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My Trip in Japan So far!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted yet. Been kind of busy adjusting to the time difference here in Japan compared to NY. Well I’m loving my trip so far. I arrived to Tokyo Friday night. Had issues with my car that was supposed to pick me up. But finally everything was situated.

On Saturday I just walked around doing non-tourist stuff. Later that day I went to a Halloween Pub Brawl where people from all over the world meet up and go Bar and Club hopping. I’ve met a lot of new and fun people. The costumes were pretty cool. Below are some costumes.

Sunday I went to Osaka and couldn’t do too much because of the small typhoon they had. My friend from Osaka took me to the Umedo building where you can see all of Osaka. Then we headed to this underground eating area that is designed to look like old Japan. It felt so authentic. I felt like I was in the old times. After we ate she took  me to an under ground shopping mall. It’s huge and you would have never known there was a whole new world of shopping under ground. It was so awesome. I saw the boy band Permanent fish there. So hot 😍😍😍
Today or Monday for me here I went to Osaka Castle, then Osaka museum of history and then the shitenño-ji Buddhist temple. It’s amazing to see these temples and castles in the middle of a city.

Osaka Castle


Osaka Museum of Hitory 

Shitenño- Ji Buddhist Temple

I like Osaka because it isn’t as crazy as Tokyo but it still is a city life. The people here are pretty nice and they like Tokyo stay to themselves. Tonight I am back to Tokyo. Wasn’t able to make it Kyoto. ☹️ maybe my next trip to Japan.

I will keep you posted with more pictures when I can.



Well im happy to kind of have this back on my blog. I’m still looking for more artist. If you know any or are an artist would love for you to submit.

Today we we have an awesome artist who has supported Fan Art Friday many times.

Ferina with this awesome Bishamon from Noragami artpiece.

Check out her blog below a fellow WordPress clan member haha

Thanks so much Ferina for submitting your awesome artwork.

Lets all give her support and appreciate this adorable piece. 👏👏👏👏👏

Again, If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your art work. Information is below.

1. Pictures must be yours
2. Must be anime, manga or vocaloid
3. Email
4. Subject line must say FAN ART
5. Please Include your name and age

Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work



This is one of my favorite Versus Tuesday. Only because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. It was one of my fav shows filled with some funny and interesting Villians.

Well the three main villains from my childhood are Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.


Well to break it down:

Frieza was probably one of the most epic first fights Goku had to me. I mean back then he did fight Vegeta and Nappa but when he fought Frieza he really had to give it his all. Frieza was so powerful he was def a huge challenge for Goku. I also liked Frieza because he knew how to put cocky Vegeta in his place. He also wrecked havoc for all the other DBZ fighters.

Cell was an unexpected villian. Even though most of them usually are but he was def really a cool one. I thought he was kind of funny and his different forms went from weird to kind of cool. I did like his coloring the most. He was def a strong character as well.

Now Majin Buu was probably the most entertaining and very underestimated  character. When you first see him all you saw was a fat bubble gum looking alien. His voice alone made me crack up. Haha but when he fought he was def nothing to play with. Then his different forms went from cool buff guy to little short gremlin looking creature.

All in all my favorite villain was def Majin Buu because he was just not what I expected. He was too funny and I loved his different forms the most.

Who was your favorite DBZ Villian, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu?



There has been a few things I’ve been reading on some anime sites that caught my attention.



Let’s begin with the big news everyone is talking about. After waiting freaking 2 years for season 2 of Attack on Titan to come out they only gave us 12 episodes. Don’t get me wrong the season 2 was amazing and I am super pleased. But I really wished we received 25 episodes. Now we have to wait until 2018 for season 3. Look at least it’s not another 2 years. But still not close enough. Hahaha



Seems I have a lot to look for in 2018. Bungou Stray Dogs a series that I did grow to love due to Dazai will be premiering their film Bungou Stray Dogs: Dead Apple in 2018. It will premiere in Japan but maybe they will come to the Americas soon after. Fingers crossed. Check out the trailer.



Studio Ghibli six-film fest is finally here in the U.S. Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro which is a classic Studio Ghibli film, will be hitting theaters on June 25th and 26th. The other films they are featuring during this fest are Kiki’s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind, Spirited Away and last but not least Howl’s Moving Castle. They will be showing subbed and dubbed. Best believe I will be buying tickets to all my fav films. I just love anime events because there will be other anime fans there as well. New people to meet. 😀😀😀

Has there been any news that you found interesting?




Well I attended the Japan Society’s Manga in America event. The place was packed with fans of Manga and I’m sure anime.


On stage there were 5 speakers:

  • Allison Powell who was asking the questions, she is a literary translator, editor and publishing consultant.
  • Ben Applegate is the director of Kodansha Comics and also is an editor as well.
  • Tania Biswas is an editor with Yen Press.
  • Ajani Oloye is an editor at Penguin Random House and also a freelance translator.
  • Deron Bennett is a letterer (person who puts the letters in the manga).

This event was very informative on the process it takes for a manga to come to the United States.

First, they made a valid point that in Japan, Japanese people read manga before watching anime. So if a manga becomes very popular they will turn it into an anime. Now in the U.S we watch the anime first and if the anime is popular then they will release the manga here in the states.

Another point they made which is very true, what is popular in Japan may not be popular in America. Sometimes some manga or anime may overlap and be popular in both places. Then there are times where an anime/manga in Japan is popular may not have the same effect in the U.S.

So based off those two points and others they decide from there which manga they should buy the license for to bring to the states.


Once they have the license they receive the Japanese version of the manga. They then send the books to the translators to translate the Japanese language to the American standard English version. Now learning the process of what the translators do is not as easy. They have Japanese dictionaries, thesaurus, and online search engines to help them translate. A saying in Japanese may not have the same meaning in English. So they have to find other correct words to use. Even down to the sound effects, they have to translate that to a sound we know in English. Something as simple as SWISH or GYAHHHH. They have to translate each panel individually if the characters are speaking or if they have sound effects.

After the translator finishes their job, an editor comes to look over all their work and fix any problems or mistakes they may see. Like a demonstration they showed the translator used a word that was too long, so the editor had to use a similar word that is shorter.


After the editor does their finishing touches, in comes the letterer. This is something I never thought about with Manga, someone actually has to type the words on to the pages. As you can see in the picture above, there are some words that have to be bold or italic, Bold words are usually for when a character is screaming or shouting. Italic is a thought bubble. Everything is very tedious.

Last after the letterer is finish, the manga has a few final editors look over everything before they confirm that the book is ready for mass print.

So, I am very happy I did attend this event. I would have never thought of the process of manga coming here to America. But now I respect the manga even much more. Haha

Japan Society Event- Manga in America: How English Editions are Born


As always I like to inform my readers about any anime or manga events that are happening in my neighborhood.

The Japan Society will be hosting an event: Manga in America: How English Editions are born.

I was invited and I am totally attending. If you are near the NY area you should stop by as well. Hope to see you there.


Join us this May to learn how manga are transformed during their journey from Japan to the U.S. at Manga in America: How English Editions are Born.

At this panel discussion, editors from top manga publishers Kodansha Comics (The Ghost in the Shell, Sailor Moon), Vertical, Inc. (Nichijou, Chi’s Sweet Home) and Yen Press (Black Butler, Akame ga Kill!) illuminate the creative process of localizing Japanese content for the American reader. The talk will also include a live demonstration of the translation, editing and lettering process.

The talk takes place Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 pm at Japan Society and is followed by a reception.


Get your tickets here!