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It’s Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday. This is a good one because both characters are strong and awesome. It is Karma Akabane and Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom.

Both are in a Class- E plotting ways to kill Koro-Sensei. They are trained killers in their own special way.

Karma is smart and strong. He is the first in class-e that caused any harm to Koro-Sensei. He is very witty and caused havoc when he first arrived in class- e. Throughout the series he is def one of the strongest students. He can use many weapons especially a gun.

Nagisa the most adorable looking boy ever (I swore was a girl for a while) who is very quiet and friendly always kept tabs on the professors weakness. He documented anything he felt would be be valuable to assassinating Koro-sensei. Never really saw too many fighting skills until the students went into training and his classmates were in trouble. The darker side comes out and you see a bad ass assassin.

If it came down to who would win, I think Nagisa because once he is triggered he can aim to kill. It will be a great fight because both are skilled. But Nagisa has a dark side that I think Karma should be more careful of.

Who do you think would win this fight Karma or Nagisa???






So I just saw on Crunchyroll that Assassination Classroom is now there. Yayyyy I’ve been trying to watch this show for the pass year on so many different anime sites. But for some reason each and every site would freeze or have an issue where I can’t see the show.

Now it is on Crunchyroll and I can finally see this show. I’ve only made it to episode 6 and those 6 episodes took foreveerrrrr to watch because of all the rebuffering. I think something didn’t want me to watch this show.

I always hear good things about this series and the 6 episodes I did watch was sooo funny.

I just had to vent my excitement. It’s like winning an academy award for me right now. Hahahah