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Japan Society Hosting Fairytail’s Manga Artist Hiro MashimaΒ 

Hello fellow Anime Fans,

As always I like to tell my readers when there is a local Anime event. I am so attending because I like to meet the creators behind many of the shows and Manga we are obsessed with haha. I am not a huge fan of fairytail but I do appreciate great artwork and people’s creativeness. 
Are you a Fairy Tail fan? Award-winning manga artist Hiro Mashima, the creator of the epic fantasy series, will be coming to Japan Society for a special talk this October in anticipation of his New York Comic Con appearance as Guest of Honor!


Come hear first-hand from the award-winning manga artist who brought you Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and all your favorite Fairy Tail characters. Hiro Mashima: The Magical World of Fairy Tail takes place on Thursday, October 5, 6:30 pm at Japan Society.


Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity – get your tickets below!!
I will be there. Hope to see you there!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



Well it’s Tuesday. No where near the weekend. Haha today is Versus Tuesday yayy Today we have Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill VS Gray Fullbuster from Fairytail.

They both have powers that consist of ice. But who can use it better in a battle against each other?

Well let’s start with Esdeath she used her ice to kill any and everybody. Her strength with ice reached far beyond any power I’ve seen. She is merciless.

Gray was trained since he was a kid to use ice. He even trained but naked in ice to be one with it. When Gray gets extremely angry his ice powers can destroy anything that gets in his way.

If I had to choose between the two I may have to go with Esdeath because she is merciless and has no limit to her power.

Who do you think will win in an ice battle Esdeath or Gray??




It’s that time again. Fan Art Fridayyyy. Ugh so glad it’s the end of the week. I am so tired. But today want to showcase another talented artist.


here we have Psychime Anime 18yrs old with this awesome piece. I really see the emotion in her face. Talk about amazing.



Let give it up For Psychime Anime πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thanks so much for submitting for Psychime Anime.

If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your art work. Information is below.

1. Pictures must be yours
2. Must be anime, manga or vocaloid
3. Email
4. Subject line must say FAN ART
5. Please Include your name and age

Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work




This versus Tuesday is around the awesome animal sidekicks we love in anime.

We have Pikachu from Pokemon, Chopper from One Piece, Kon from Bleach and Happy from Fairytail.

Lets break it down;

pikachu was a very dedicated pocket monster. He was always there for Ash and was down to fight. He would electricute anyone that messed with Ash. There were a lot of sad moments. But him as a character he was super cute even though he couldn’t speak hahah

Chopper was another dedicated character. He was there for the Straw hat crew. He was super smart, a doctor, and would also fight as well. He had a big personality and was kind of a scaredy cat at times which I thought was funny. But you can’t help but love him. Especially his loyalty to Luffy.

Kon who was a Pervy and a straight forward tell it like it is character. Β He was hilarious and really didn’t do much as a helper. Β His relationship with other characters especially Ichigo and Rukia was hilarious because of his attitude. I liked his sarcasm. He was such a brute.

Happy was the perfect name for Happy. He was super outgoing, always eating and goofy like Natsu. He would help during battles and always stood by Natsu side no matter what. His character was def a force to be wrecken with.

Each of these characters have something special and interesting, but If I had to choose one I would go with Pikachu because I grew up with him and his character really touches a special place in my heart. Second would have been Kon only because he was such a brute and I loved that haha.

Who is your favorite animal sidekick???



Now this is a good competition. I mean all 4 of them eat a lot. And I really mean a lot.

But who would win an eating contest, it could be Luffy or Goku. I can’t decide between those two. Hahah

who do you think will win this eating contest?



HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Since its Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to do a love “Versus Tuesday.” Awwww 😘😘😘

Which ship do you like better Nalu or Kirito X Asuna?

Hmm, I like both couples. But since I am a fan of Lucy and Gray, I’m going to go with Kirito and Asuna. But then I do like Kirito with Sinon. Ugh I’m all crazy. Hahah

But from the anime, I do like the relationship between Kritio and Asuna. He really did care for her as she did for him. She cooked for him. The fought by each other side. It was cute.
So, which ship do you like better????



Today is an interesting battle. Rukia VS Erza!!! Who do you think will win a sword battle??

I have noooo idea. I mean they both have great swordsmanship. They both have some magic power. Both are extremely tough chicks.

I don’t know if I can decide. Maybe Rukia because she is from another universe.


Who do you think will win in a sword battle???