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Have you ever seen this video? I find it so funny because these people genuinely do not know how to pronounce some of the anime character’s names.

This is like my friends and family who doesn’t watch anime. It’s so funny to see them try to say the names. Hahah





These are interesting questions since many of us are anime bloggers. We write reviews on different series and movies. We also recommend anime. We comment on others blogs to give our opinion on a series or movie. So when do you find the time to watch all of this anime? Then when you have the time, how much anime do you watch?

As for myself, if I didn’t have to work, I would watch anime 16hrs a day. The other hours would be for sleeping, eating and grooming. Hahah

But since I have to work, ughhh I am only able to watch anime after work or on the weekends. After work I will watch about 2 hrs. Then the weekends I will binge watch as much anime as possible. So in total I think I watch about 40hrs of anime. In America that is a full time job. I should get paid watching anime.

When I was on Christmas vacation from work and that was 2 weeks, best believe I crunched as much anime as possible, I literally watched all 3 seasons of Kuroko no Basuke. I miss those times.


So back to my question, when do you watch anime? How much anime do you watch?


WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???


Today December 15th is World Otaku Day!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 now I know some may say the word Otaku can mean something bad. But I like to take it and turn it into something good. I do not mind being called an Otaku. Otaku in Japanese mean nerd. So I am going to celebrate.

So to celebrate us being anime and manga lovers. I want to hear everyone’s reason why they love anime, manga or gaming. Whatever falls under the Otaku fanatic world.


I’ll start first:

The reasons I love anime and manga are because it is life! First, I love the storyline and the plots that keeps me engaged in the series or stories.

The characters and watching or reading about their journey and seeing them grow. Another thing about the characters are the hot men. My fan girl moments. I love the different characters from the hero, to the emo, to the flamboyant to the angry female. The range can go on for days.

My most favorite thing about anime and manga are the cliffhangers. When I think I am done with an episode or a chapter I have to keep going because I must know what happens next. There have been times I stayed up all night watching a whole series or reading 4 manga books. Hahah

So that is just a few things about why I love anime.

So my fellow OTAKUS tell me why you love anime? Can’t wait to hear your stories.




So I am back and so sad. I wish I could have stayed. I really want to live there. It felt like New York City but much cleaner, friendlier, and just awesome.

The rest of my trip since the Ghibili museum, I visited the Meiji Shrine, the imperial palace’s garden, took a cruise on the Tokyo Bay. I also visited Mt. Fuji. I took the bullet train. That train was intense. I’ve partied at some clubs. It was awesome.  Here are some images from those trips.


But of course my ultimate trip was to (drum roll please) AKIHABARA!!!! Omg I love it there. All the animeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhh😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 it felt like I was not on earth. I felt like I was in an anime myself. I didn’t feel like a nerd or out of place. Everyone was there for the same thing. I wanted to buy the whole damn area. Not the store but the whole area.

Now the sad part about Akihabara was I was sick that day. I tried to hold out and stay all day but my body was ready to shut down. So upset. But I’m happy I made it out though.
All in all I really enjoyed Tokyo, Japan. I will definitely go back again. I’m already looking to go in April. I hope many of you can go one day. Thanks for following me on my journey.




Well today was a very busy day for me. I went many places via subway. First I went to the Harajuku area which is know for its shopping stores and its kawaii fashion which many of the young people wear. I wish I had photos but of course at that time my phone was like can’t take anymore photos. Ughhh 😡😡

After Harajuku I went to the Shibuya area to see Shibuya crossing. So many people walk this intersection. At this time cars were still roaming through. But still crazy. There was also something interesting there. The Hachiko Statue has a cat that sits there daily. Everyone was taking so many pictures of this cat. So cute.

Next up, I went to the Samurai Museum. Such an amazing experience to learn about old Japan and its feudal times. Also, knowing how prestigious it was to be a samurai. Our guide explained many things which was helpful and a great learning experience. At the end of the tour there was an actor who did a demonstration of being a samurai.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the ROBOT RESTAURANT SHOW. This is a must do. The show was amazing, the actors and the robots were incredible. The special effects not like anything you have seen in person. Please check out the video and pictures.

Last, since it was Halloween I had to do it the Japanese way. Head back to Shibuya crossing and walk around in our costumes. The pictures below show how packed this crossing was. You could barely walk. But I shoved my way through. Side note (some reason Japanese people are obsessed with dressing up as Mario and Luigi🤔). After walking the Shibuya crossing for a while I headed to Camelot club to party the night away. I met some great People and had a blast.


Well Halloween is ending here. Hope everyone of you enjoy your Halloween and be safe.


MY JAPAN TRIP SO FAR. ðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µ

After an almost 20 hour flight to get from New York City to Japan, I’ve finally made it! Yayyy

As soon as I got to my hotel room I pretty much died in my bed. It was almost 12 midnight. On Saturday.

I had a tour set up for Sunday to visit the Skytree and Asakusa area. We first stopped at Asakusa where the old meets the modern age. Here are the shrines and temples I’ve seen.

They also had the little shopping area where you can buy food, souvenirs and more.

Next we visited the Skytree which is the tallest TV tower in the world. The elevator got us to to 350th floor in less than 10seconds. It was super fast. Once I’ve reached the top the view up there is amazing. You can see an Ariel view of Japan. Here are some images in black and white. When I did it in color it didn’t come out to well.



Oh while in the Skytree I passed this super cute store. Look who I see inside.

It took everything not to buy stuff. I’m waiting till I get to Akihabara. Hahaha

After the Skytree I headed back to my hotel because I still felt the jet lag.
I do know I am glad I am from NY, the crowded streets felt like home. The subways were sooo easy to take and they are way more clean than NY’s. All in all I am happy I am here. Today is Halloween for me. I know it’s still Sunday for some of you. Shibuya crossing had a 3 day street party for Halloween and today is the last day. I’m so going. Super excited. Until next time.

Sayonara 👋👋👋



Yes! You have read it correctly. I am heading to the Mecca of anime and all things Japanese. (Duh) I leave Friday the 28th.

I am superrrrr excited, it’s like a dream come true. I’ve traveled places, South Africa, England, Bahamas, And Bermuda just to name a few. But this is my dream trip. My life goal and I am making it happen.

I will be out there for like 10 days. I’ll be in Tokyo. Since I’m from New York, I decided to stay in a city like my own. I will visit the whole Tokyo area if I could. I have a tour to visit Mount Fuji. I will visit many shrines. Try to stop in Osaka and possibly Kyoto. AND OF COURSE I HAVE TO VISIT AKIHABARA.

I will take many pictures and try to post some stuff on my visit.


Again I’m super excited. Thanks for reading.