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I’ve recently read that a manga I’ve been reading on will be have its own anime adaption. It’s called Armed Girl’s Machiavellism.


The story follows a boy named Fudo Nomura who is a transfer student at an academy filled with girls who carries around weapons. These girls rule over the boys in the school. There is a group called the Five Ruling Swords that are in charge of the school. Fudo becomes a target of Rin Onigawara who is a member of the group. Fudo can only escape if he can defeat the Five Ruling Swords.

So, I like this because I like women in charge, hahaha in a cool way. (Not nagging ugh) Rin Onigawara is super cool. I like her style and I can’t wait to see her design for the anime. Fudo is pretty cool too.

Definitely check out the manga before the show comes out. But then again, they may not stick to the story like almost all anime. oh well, I’m still excited.

I will keep you posted when they announce a release date.