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The popular anime series of Winter 2016 Erased is coming out with their Live action series on Netflix. It premieres in Japan on December 15th and other countries in the winter. They just released the trailer.

Now I am not a fan of Live actions. They usually are bad and doesn’t do the anime or Manga justice. But I do have to say this trailer looked pretty awesome and I am excited to see this live action. I was and still am obsessed with Erased.

Check it out below.


Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) is based around a 29 year old man named Satoru who is a manga artist and a part-time pizza delivery guy. He has a special ability called Revival, which flashes him back a few seconds before a life threatening event is about to happen. He then has an opportunity of changing this event before any fatal occurrence happens.