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Will you always be an anime fan?


Recently, my friends asked me if I will be watching anime when I’m older. I do wonder, will I continue to watch anime?

Hmmmm, Yes! I will not give up on anime. I will continue to watch and enjoy it. As an old lady I will watch the new seasons and movies. I believe I will watch it until I die. Haha

Not too long ago, I found out my grandmother watches anime. Her favorite series are Cowboy Beebop and Bleach. I was surprised when I found that out. So, if she can continue to watch anime then I will too.

I’ll probably gear more towards more adult content. I think the happy go lucky anime probably won’t be my taste when I am older. It is actually not my taste now.

I’ve been to many conventions and I’ve seen a lot of adults that are huge fans of anime. I do not think it has an age limit. There is something for everyone. I will not be embarrassed that I will be watching anime as an older lady.

I will not have the posters or figurines around my place. I will probably give them to my niece or whatever kids will be in my family. In that sense I have to grow up there. I do not want my house to look like a kids house. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just do not need it.
What about you, will you always be an anime fan??

36 thoughts on “Will you always be an anime fan?

  1. Well, Im 31 years old and I still want to watch it…I love it…Peach girl naruto death note every kind…adventure romance fiction 😍


  2. Oh definitely, I would never stop ever watching anime. I’d even get my kids to watch Naruto, it’s the best and I can definitely watch it with them, and my husband better like it, cause he’s stuck with two of us 😀

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  3. Anime was part of my life pretty early on due to my brother showing it to my sister and I. I think anime will always hold a special place in my heart, and I think I will always return to it. Over the years I’ve had other interests become more dominant, but I still found myself watching anime after those interests had passed. I think it’s okay to have those breaks in between because it allows me to appreciate anime even more than I already do. So yes, I believe I will always be a fan of anime.

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  4. At the end of the day… each to their own… but for me…

    ANIME 4 LIFE!!!!!!!! LOL

    As mentioned, as one get’s older… there will always be something for the individual regardless of their tastes….

    We true ‘inheritors’ to what it really means to be “Anime Fan(s)”…. we are the future, we are eternity…

    GO BEYOND, GO ULTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  5. Yes, I think I will always watch anime (I hope to, at least).
    However, I find that I don’t watch as many shows as I used to when I was younger. Partly, it’s due to a lack of time (I leave for work at 6 am and get back home around 6 pm), and partly, it’s because there aren’t that many shows that really appeal to me.

    Back when I started watching anime seriously, there were quite a lot of long-running shows or well-known shows to catch up on. I could binge these to my heart’s content. However, nowadays, I have to wait for different seasons of an anime that I like to be released and the waiting tends to kill my interest somewhat. The shorter anime (which span between 11 to 13 episodes) also seem more like fillers to me, while I search for the next big story to really get into.

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    1. I totally agree, anime back in the day were much better than the ones now. I still watch a lot now, but they don’t have that must watch factor like the classic anime. Yeah, work can be a lot when you have hours like that.


  6. No one can predict the future, but I imagine I will continue to be an anime fan. I have been watching Japanese cartoons since I was a kid and am fast approaching forty. There are times I fall out of love with anime, but in the end I return to it.

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  7. …i’m not too sure if i will and here’s why:
    I’ve had the boxset of Fruits basket for over a year now but have only watched 1/2 of the series as of now. I seem to be zoning out of the anime environment at the minute and more focusing on other styles of media. However with all that said, there probably will be times where I hop back to watch anime every now and then.
    …maybe I will be the complete opposite in the future, maybe i’ll begin to really enjoy anime like I used to back when I was 12/13 years old. Only time will tell haha.
    I must admit that anime has had a huge impact on, both me and my style of writing. It helped me out in structuring my posts and, with me once being a huge fan of anime, It was clear whether I liked a show or not. It helped me in building a community, which was convenient and I was happy that I found people I could talk to about all the show’s I and they have seen.
    Nowadays, whilst I do watch anime, I’ve focused more onto films and other types of programming. I still care for the genre of anime (I put a whole lot of effort in my review of “Kotoura-san”/ “the troubled life of Miss Kotoura”) but I can’t just constantly talk about anime as I feel like it will make me sick of talking about it, which is what feel like at this moment of time. I feel like I’ve overdone myself with anime and that i’m done with it (though that can’t be true as i still watch the shows; but when it comes to reviewing, only few shows I can now talk about).
    I could easily watch an anime film. Anime movies hold an interest to me and some definitely look Visually stunning. For example, when I saw the trailer for “MFKZ” (which got a cinema release this year in the UK), I thought it looked awesome (yet to see it but still, I have high hopes for when I do buy it).Along with “MFKZ”, despite me being a little disappointed with the overall outcome of “Mirai of the future”, It still holds an interest with the stunning visual display and production of the film itself.
    I am aware that not all people who follow me want to see constant film reviews, but at the same time, I’m trying to control the potential overdose of anime I would be watching.

    With all this said, I’m not too sure if I will or will not be continuing to watch anime or not. anime Films? probably but as for the shows, i’m not too sure.

    I apologise that this comment feels more like my life story and went on for too long but I’ve had this thought for a long time now.

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    1. Hahah no worries. I understand. Sometimes some people can get tired of watching a certain genre of something. I use to watch reality competition shows when I was younger and now I can not stand them. It’s annoying. So sometimes people can grow out of things.


  8. Yes, I will.

    To me, anime and manga go hand in hand together. So not just anime, but manga will also stay with me forever.

    I have learned too many important lessons from them. The importance of friendship for example. That’s a recurring theme in both anime and manga. And also the value of hard work.

    Also, who can forget the power of love and courage?

    Once, I stepped in to help a taxi driver who had gotten punched by some junkie passenger. There were other guys around. Bigger and stronger. But I stepped in because I was an anime/manga fan and I knew that’s something an anime/manga hero would do.

    If more people watch anime or read manga, the world would be a better place.

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  9. I may retire from blogging one day but stop being an animeniac? No way Jose! I love the genre too much to randomly stop watching. Same goes for games and cartoons. I’m a happy nerd and will continue consuming what I enjoy till my last breath. Hopefully I’ll continue feeling that way in my 90’s.

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