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I’ve barely touched upon this on a previous post when Toonami aired One Punch Man in dub. It sounded and felt so wrong.

I definitely prefer subbed because I love to hear the Japanese language and I feel majority of the time the character’s voices go better with their character. Also, the over the top expressions with the voices makes it all the better for me.

The only shows I watch in dubbed because I started watching them as a kid on Toonami are Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and  Full Metal Alchemist. I actually find those weird to hear them with Japanese voices. Which I don’t mind but I got so use to them I can’t change now. Hahah

People like my sister prefers dubbed all around, she refuses to watch an anime unless it is dubbed. She said she can’t focus on reading and watching anime at the same time, hahahah she is hilarious.

so which do you prefer subbed or dubbed?