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While watching anime, there is a character or few that you can relate to a lot. Where your personalities or mannerism are very similar. These creators get inspiration of these characters from somewhere. And that somewhere is humans they interact with.

It was hard for me to narrow it down, but then I thought about the shows I’ve watched and then I realized the two characters that I feel like I see myself in a lot are Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-Chan and Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats.




Umaru is a popular, very intelligent and beautiful high school girl. In public she hold this appearance as a normal girl. But at home her life is completely different. She has her secret life where she wears an animal hoodie, acts lazy and eats a lot of junk food. At home all she wants to do is read manga, watch anime and play video games. She lives with her older brother Taihei who takes care of her and puts up with her obnoxious ways.

Now this is a crazy one I know. But I say she describes me because I seriously I have that Otaku life once I get home. When I am out in the streets at work or hanging with friends they see one side of me. But when I get home I am in my onesie and I am watching my anime and snacking. I can be a brat a little but not as bad as Umaru-chan. Hahahah when I was watching this anime I was cracking up because of how I felt like it was totally me.




Yuri is the main female character of Angel beats. She is the creator and leader of the school group called Afterlife War Front. This organization fights God who they believe is the cause for all their bad mishaps and fate.


Yuri probably best describes me because she is a leader and takes charge well. She is very strategic and acts on emotions as well as logically. She is there for her friends when they need her. She hides her feelings to be there for the next person who is hurting. This is my life with my friends. I hide all my crazy emotions to be there for them. I do take charge in a lot of situations because I’m just a leader. I was brought up that way. So this confident girl is so much like me.


So these are the characters I see myself in a lot.

Which anime character describes you best????