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Anime: Michiko and Hatchin   Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Seinen



In Diamandra, Brazil (fictional place), Michiko is an escape convict who rescues Hana who she nicknames Hatchin from her abusive foster parents. Hatchin is Hiroshi’s daughter and he is Michiko’s former lover. They both go on an adventure to find Hiroshi while on the run from the police and Hatchin’s abusive foster parents.




Michiko escapes one of the top secured prisons in the world. She saves her former lover Hiroshi’s daughter Hana who she nicknames Hatchin from her abusive foster parents. These two go on an adventure to find Hiroshi to reconnect with him. These two are complete opposites and constantly bicker back and forth. Michiko is an irrational person. She does things without thinking about it first. She is reckless and puts Hatchin in many dangerous situations. But in the end they both care for each other.




Hana A.K.A Hatchin was living with her foster parents. While there she was abused by them and their kids. Michiko rescues her from this bad situation and they both set outbid find Hatchin’s father Hiroshi. Hatchin is completely opposite from Michiko. She thinks things through and is more caring to people. But in the end her and Michiko care for each other.



Hiroshi is Michiko’s former lover and Hatchin’s father. He is considered dead, but there are many clues and people that link to Hiroshi still being alive.



Atsuko is a police officer who has a score to settle wth Michiko. They are both from the same the orphanage as kids. Atsuko is responsible for locking up Michiko 12 years ago. Now that Michiko has escaped throughout the series we see Atsuko trying to capture Michiko. She has mixed feelings towards Michiko because of the history they have together.



Satoshi is Hirohi’s childhood friend. He took control of the gang “Monstro Preto” (Black Monster). He is brutal and very deadly. He will kill anyone at a drop of a dime. Through out the series he and Michiko are at each other. He has a hate for Michiko and tries to kill her many times. He blames her for Hiroshi leaving and betraying him. He is also on the search for Hiroshi.




The reason I am recommending this anime is because it doesn’t get as real as this. This show really did research on the urban parts of Brazil. You get the feel of how it is to live in the real streets.

Michiko is probably one of the realist and most dangerous woman in anime. She doesn’t give a care in the world and will mess up anyone who bothers her or Hatchin. I love Michiko’s realness and her bad attitude. She can bust a gun when she needs too and whoop anyone’s ass as well.

Hatchin, although a little girl she is just as bad ass as Michiko. She does have more of a caring side then Michiko. But do t let that pretty little face fool you. Her foul mouth and attitude and scare you in a second.

As for the anime, I do like the adventure they go on. From the shootouts to the car chases. The different characters you meet along the way. It is def a trip you will like to take with them.

Overall, I do like anime that have a more adult tone to it. Especislly if there are gangsters and guns. It’s basically real life but put in to anime.