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Happy Thursday! It is almost almost Friday. Yay. Well this week two things stood out to me that I must speak about.

Image: @sailormoon_thesuperlive

First, Sailor Moon live action musical will be coming to the US in March 2019. I saw this on Matt’s site and was excited. (Check out his post here) They will perform in New York City and Washington DC.

I am even more excited because I live in New York City and I will have a chance to watch it. I told my best friend and he is ready to go. We are huge Sailor Moon fans. It is one of my first anime. It has a special place in my heart.

Next, one of my favorite anime series, Cowboy Beebop, will be coming to Netflix as a Live Action tv series. Shinichiro Watanabe, the anime director, will be consulting on this project. There are set to be 10 episodes. There are no set dates or actors announced yet.

I feel like this past month I’ve been writing about all these Live Action adaptions. I am getting nervous that they are going to take everything and make it Live Action. I am praying so hard, I mean extremely hard that this project is a success. It is one of my favorite anime and I can not let them ruin it. Ughh

What are your thoughts on this anime news??

9 thoughts on “Anime News

  1. I think the bebop is going to be Doo Doo. Lol all jokes aside, Netflix has the resources to this series justice, they just need to bring aboard the right people. Bringing Watanabe on is a golden move so I’m curious.

    I’m excited about the sailor moon live action as well.

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      1. Death Note was bad. My biggest grip with it was that they white washed it and light was just bad all over. They tried to recreate a entirely different story and just didn’t do a good job with it. So yeah, I hope they don’t ruin one of my favorites

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  2. Hey thanks for the shout out! I think fans are going to go crazy and excited for this musical. I am curious about the live action of Cowboy Bebop. I still haven’t seen the movie to be honest lol.

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