Anime Girls NYC is a blog that shares its passion for anime and manga with fellow anime and manga lovers.

I grew up watching anime since I was 10 years old. My first anime were Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. That has been over 22 years ago! Now I have watched many since.

Lets us all come together and discuss our love of anime. No one here is going to judge you.

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  2. castilloi01

    Yeah, me too!!! I started really young watching anime. I started with Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2, Digimon, and Pokemon. They are the ones I enjoyed the most. Even tho I watch less anime now due to different reason. I still try to watch a couple every week. I like drawing anime too. That’s what my blog is about.

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      1. Anime_Girls_NYC Post author

        Received and thanks so much for submitting. It’s so cute I love your drawing of Sakura. I will def email you when it’s your time to be posted. Thanks so much again πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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  14. avathenerd

    I love anime and I love your blog! I’m a brand new entry in the blogging world and would love if you could check my blog out. I post about anime as well! Thank you so much!

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  15. justanimetimes

    Dragon Ball Z was my childhood in a nutshell. I can also remember Sailor Moon also but I was pretty young when I saw it. Then PokΓ©mon came out and I got into that lol. After that it was Yu-Gi-Oh and can’t forget One Piece. Also there was Kiki’s Delivery Service. Which I didn’t know that it was an anime film until recently. Then I hit high school my friend showed me this one anime and then I got sucked in. Here we are now lol and I am interested in what else you have seen. Maybe we can have discussions about anime etc. Sometime lol.

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      1. justanimetimes

        I am such a sucker for the classics and you have seen a lot of the animes that I have. There are a few on your watched list that I might give a try. I am always looking for new anime to watch lol

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  16. CY

    Hello!! I’m a lover of anime as well! I just found ur blog and I enjoy reading ur articles! Keep it up!!! I’ve just started my own blog on anime, kpop, beauty, fashion, etc. and if you have the time could u pls. check it out? Ty ^^

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  17. gorithific

    the first anime i watched was kikis delivery service (which was what my sister owns) and then i bought pom poko, it was the worst anime/film i have ever seen. i then decided to try another ghibli film, the cat returns. that anime was so entertaining, and then i became a huge anime fan

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      1. gorithific

        thank you, yes do stay away from pom poko, it was so bad, i could not even finish the whole film. i own most of the studio ghibli films and my sister owns mostly the studio ghibli gems like ponyo

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  18. Kurobana

    I watched Pokemon and Tenchi Muyo as a kid, but I didn’t really get into anime until I saw FLCL when I was 13… and then watched all the Toonami shows… Case Closed, Trigun, Wolf’s Rain… good times!

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    1. gorithific

      strangely, they banned nearly all sailor moon episodes in the uk, so not many understand it here ( i think, i heard about in some random video). also im a male so i dont watch that sort of stuff, but i will watch stuff like clannad and those sorts of animes

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      1. Matthew

        Well that sticks they banned Sailor Moon. I am male too but I think it looks appealing. I hear that guys watch Sailor Moon the same way as Dragonball Z. Anime like Clannad is good.


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