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Its Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday!!! Yayy Well today we have Death the Kid from Soul Eater VS Revy from Black Lagoon. Which one of these two would win in  gun fight???

Well Death the kid has Patty and Liz as his helpers. They are his guns so he might have an advantage. They have been in many battles with the witches and their goons.  But then I wonder if Death the kid’s OCD would get in the way if something isn’t symmetrical.

Now Revy is crazy and psychotic and probably came out of her mom as a baby with guns. Hahah I never seen someone in so many gun fights like her. Plus she never gives up.

As much as I love Death the kid I have to go with Revy because of her psychotic gun fights.

Who would win in a gun fight Death the Kid or Revy???