1 in his class. He was a bit obsessed with wanting to defeat his older brother Itachi. He was kind of a pissy person when it came to interacting with others. I guess he was like that because he didn’t want to lose focus of his goal. 

Naruto was very goofy and a neglected child. He didn’t excel as a student and kind of half assed a lot of things. Especially when it came to written exams. Haha He had a goal he never lost focus of and that was to become Hokage of the leaf Village. He was obsessed with trying to find Sasuke and help him out. Naruto always helped anyone that needed a helping hand. He Always tried to smile in difficult situations. 

Out of the two who I like best, well I will be honest guys I can’t vote because I am already Bias against Sasuke. He is one of my least favorite characters from Naruto next to Crazy ass Sakura. So I will leave this to you guys. 
Who do you like better from this Rivalry Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki??? 

BORUTO – Little Rant


I’ve been watching Boruto faithfully. I am just a fan of Natuto and the Ninja genre. But I am not as happy as I will like to be.

At first I was super excited because it was a new generation. Watching the first few episodes seemed so cool and fun. But now the show is feeling more like a slice of life anime. And I can not stand slice of life anime. There are very few I do like.


The tasks Boruto and his fellow classmates have are so simple and boring. Nothing exciting like his Father Naruto did with Team seven. There exams were extreme and real dangerous. Boruto have simple things like working at local jobs they have in the neighborhood.

The moment we had a bad guy in the series it turned out to be there fellow classmate Sumire Kakei due to a past revenege/ promise she had to do for her dad. Then everything went back to normal. 🙄

Now the past few episodes there was a new threat a guy who calls himself Shin Uchiha who wants to bring the Akastuki back and we are watching a new Naruto episode because these scenes involved Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura doing what they did as kids. Boruto isn’t even in the past episodes. Shin made clones of his experiments that are albino looking kids who was killers. AND now they are part of the leaf village as good guys. Ughh

There are no real threats in Boruto. Once they get a new threat they are eliminated in 2 episodes. We really need a bad guy. I love bad guys and this story is no where as good a Naruto. 😭😭😭😭

Sorry just had to vent. They just need to figure something out.



Like my last post said, Naruto has officially ended. Which is very upsetting for me. I did a post of my favorite Naruto characters. Now I will like to do a post on my least favorite characters.



is it just me, but was he just annoying. I mean I tried to take to his character but he was just too much. Every time he was on the screen I would get upset. I hated how over the top he was. His eyebrows annoyed me. Even his fighting style was so crazy. The one thing I did like about him was he was dedicated to helping his friends and never giving up.



Bigger version of Rock Lee. I mean if Might Guy was my teacher I would just have to quit ninja school, he was too doofy for my taste. He was annoying as well. Also over the top. I just couldn’t get into his character. I will give him credit that he can fight really well.



She was just angry and annoying to me. I feel like her character didn’t contribute anything to this show. She barely could fight. She couldn’t even heal other ninjas properly. She was just useless.



I can go on for days about why I do not like Sakura. I’ll just do a little thing here. 1. She always was quick to punch Naruto but she couldn’t punch an enemy. 2. Sasuke and Naruto always had to help her. 3. She was annoying and was always crying that she needs to help the team but never managed to do so. Only one time she actually did anything and that was against my favorite villain Sasori. Again I’ll keep it simple. Damn Sakura 😒



His character was my favorite in the beginning of the series. But after he left team 7 it went downhill from there. He became an asshole and got too cocky. His goal to hurt my husband Iatchi made me angry. All he ever did was obsess over Itachi. Then when he became leader of his own pact he was just a prick then. When he found out Itachi was actually a good guy he still stayed on his stupid path. UGHH but I started to kind of like him when he was in the Boruto movie. I’m not going to lie he is cute though hahah



I know, I know, how can I not like Hinata. Don’t get me wrong I was happy her and Naruto finally got together and had kids. But her character when she was younger was so annoying. Always timid and afraid. I wanted to punch her and say man up. Hahah I just don’t like scaredy cats. She irked me a lot. Finally when she got older and started fighting I kind of started to like her. But not 100%. Hahah don’t kill me 😳

So those are my least favorite characters in Naruto? I really did like all the others. They were so cool.

I’m really am going to miss Naruto. I hope Boruto can fill his shoes well.



Well I’m kind of sad. Or should I say extremely upset. One of my old and fav classic anime is ending. And that is Naruto. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I really did like this anime. Even with the fillers and all. I just loved the storyline, the ninjas and the characters were just so awesome.

So I did this for Bleach when they ended. Now I will do this for Naruto.

Who is your favorite Naruto Character? (Some spoilers are ahead, proceed with caution)

These are my top 10. It was hard to narrow down.


Well I have said this many times. He is my husband, and we will now get married since the series ended and he has time, haha I loved Kakashi because he was so laid back and chill. He really guided team 7. He was super skilled and I was extremely happy when he became Hokage. I alley flipped shit when I thought he died. I mean they killed so many of my fav characters in this show. But I was lucky he didn’t die.



Itachi is my other husband haha I loved Itachi because he was the silent hero. The whole time you thought he was the villain and he ended up actually being the good guy. I felt bad that he had to be a double agent, I know it was so hard on him. But he played his part so well. I died when he died. 😭😭😭😂😂


He was so hilarious. Yes, he was a pervert a super pervert but he was extremely skilled and smart. When it came down to it you can depend on him. He was a true teacher. That battle between him and pain was epic. When he died I lost it. I didn’t think he would at all.


Sasori started off as a weird character, but when he revealed who he really was the “puppet master” I was sooo captured. He was super cute and so skilled using his puppets. His enemies didn’t have a chance. Now the thing that pissed me off was that stupid Sakura beat him in battle. Like really Sakura?



Now Hidan was a bad ass and super messed up in the head. He cursed the whole time. He just didn’t care. He was super sadistic and like I always said I love bad guys. The ritual he used to fight was crazy, he was immortal. So fighting him was extremely hard. I was upset Shikamaru figured out how to defeat him. Ughhh



Captain Yamato had to replace Kakashi for a bit because he was injured. He was quiet but deadly. His earth style Jutsu was so unique and advanced that many of his enemies couldn’t handle him. He told it like it was when handling Naruto. He was an awesome teacher as well.



This is funny to say but she is the only female character I like from Naruto. She was tough, 1st and only female Hokage. She was great at making decisions, the men respected her in the villages. I just loved her. Plus she can whoop some ass while looking pretty. 😍



I loved pain, he was an extremely awesome fighter. The skills and Jutsu he had were top level. He was a great leader and everyone respected him. I’m happy he created the Akatsuski because I really needed an awesome villain group. Hahha plus when he had the piercings all over his face I was fangirling hard. I only didn’t like him when he killed Pervy sage, but he is bad what do you expect.


When Gaara first appeared on the screen, I was like who is this guy why does he have better eye liner than me haha He was so mysterious and I just wanted to know more. You wasn’t sure if he was bad or good, when he did the tests he was super skilled and his level was top notch compared to the other students. Through out the series he was always a top fighter. At one point he kind of died because of the Akatsuki but then he came back yayyyy



There is no way I can not have Naruto on this list. I mean he is the show. He started out as a naive and crazy knuckle headed kid. Bad tempered and always in competition with Sasuke. Always drooling over Sakura. Even with the villagers against him because he had the nine tails in him he was always determined to become Hokage. Then he got older and more mature. His skills started becoming much better. His attitude changed as well. Even though he was still silly at times. Then when he became Hokage I was super proud like a proud mother haha he was just the perfect role model for kids real or not, he stuck to his dream and never gave up, I am so going to miss him so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Well those are my favorite Naruto Characters, I did 10 only. Runner ups are also Madara and Obito.

Tomorrow I will do my least favorite Naruto characters. 😆😆
Who are your favorite Natuto characters? ???



Now this is a good competition. I mean all 4 of them eat a lot. And I really mean a lot.

But who would win an eating contest, it could be Luffy or Goku. I can’t decide between those two. Hahah

who do you think will win this eating contest?



There are so many times I see someone say I wish they (anime character) were real. There are so many characters out there. It is so hard to choose. But if you had an opportunity to bring a character into the real world who would it be?

My my answers because I really couldn’t narrow it down are Kakashi from Naruto and L from Death Note.


The reasons I will choose Kakashi are first we can totally get married!! 😍😍 Next I always wanted to learn true martial arts to be a ninja. I feel he will be such a great teacher that can take me to the highest ninja level. Also, I feel he had such an interesting life we can talk about his experiences.


The reasons I will choose L are because we need an amazing detective like him in the world. The crimes he can solve for us would be amazing. Next him and I can eat a lot of sweets together. Haha I feel the conversation I would have with L would be so unusual and yet so interesting. His mind is definitely on a whole different level. He is just awesome.

So, which anime character would you bring into the real world?



I’ve decided to kind of start “Versus Tuesday”. I will have different battles, choose one or comparisons between different animes, or anime characters. I like to see everyone’s opinions.

So here goes, If you had an option to join a team which team would you choose to be on and why? Natuto (Team 7) or Fairytail????

I will choose Naruto (team 7)!

1. Because I can marry Kakashi

2. I can take Sakura’s place cause I can’t stand her

3. I’ve always wanted to be a ninja