Attack on Titan Manga – Final Story Arc



The popular manga series, Attack on Titan will be entering its final story arc. Author Hajime Isayama mentioned this a few years ago he will be ending the series. It has now been confirmed.

Usually, I would be upset hearing about a manga series I read coming to an end. I have to say I am kind of happy. I am an avid reader of this series and I feel it is time to end. The secrets are pretty much out. There is really nothing else left to surprise the reader. At this point it’s just wrapping everything up in a hopefully amazing way.

I will miss the characters, but since the anime is still running, I will not miss them that much. Right now, I am just hoping the anime series can still play it close to what is in the manga.

Do you read the manga? What are you thoughts on the final story arc?

17 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Manga – Final Story Arc

  1. I’m glad that the end is in sight. Sometimes when a series is popular the creator drags things out, to make more money, which hurts the story. Attack on Titan isn’t something that should run forever. If it did it would suffer from that Walking Dead issue were viewers begin to tune out due to the never ending tragedies wearing them out.

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  2. This is a surprise to me. I binge-read the manga some years back, but stopped once I’d caught up. I thought that this would take a lot longer to conclude. Happy to hear that things will be wrapping up soon. I would probably wait for the anime version though, because it just captures all that action so much better.

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      1. Haha. Right now the anime is killing me. Season 1 ended with a Titan in the wall. No explanation given (or maybe I forgot). Season 2 ended with the monkey titan thing killing everyone. Season 3 episode one starts with a mad man named Kenny. I’m so confused. 😓😰😹

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  3. I stopped around chapter 80 or so, so I’m looking forward to how this is going to end!! I’ve seen some spoilers, and I’m more worried about who will survive at the end now. I was saddened by some things I’ve seen thru spoilers…but yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the update ❤

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