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Spike Spiegel vs Shinya Kogami (VERSUS TUESDAY)



I swear I wish it was Friday! Haha well since its Tuesday and it is “Versus Tuesday.”

Today we have some hot, cool and badass guys, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Shinya Kogami from Pyscho-Pass. Who would win in a battle?

I love them both. They are like my husbands. They both are anti-heroes. They both know how to use their gun. They play by their own rules. Plus they are both heavy smokers haha

Spike is a bounty hunter that once used to be part of Β the criminal organization Red Dragon Syndicate until he was betrayed. He became a bounty hunter searching for criminals in hopes to make a lot of money which usually fails. Haha but while on these hunts Spike would whoop some ass. He can shoot his gun and had combat skills as well. He sometimes can look like Bruce Lee.

Shinya is a skilled detective and excels at his work that many of his fellow colleagues are amazed and yet jealous. He takes his investigations to another level of dedication. He is quick to go after the bad guys and sometimes take some really risky methods at achieving his goal.

If I had to choose anyone, hmmmmmmmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I may go with Spike no wait Shinya, no Spike , no Shinya. I really can’t tell you because Spike is a skilled fighter but Shinya is really smart and really technical with his stuff. Ughhh so hard. I love them both I can’t choose.

so, who do you think would win in a battle Spike Spiegel or Shinya Kogami???



If you haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I just watched the series and the movie again. I just really love this anime so much. (There are no spoilers)


Around 50 years after a hyperspace gateway accident that caused earth to be uninhabitable, humanity came to live on other planets and moons. The crime rate began to rise and due to the rise the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set a legalized contract to allow registered bounty hunters a.k.a Cowboys to hunt down criminals and bring them in alive for reward money.

This series follows the spaceship called Bebop which its crew consists of Spike Speigel and his partner Jet Black. A little later in the series they are joined by Faye Valentine, Edward Wong and Ein an intelligent dog. Throughout the series you see this crew face many obstacles trying to catch their bounty and strapping for cash. As well as their pasts catching up to them.




Spike is an exiled former hitman of the Red Dragon syndicate. He is now a registered bounty hunter and has teamed up with Jet Black to catch criminals and earn reward money. Sounds easier said than done. Spike has a laid back and lazy kind of attitude compared to his partner Jet. Spike has a history of violence as seen in his flashbacks with the Syndicate. In flashbacks we see that Spike has cybernetic right eye which he claims he lost in an accident. Later in the series Spike’s past with the syndicate comes into play. We find out he had a past lover named Julia who was supposed to kill him but didn’t



Jet a.k.a Black Dog is a former investigator with the Intra Solar System Police (ISSP) until he lost his arm in an investigation that went wrong. His arm was replaced with a cybernetic limb. Due to a lot of corruption in the ISSP he decided to become a registered bounty hunter. Jet is a jack of all trades kind of guy. He is a hard worker and always working on something. He is more of a go getter than Spike. He is always more determined to get their bounties to get money for the Bebop. He is a skilled mechanic as throughout the series you witness Jet always fixing the Bebop because it is always breaking down or becoming damaged in a battle. Jet is like the father like figure on the Bebop.



Faye who appears to be 23 is actually 77 due to being kept frozen in a cryogenic freeze after an space shuttle accident. After being unfrozen she has lost her memories. Faye manages to cross paths a few times with Spike and Jet before boarding the Bebop and becoming a crew member.

We first meet Faye on the run from a group of thugs she is in debt to. She knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants. She can hold her own in a fight and get herself out of situations that many can’t. She has a cold attitude but later in the series becomes more caring. She starts to have a few flash backs of her past throughout the series.



Ed is an elite hacker prodigy from earth. She is an androgynous teen girl who is an eccentric character. Her father dropped her off at an orphanage where she was taken care of by the caretaker. One day she left the orphanage and ended up on the Bebop after hacking into their systems. Throughout the show you she helps the crew hack into many systems. She brought the childlike characteristic to the series.



Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was found by Spike during one of his bounty hunts that failed. He is known as “data dog” by the scientists that created him. He is way more intelligent than other dogs and his level is pretty much compared to a human. He could answer yes and no questions by barking once for yes and twice for no. He is very close to Ed.


The reason I love this series so much is because every main character is amazing on its own. Even down to the dog Ein. You can like each character and their stories throughout the series. Another factor are the supporting characters that had bounties on their head were even characters you can like.

Spike was such a laid back and cool guy. His fighting skills were super cool and very similar to Bruce Lee. I loved his suit and how he always walked with his hands in his pockets. Trouble always followed him even though he was looking for trouble in a way. Haha

Jet was like the big brother I never had. He was so cool and the right amount of tough. He had a sense of justice due to his background as a cop. But he can get dirty if he had too. His fighting skills were brute and his mechanic arm was so cool. I liked his settled frustrations towards Spike she he was going to lose a bounty .

Faye was my girl. I like her a lot because she was not the annoying girl character like many series have. She was tough, mischievous and smart. She may not have remembered her past but she didn’t cry about it. She was always down to fight. I loved she was straightforward and said whatever she was thinking.

Ed was probably my most favorite character. She was so hilarious and eccentric. I loved the spontaneous moments she would have. From her making up songs out of no where, walking around with no shoes. I liked how you didn’t know if she were a girl or not. She was super smart and added so much to the show.

I loved the relationship between everyone on the Bebop. The best buddy relationship between Spike and Jet was on point. Faye being the mischief character almost like the little sister that causes problems all the time. To Ed being the child like character that you want to take care of and love. The relationship between Ed and Ein was so perfect. This show had some realism in the relationship of the characters.

The storyline was amazing, slowly revealing every characters background story and how their past plays into their current situations. The funny parts of when they almost caught a bounty only for them to lose it and still be poor. Scrapping for money and food. You felt their pain in a comical way.

This series had a lot of comedy as well as some dramatic parts. There was a time I did cry, but I won’t spoil that for you.

The space setting was great, the future isn’t pleasing looking but due to the crime rate being high many places were in poverty. It just felt so real and not too futuristic where all machines or crafts were way advanced.

Overall I can not complain about anything from this show. It was just perfect and it’s an ultimate classic. I wish it didn’t end. I would have loved to have seen more adventures.



I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately. I am kind of going through a thing right now where I just want to watch classic anime, so I’ve been rewatching a few. I just finished cowboy a Bebop and will be writing a review by this weekend.

So, I wanted to know what are some of your favorite classic anime? I’ll give my Top 5 because my list can go on for dayssss hahaha. This is in no order.



Well of course I have to put Dragon Ball Z because it was my first anime. It will always have a special place in my heart. This anime made me the otaku I am today. I love the action, I love that it took almost 3 episodes for Goku to create a spirit ball. I love how each villain Goku had to fight was crazy in their own way. Plus you can’t help but like Vegeta and his crazy attitude.



Cowboy Bebop I mean def one of my fav anime ever. I wil be writing a review on this anime this weekend. But this is a must watch because the characters in this show are all amazing and cool in their own way. I love the adventures they went on. They were the coolest anti heroes haha.



Ghost in the shell is just awesome because Motoko the Major is just a unique and strong character. I knew because of her that I love strong and powerful women. She was pretty awesome. I remember as a kid I tried to be straight face like her but it didn’t work hahaha.



Come on its Pokemon. I feel like so many kids had to watch Pokemon. Last year when Pokemon Go came out and it was popular I was obsessed. I just knew I was awesome and super happy I can catch Pokemon like Ash, Misty and Brock. I mean the little pocket monsters in this show would always surprise me as a kid because there were so many and they were all different. I also loved how they can evolve to something better. The battles were so cool I mean what kid did not enjoy Pokemon.



Last but definitely not least are my girls the sailor Scouts. Sailor moon was probably my second anime I started to watch. My sister and I would actually wake up extra early before school just to watch this show. I mean I would never wake up early for anything. But for this show we did. We both would sing the opening every and I mean every time. The song was super catchy. They girls were all amazing and I loved them all individually. But of course sailor Mars was my favorite.


God this list makes me want to cry 😒😒😒 just thinking about my life as a kid and loving anime like I did. As I said this list could go on forever, I could have added Inuyasha, Mobile Suit Gundam and so on and so forth. But these 5 really really hit me the hardest in my life.

So, Please tell me your favorite classic anime?



This is definitely a good one. These are both classic female characters in the anime world. To me they are both the one of the first bad ass and yet sexy females in anime.


She was a little trouble maker and yet you still like her. She can hang with the boys like she was one of the boys. She can bust some guns and whoop some ass.


She was a cyborg but I still liked her cold demeanor. Just straight to the point and getting things done. She can also whoop ass well.

I can write a whole novel on them both but I will not. But if I had to choose between the two, it’s really hard but I will go with  Faye because she was kind of an anti-hero. She wasn’t all the way good.

Who is your favorite old school girl Faye or Motoko?