Attack on Titan – Live Action – Warner’s Bros



Hollywood announced they will be creating the Live Action of My Hero Academia, now Warner’s Bros has the rights to create Attack On Titan.

They just confirmed Andy Muschetti as the director. He is known for directing Stephen King’s IT (2017). I did like the movie It, but I do not see him recreating a successful Attack On Titan.

I am so furious I can’t even explain. Why does America need to recreate these films? We do not have a great track record with recreating anime series into film. Why can’t they just leave it alone?

What are your thoughts??

9 thoughts on “Attack on Titan – Live Action – Warner’s Bros

  1. Well, to bounce off what someone else said, I truly think Hollywood is running out of ideas, and they are trying to soak up all the popular stories out there. One of the major issues I’ve noticed with Hollywood remaking animes into American movies is it’s hard to translate Japanese thinking to a broad American audience. For example, I saw Ghost in Shell, and it felt like some scenes were too Americanized compared to the Japanese version. You’d think that Hollywood would stay more faithful to the source material because those are the fans who would see and promote the movie. Like, I started watching Death Note on Netflix, but it was so bad, that I turned it off and never finished it. So yeah, I agree, they should just leave it alone. Most shows are recreated as animations first for a reason. There are just some things that are easier to do in animation than live action.

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  2. I’ll reserve proper judgement until I see a trailer. Honestly though, I didn’t like the look of the Japanese live action ones. I do think the story lends itself to a live action format if done well, but I was disappointed with the IT remake, so i’m not really thrilled by the directorial choice here.

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  3. The reason why Hollywood is doing this is for money and running out of ideas lol. JK, I never seen the ones in Japanese format, but I heard they are decent. Still I worry on how are they going to cast Eren and the other characters and the Titans.

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      1. Knowing Hollywood, they would either try and find anyone to please an audience. Who knows, I hope you like having Eren a different race or even a girl to please a wide audience lol.

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