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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) – Episode 11 – FUTURE Anime Review



The episode opens with Yashiro narrating a story of his past. When he was in sixth grade he received some hamsters from a fellow classmate who couldn’t take care of them anymore. He drowns the hamsters at home but one survived and used the lifeless hamsters to stay above water. Yashiro names the surviving hamster Spice. This reminds him of another story The Spider’s Thread where a sinner named Kandata is in Hell. Shakyamuni decides to do a good deed and give him an opportunity to go to heaven. Shakyamuni lowers down his spider thread and Kandata climbs the thread while kicking the other sinners back to Hell. Then the thread is cut. The conclusion of the story is Satoru is Spice for Yashiro and he must cut his thread.

Satoru’s mother Sachiko is wondering around aimlessly, traveling, doing daily chores but something seems faint, and strange about her personality. We soon see adult Satoru lying down in a deep sleep because he has been in a coma for 15 years.

Satoru wakes up from his coma after 15 years. You hear the 11 year old Satoru’s voice narrating compared to earlier episodes of 29 year old Satoru narrating. The doctor explains to Satoru that his mother attended to him everyday. She helped his muscles and joints to continue moving. The doctor asks Satoru if he remembered the last thing that happened to him. He tries hard to remember but all you see are his flashbacks of everything looking real blurry.

While at the hospital he is visited by adult Kenya and Hiromi. He senses Kenya wants to ask him something important but he believes his Mother told Kenya not to say anything. They enjoy their time chatting and then the guys leave.

Satoru begins to attend rehab to help him walk again. It is very difficult for him at first. You witness him falling and struggling. While he is attending rehab you see a little girl named Kumi in the room watching. Hinazuki visits Satoru after his rehab class. She has her baby with her and she is now married to Hiromi. She speaks with Satoru for a bit, then goes into a serious moment to tell him she felt guilty that her and her family were happy while he was in a coma. Especially, since he was the one that helped her in the past. You see Satoru trying to remember what he did that helped her.

Later, Satoru asks the doctor when can he walk again. The doctor says it is up to him. Satoru decides he wants to do rehab twice as much. He is determined to walk. The doctor leaves the room for a second and is on his phone. He is speaking with the director about Satoru. He mentions his memories could come back any time. The person on the other line says something that has the doctor say my patient is not a mouse. You wonder who he must be speaking with.

You see Satoru back at rehab but this time he is pushing harder and walking better. The rehab doctors are surprised with his fast recovery. After, Satoru is in the garden of the hospital speaking with Kumi that was watching him throughout his rehab. He is talking to her about her surgery she has coming up. He encourages her to be courageous. There is paparazzi taking pictures of Satoru in the garden with Kumi. Then an unidentified man comes over, he breaks their cameras and tells them to leave. This man then approaches Satoru. He takes off his hat and you find out that it’s Yashiro, Satoru’s 5th grade home room teacher. The same guy who is the cause for Satoru’s coma. The man who was the original killer of all the kids that Satoru saved. Yashiro asks Satoru if he remembers him and he doesn’t.

They are back inside of Satoru’s hospital room. Yashiro is telling him about how he changed his name. He now goes by Manabu Nishizono. He married into a family that adopted him as their son-in-law. His father-in-law was the head of council. When his father-in-law passed he took his inheritance. As Satoru and Yashiro speak everything seems so innocent and friendly as if Yashiro is there as a real friend. Yashiro goes on to mention that he met Kumi at a charity event not too long ago. He then not too long after found out that Satoru regained consciences. He said he was anticipating this for 15 years (we all know why). After this convo, Satoru is back to his daily routines at the hospital, doing his rehab, hanging with Kumi and being visited by Kenya.

The day of Kumi’s surgery Satoru heads to her room, but is stopped because Yashiro just came from it. He tells Satoru she is sleeping and asks Satoru if they can speak in a quiet place away from the media. He starts to push Satoru’s wheelchair to an elevator that is somewhere hidden. Yashiro is wearing gloves which seems really suspicious. While they are in the elevator, Satoru’s head is down. You do not see his face. Yashiro is tapping on Satoru’s wheel chair like he did when they were in the car when Satoru was younger. He takes Satoru to the roof of the building. Yashiro is looking very suspicious and says the rooftop is a better place to talk. Satoru has been quiet this whole time. Next thing you see is Satoru scream YASHIRO, MY MEMORIES BACK! Then I died!


This episode was kind of sad and so thrilling. I felt so bad for Sachiko because her son was in a coma, no matter what she still stayed by his side and took care of him. Then when Satoru wakes up he doesn’t remember anything, I wanted to jump in the screen and tell him everything. I wanted to say you are a hero. The killer is Yashiro and he is the reason for your coma. Ugh so much I wanted to say. I loved that his childhood friends came to visit him. Last, the suspense with Yashiro, knowing he is the reason for all these problems and he is acting like a so called friend. OMG I wanted to jump at him. Now, I cannot wait for the next episode. What will happen next? God my stomach hahah




Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) is the most popular series of winter 2016. I am in love with this anime. Probably one of the best anime in a long time.

The story is based around a 29 year old man named Satoru who is a manga artist and a part-time pizza delivery guy. He has a special ability called Revival, which flashes him back 1 to 5 minutes before a life threatening event is about to happen. He then has an opportunity of changing this event before any fatal occurrence happens.


In episode 1, Satoru is making a pizza delivery when his revival phenom hits. He flashes back a few minutes before a life threatening incident is about to occur. We witness Satoru saving a little boy from being hit by a truck whose driver died from a heart attack behind the wheel.
Later in the episode Satoru’s mother Sachiko comes to town to visit him. She reminds Satoru of an incident that happened 18 years ago where a classmate named Kayo Hinazuki was kidnapped and killed when he was a kid. There was a serial kidnapper/killer and the police arrested Jun Shiratori who Satoru hung out with many times and trusted.
While shopping for groceries Satoru has another revival in the parking lot . He asks his mom if she sees anything suspicious. Sachiko sees a man with a little girl that looks like she is about to be abducted. Sachiko realizes that this man must be the serial kidnapper, but she brushes it off as just a hunch.

Towards the end of the episode Sachiko arrives back to Satoru’s empty apartment and she is stabbed from behind. It turns out to be the man she spotted in the parking lot at the grocery store. She tries to grab her cell phone to call Satoru because she knows who the killer is. Unfortunately, the killer takes her phone before she can.
Satoru arrives home to find his mother lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He goes to her lifeless body and then jumps back in fear.
A neighbor comes to the apartment and sees blood on Satoru’s hands and screams.
She calls the police and now Satoru is on the run as a suspect in his mother’s murder.
Filled with so much fear and anxiety his revival flashes him back 18 years to his elementary school when he was 10 years old.



Episode 2, Satoru wakes up in his apartment to find his mother cooking breakfast for him. He remembers that he is 10 years old. He is happy to see his mother alive. He also realizes his revival sent him back to the time of the serial kidnappings and killings. He has a chance to save his mother and his classmate Kayo.
He heads to school and sees many familiar faces. His old friends, classmates and even Kayo.
He notices that Kayo has bruises on her body. He begins to form a friendly relationship with her and decides to invite her to his birthday party.



Episode 3, Satoru is in an ice skating race with a fellow classmate. He loses on purpose to not alternate the future too much. Later he finds out that Kayo has the same birthday as him. He begins to put together a timeline of when Kayo was possibly abducted based off her birthday. Satoru does everything in his power to try and change the kidnapping of Kayo.
You do see Satoru hanging out at Jun’s house to prove to himself that Jun is not the kidnapper/killer.
After hanging at Jun’s place Satoru decides to go to Kayo’s house only to find her beaten and left in her family’s shed with little clothes on in the cold. He understands the situation that she is being abused by her mother.
The next day Satoru speaks with his teacher, Gaku Yashiro about Kayo being abused by her mother. Gaku noticed the same thing where a year ago he tried to report the incident but was unable to prove it.
Through the rest of the episode you start to see Satoru and Kayo’s friendship blossom. One day he stands up for her when she is wrongly accused of stealing the class’s lunch money.



Episode 4 Satoru takes Kayo to the local science center. He begins to since a familiar feeling about this trip. He realizes that he has been here before with Kayo and he wants to try to do everything to change the future. His friends show up at the center which eases him because now this event is not repeating itself.
Later Satoru figures out that Kayo was taken on March 1st. So he decides to stay with her the whole day to ensure her safety. When the clock strikes midnight he breathes a sigh of relief.
The next day Kayo and Satoru celebrate their birthdays together with some of their friends from class. After, Satoru walks Kayo home feeling really happy.
The next day at school the teacher takes attendance and Kayo is not in class.



Episode 5 Satoru is upset that he was not able to prevent Kayo’s death. After Kayo’s dissapearance another girl goes missing a few days later.
Satoru walks by Kayo’s house and sees her mother throwing out her belongings. His revival hits and brings him back to his present life as an adult. Back to his life on the run for the murder of his mother.
He seeks help from his manager and stays at his place. Satoru sees himself on the news and finds out that his manager contacted the police. They are outside his apartment. Satoru leaves out the back and find his co-worker Airi there with her scooter to take him to safety.
He stays at her place for the night. He leaves the next morning.
Their manager comes to Airi’s apartment because he suspects her of hiding Satoru. Airi stops her manager from reporting him.
Later that night Airi receives a text from from Sachiko’s phone. Later we see Airi trapped in her house because the killer started a fire.
This anime keeps you on the edge because you are rooting for Satoru to change the future. I can not say this enough that Erased is one of my favorite Animes. I love the originality of this show, the storyline, the characters.
I like the mystery of trying to figure out who the real killer is. Why is the killer targeting Satoru?
Can Satoru’s revival save him and others in the long run?

I can see why it is the most popular series for Winter 2016. It’s been a long time since an anime has me this excited.