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Ganta Igarashi is an ordinary high school boy, but that all changes when a mysterious red man flies into his classroom’s window and kills all his classmates and friends. The red man then plants a red diamond into Ganta’s chest. Ganta is framed for the death of his classmates and is sentenced to prison. He is transferred to Deadman Wonderland a privately owned prison which serves as an amusement park where the inmates are the show.
In G ward there are special prisoners that all have a special power which is called branch of sin. It allows these inmates to fight using their blood. They fight it out at carnival corpse to the death.




Ganta Igarashi is an ordinary high school boy, but that all changes when a mysterious red man flies into his classroom’s window and kills all his classmates and friends. The red man then plants a red diamond into Ganta’s chest. Ganta is framed for the death of his classmates and is sentenced to prison. He is transferred to Deadman Wonderland a privately owned prison which serves as an amusement park where the inmates are the show.
While at Deadman Wonderland, Ganta is faced with many brutal inmates. He meets a cheerful prisoner named Shiro who becomes his friend. Ganta soon finds out that the red diamond planted in him gives him power which is called Branch Of Sin. Ganta’s branch of sin he develops is called The Ganta Gun.

Ganta and Shiro end up in G ward where there are other Deadmen with the Branch of Sin.

Ganta is then put to the test to fight the other Deadmen to the death at the carnival corpse, while trying to escape to prove his innocence.

Shiro is a bubbly and clumsy girl that is also an inmate at Deadman Wonderland. She is a childhood friend of Ganta even though he doesn’t remember. As a child she was experimented on by Ganta’s mother Sorae Igarashi and her adopted father Hagire Rinichirō. The experiments were used to heighten a person’s immune system and created the first deadman which is Shiro.

Throughout the series you see her protecting Ganta. She tries to assist in Ganta escaping so he can prove himself innocent.


Later in the series, we find out that Shiro has a split personality which is called wretched egg. We find out that she has extreme powers and she is the red man that Ganta saw kill his classmates.

Senji is a former police officer. He is the first deadman that Ganta runs into at Deadman Wonderland. He is extremely strong. Renji’s branch of sin is called Crow Claw. He uses his branch of sin during the carnival corpse battles. He later becomes close to Ganta and trains him to use his branch of sin to perfect his Ganta Gun.

Takami is an inmate at Deadman Wonderland. He comes off as friendly and nice but he is actually a scheming person. He is a spy in the prison and exchanges information for prison goods. He steals other inmates’ goods when he has the opportunity. He becomes friends with Ganta and heads with him to the G ward. (Spoiler) There he finds out that his younger sister Minatsuki Takami is a deadman.

Now I started reading this manga because the anime never got picked up for a second season. (I will not rant😒😒) So I took it upon myself to find out what happens next. OMG, all I can say is why wasn’t this popular is Japan. I mean the story is just amazing in the manga series.
The different characters and the development of the main characters and their growth is just so amazing. I like when you read about a character growing and understanding themselves. There are so many great characters and they all have some kind of crazy personality and emotions. I love that this series takes you back to the character’s pasts to understand why they are mentally insane. Just perfect for me.
The action on the pages pops out, I mean I feel like it’s actually happening when I read this. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.
The plot just perfect and it all makes since. From the past connecting everyone in the future. Just amazing.
I really do recommend reading this manga, especially if you saw the anime and need to know what happens. (If you haven’t watched the anime I say please do so hahah)

Thanks for reading 🤓🤓🤓




I know that is a hard question! There are so many anime out there and many more characters to choose from. But there are some characters that draw us in more than others. You may have 1 or 20 fav characters. I have sooo many. But to narrow them down to my top 5 was very hard. But these 5 I will say def deserve to be my top 5 because I get super excited every time I see them on the screen.



We meet L in Death Note. He is a world renowned detective that has solved many difficult and unsolved cases. He comes to Tokyo to find Kira who is the serial killer behind the recent deaths of many dangerous people.

As soon as L’s voice was heard I knew I would like this guy. Then you finally see L. This lanky, slim, pale, dark circles around his eyes and kind of shabby guy. He looked AMAZING!!! Hahah he was such a different and unique character. I fell in love immediately. Not in a fan girl way. More like I want to be him, even though I’m a girl.

I really like L because he was extremely smart. He narrowed down all his suspects of Kira down to Light right off the bat. He kept his suspicions on Light the whole time. I was extremely fascinated with how unique he was with everything he did. From the way he sat in the chair, the way he wore no shoes, from him eating sweets and even how he answered the phone.

(spoiler ahead) You know my life came to a halt when L was killed. I literally didn’t know what to do with myself.

I have to say L is my ultimate favorite anime character no doubt about it.



In Tokyo Ghoul Juuzou is a special class ghoul investigator. He was partnered with Yukinori Shinohara. He was assigned to handle the Binge Eater investigation in the 20th ward.

At first when you see Juuzou in the anime you think it’s a girl. I was like wow this girl is crazy. Haha In the Manga I knew right away he was a boy. I like his style of clothing, he wear shoes that look like slippers, his colorful suspenders, his baggy white shirt, his Capri black pants, his white hair and then his stitches tops it all.

When he came out fighting and going crazy on the ghouls I was obsessed. He had no mercy and was ready to kill any ghoul in site. When they showed his back story I started to understand his maniac ways. He was kidnapped as a kid and was brought up in a crazy environment by a lady named Big Madam (wont go into details) and his original name was Rei. He was mistreated.

I sometimes wonder is he a hero or a villain? I mean don’t we like the ghouls. He is killing them. But yet you are rooting for him. It’s soooo confusing. But I still love Juuzou. I like that he is just a crazy maniac. It’s just so entertaining. Even his voice is crazy too.



Toto Sakigami a.k.a The Mockingbird is a deadman in Deadman Wonderland. He is considered to be the most powerful Deadman. He is the only person who has fought with The Wretched Egg and survived. Each Deadman had their own branch of sin (blood powers). Toto’s branch of sin is called Love labyrinth which can copy other deadman’s branch of sin if he gets a lick of their blood.

In the anime you don’t get to see Toto as much. But what you get to see you can get an idea of how free spirited he is. He is very flamboyant and seems carefree. He is friends with Shiro as well. I liked Toto because of his free spirited way. I loved the first full scene you get to see of him when Renji (The Crow) is showing Ganta (The Woodpecker) how to use his branch of sin. Toto comes into the scene and Renji is scared. He explains to Ganta who Toto is and Ganta freaks out as well. You then see Toto lick Renji’s blood. Such a cool scene.

So I read the Manga and you get even more of an evil side of Toto because you the find out (Spoiler ahead) that Doctor Hagire has taken over Toto’s body the whole time. The madness that he has and the craziness gets even more intense. It just makes me love Toto even more!!!


The next two names you may have seen these in my post about my top 10 favorite Anime villains. But these two are also my favorite characters as well.


In the empire Esdeath is a high ranking general. She is also the leader of an elite group of killers called The Jaegers who are in charge of killing Night Raid. Night Raid is an elite group of assassins that are trying to take down the Empire. Esdeath is a vicious/malicious general.

I loved Esdeath! I thought she was sexy, smart, tough and extremely strong. She knew what she wanted and that was to kill anyone in her way and to also be with Tatsumi. Her outfit was so cute. I think I may cosplay her one day. I loved her powers, the way she used her ice powers to kill people. She never wanted to be weak. She knew she must be strong.

Esdeath also had a charm to her. When you saw her with Tatsumi you felt a genuine person. She had a heart and she seemed real. I know she was a killer but I just liked that she was a tough chick and didn’t let anything stand in her way. Again, I was upset when she died.



Medusa is a witch related to the Gorgon sisters. She posed as nurse at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). She is the mother to Crona (Demon Sword Master). Her goal in Soul Eater was to release the Kishin from his seal to recreate the world.

Well first off, I loved Medusa because of her snake vectors she used to hurt her enemies. I love snakes. Next, she was so manipulative that she used her own son Crona to do crazy things for her. She was the main antagonist in the series. She set the whole story to me. If it wasn’t for her we would not have such a great plot.

When I first watched the anime, I knew something wasn’t right about her, her face looked so sneaky. So I became more interested in her. When I saw her put the black blood into Soul I was like I knew it she is bad. Hahaha then when she came out with her army I was like wow this is getting crazy.

I became sad when I thought Dr. stein killed her. I was like who will be the cool bad guy now. Then she took over little Rachel’s body. I said DAMN how low can you go. Hahaha but she went there and continued in her mission to release the Kishin.

She is awesome and I wish they did a spinoff series of Medusa of where she came from.


So as you can tell from my list I like characters that are crazy, psycho or very evil. I was never in to normal characters. I like characters that stand out.