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Well I’m kind of sad. Or should I say extremely upset. One of my old and fav classic anime is ending. And that is Naruto. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I really did like this anime. Even with the fillers and all. I just loved the storyline, the ninjas and the characters were just so awesome.

So I did this for Bleach when they ended. Now I will do this for Naruto.

Who is your favorite Naruto Character? (Some spoilers are ahead, proceed with caution)

These are my top 10. It was hard to narrow down.


Well I have said this many times. He is my husband, and we will now get married since the series ended and he has time, haha I loved Kakashi because he was so laid back and chill. He really guided team 7. He was super skilled and I was extremely happy when he became Hokage. I alley flipped shit when I thought he died. I mean they killed so many of my fav characters in this show. But I was lucky he didn’t die.



Itachi is my other husband haha I loved Itachi because he was the silent hero. The whole time you thought he was the villain and he ended up actually being the good guy. I felt bad that he had to be a double agent, I know it was so hard on him. But he played his part so well. I died when he died. 😭😭😭😂😂


He was so hilarious. Yes, he was a pervert a super pervert but he was extremely skilled and smart. When it came down to it you can depend on him. He was a true teacher. That battle between him and pain was epic. When he died I lost it. I didn’t think he would at all.


Sasori started off as a weird character, but when he revealed who he really was the “puppet master” I was sooo captured. He was super cute and so skilled using his puppets. His enemies didn’t have a chance. Now the thing that pissed me off was that stupid Sakura beat him in battle. Like really Sakura?



Now Hidan was a bad ass and super messed up in the head. He cursed the whole time. He just didn’t care. He was super sadistic and like I always said I love bad guys. The ritual he used to fight was crazy, he was immortal. So fighting him was extremely hard. I was upset Shikamaru figured out how to defeat him. Ughhh



Captain Yamato had to replace Kakashi for a bit because he was injured. He was quiet but deadly. His earth style Jutsu was so unique and advanced that many of his enemies couldn’t handle him. He told it like it was when handling Naruto. He was an awesome teacher as well.



This is funny to say but she is the only female character I like from Naruto. She was tough, 1st and only female Hokage. She was great at making decisions, the men respected her in the villages. I just loved her. Plus she can whoop some ass while looking pretty. 😍



I loved pain, he was an extremely awesome fighter. The skills and Jutsu he had were top level. He was a great leader and everyone respected him. I’m happy he created the Akatsuski because I really needed an awesome villain group. Hahha plus when he had the piercings all over his face I was fangirling hard. I only didn’t like him when he killed Pervy sage, but he is bad what do you expect.


When Gaara first appeared on the screen, I was like who is this guy why does he have better eye liner than me haha He was so mysterious and I just wanted to know more. You wasn’t sure if he was bad or good, when he did the tests he was super skilled and his level was top notch compared to the other students. Through out the series he was always a top fighter. At one point he kind of died because of the Akatsuki but then he came back yayyyy



There is no way I can not have Naruto on this list. I mean he is the show. He started out as a naive and crazy knuckle headed kid. Bad tempered and always in competition with Sasuke. Always drooling over Sakura. Even with the villagers against him because he had the nine tails in him he was always determined to become Hokage. Then he got older and more mature. His skills started becoming much better. His attitude changed as well. Even though he was still silly at times. Then when he became Hokage I was super proud like a proud mother haha he was just the perfect role model for kids real or not, he stuck to his dream and never gave up, I am so going to miss him so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Well those are my favorite Naruto Characters, I did 10 only. Runner ups are also Madara and Obito.

Tomorrow I will do my least favorite Naruto characters. 😆😆
Who are your favorite Natuto characters? ???



Now this is a good competition. I mean all 4 of them eat a lot. And I really mean a lot.

But who would win an eating contest, it could be Luffy or Goku. I can’t decide between those two. Hahah

who do you think will win this eating contest?



Wow, it’s my second Owls blog tour. This month’s theme is Sanctuary and we are interpreting it through different anime.

Sanctuary – a sanctuary is a place of safety and stability. In anime, there are several different places and environments that characters call “home.” For this topic, we will be discussing various locations and settings within certain anime series.

I guess when I think of sanctuary its a place where you feel comfortable with yourself. Where you can be yourself and not put up a front. Just like the anime I will interpret for this topic Called Watamote.

Watamote also known as “No Matter How I Look at it, It’s You Guys Fault I’m not Popular” follows a girl named Tomoko Kuroki. She is 15 and about to enter high school. She was never popular growing up. Now that she will be entering high school, she decides to change her social status and try to become popular. You watch her many awkward encounters with people and her anti social ways.



Tomoko is a 15 year girl who is a loner and spends her whole days playing Otome Games and browsing the web. She has social anxiety and many of her encounters with people are very awkward. She is about to enter high school and decides she will change her unpopular status to being popular.


Tomoko suffers from social anxiety. She can not speak to anyone without freaking out. We see her at Wcdonald (Fake McDonald) ordering food. The clerk takes her order and Tomoko could barely speak. The clerk couldn’t hear and asked her to repeat her reject and Tomoko freaks out.

One embarrassing moment Tomoko had was when she lost her underwear and didn’t know where it was placed. She was in class thinking about where should could have lost it. She realizes it’s super hot in the classroom and takes a cloth to wipe her face and to fan herself. A male student comes to her and realizes she is actually fanning her underwear around and they both freak out.

One day Tomoko was home and she was playing one of her Otome games and her mom walks in. Tomoko has the volume so loud on her headphones that her mother can hear the conversation with the male lovers from the game seducing Tomoko. Talk about embarrassing. 😂😂

One of the saddest and yet funniest scene is when she tried to dress up and look sexy and cute. It pretty much failed because she looked so bad. Even her brother didn’t speak to her when he saw her in public. 😂😢

Throughout this series it was back to back awkward and embarrassing moments for Tomoko. Talk about bad luck for one person.


The only times you will see Tomoko be comfortable and be herself is when she is speaking with her brother Tomoki. He is her sanctuary.


Tomoki is Tomoko’s younger brother. Unlike his sister, he has friends, is popular and a talented soccer player. He gets annoyed with his sister because she is always in his room asking for advice or just rambling. You usually see them two getting into fights.

As much as Tomoki gets annoyed with his sister, he would still be there for her to vent and release all her tension. She would blab about nonsense majority of the time and he would look at his sister like she is crazy, But you actually get to see Tomoko comfortably speaking with no problems. She knew she can speak with her brother and not be scared. Her anxiety never kicks in.

These times when she is being annoying to her brother when he wants to be left alone is when you see her at her best.

There are some people in life that are more comfortable speaking to certain people. Many people do not know how to interact with others. They are either too worried what others may think, too worried of trying to be something they don’t want to be. There are so many factors played into this. Tomoko like many others have someone or someones that they can have a really comfortable conversation with then with others.

I had a guy in my class that passed out once when a girl spoke to him. He always freaked out when any girl spoke to him. He could barely ever look me in my eyes when I spoke to him. I’ve known him for a year now and he still can not feel comfortable. But when I see him talking to the guys in my Japanese school he is very comfortable and very open. But hey it happens.


When she is playing her Otome games this was her Sanctuary because she can escape the crazy world she was scared to face.


Otome games are usually geared toward females players. The goal of the game is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player and the many male characters in the game.

She played these games everyday. This was another sanctuary for Tomoko. She couldn’t talk to boys in real life so she took to the games to feel like she was in a real relationship. These games made her feel like she was actually speaking with real guys. She felt special when the characters spoke to her. She just felt wanted.

I met a girl at Comic Com who had on an awesome Ciel Cosplay (Black Butler) I went over to tell her how awesome her costume was but all she did was look at me like she saw a ghost. She was with her sister and the sister said sorry she is a weirdo.

Many people in life teens, young adults and older adults can find their sanctuary in Anime, Manga, books, gaming, tv shows or series and movies. It is something that can take them away from the real world they do not like to face and be in a place they feel most comfortable.

Then what doesn’t help is when you have others teasing these socially awkward people. Some people just need to be more caring and understand that not everyone can handle society the same way. Some just rather not deal with society and escape to something that can make them happy and comfortable.

All I can say is Tomoko is a great character that was written for many. As I said before there are so many people in real life that is like her. She had her sanctuary which was her brother and the Otome games. I know my sanctuary is hmmm I have so many but my main ones are my home, anime and partying. Hahah

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed.


If you will like to know more about the Owls and how you can join, please click link below. 😀


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So we know there is just sooo much to read and we on anime news. But here are some stuff that really stood out to me.

Well since Naruto is officially ending soon, I feel like a have a whole in my soul. I really was attached to Natuto. I was one of the few people who didn’t mind all the fillers they had. But I was super excited that BORUTO is son will be having his own series. I’m super stoked.

This was a manga I used to read. Now it is being turned into an anime. It premieres in April yayy

The story follows a boy named Fudo Nomura who is a transfer student at an academy filled with girls who carries around weapons. These girls rule over the boys in the school. There is a group called the Five Ruling Swords that are in charge of the school. Fudo becomes a target of Rin Onigawara who is a member of the group. Fudo can only escape if he can defeat the Five Ruling Swords.



Crunchyroll will be streaming Berserk season 2. Berserk was an anime I pretty much stumbled upon and because obsessed, I loved this anime because of it’s hard core theme. Guts the min guy was awesome. There is no release date yet.



It is time for Versus Tuesday. Here are some bad ass females. Both part of my top 10 favorite villains. But who is more evil??

I really appreciate the both of them because they are such cool characters. Even though they are evil they are still perfect. At least in my eyes. 😈

Now, Lust was very manipulative, she plotted so much through Full Metal Alchemist. She did everything she can to please Father. She tried to kill the Elric Brothers and Roy Mustang. I remember her letting Gluttony eat people alive. 😳😳 she ordered Envy who was really crazy to do some pretty gruesome things. She was super crazy and sadistic.

Then you have Medusa, the snake witch. She acted like a caring Nurse in the DWMA nursing post. But we eventually find out she is a witch. Her main objective was to release the Kishin. She is also the mother of Crona who she kept locked away and had so many problems. Then last when she was defeated by Stein she took over the body of a little girl. I mean come on.

So pretty much I think Medusa is the worst of these two. She took over the body of a little girl. She had a kid Crona who had so many issues due to her. I mean come on how bad can that get. But I still love her hahahahaha

Who is more evil? Lust or Medusa?







I’ve spoken to many anime lovers that have told me they are the only ones in their family that watches anime. Then I have spoken to others that share their anime experiences with siblings and cousins. I have many family members that watch anime which I am happy about. I wouldn’t know who else to speak to in person about anime. I mean yeah you can communicate with people online, but I feel it’s a different experience when you can speak in person about anime.
Well to begin the people who created me, my mom and dad. Hahah yeah they aren’t hardcore watchers but they have watched a few. First when my dad was alive he was all about Dragon Ball z. We would sit down every week together and watch the new episodes. My mom would watch a few episodes . She always laughed at Vegeta because he was such an angry Saiyan. Hahah

One day my mom stayed home with my niece and I and watched the whole whole attack on Titan series. We really couldn’t stop watching. We needed to know what will happen next. Mind you I’ve already seen the series but I just love that show. My mom also had an interest in Parasyte. The storyline was very interesting to her. My mom just likes Sci-fi shows.

Now the ones who I hardcore talk about anime with is my sister, niece, 2 of my cousins and my grandma on my father side. We are all hardcore anime watchers. My sister finished the whole Naruto series in 3 months. My niece and cousins we speak about all the new anime that is out now. We are always recommending anime to each other. Then when we meet up we all go crazy talking about the series.

Now my grandma she likes her classic anime, she loved cowboy bebop, Bleach, Dragon ball Z and her favorite Ghost in a shell. I mean talking to your grandma about anime who would have known.

So I totally love my family for that.

Does anyone in your family watch anime???



Anime Girls NYC wants to feature fan art every Friday on their blog. I am taking submissions of your best art work. Must be of anime/manga or vocaloid only. Sorry no marvels or DC characters. I will feature some of the best artwork on every Friday. Please note not everyone will be featured. Tag a friend if they draw. Rules are below

1. Pictures must be yours

2. Must be anime, manga or vocaloid

3. Email

4. Subject line must say FAN ART

5. Include your name and age
Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work