My Hero Academia – Live Action???


My Hero Academia is one of the new big hit anime. Recently, it was announced the manga series will become a live action adaption. The live action adaption will be produced by Hollywood producers Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfeiter the creators of the Hollywood version of Godzilla and Detective Pikachu. Then on the Japanese end Ryosuke Yoritomi the publisher of My Hero Academia will help create as well.

There are no further details on release date, casting info and etc.

I am upset about this news. I am over Hollywood interfering with great series and creating crap. They have yet to create anything good. They always screw it up. They either mess up the storyline, cast the most random people or just make it too Americanized. Why can’t my people just stay out of it? Hahah They should stick to creating amazing marvel and DC movies and leave the Japanese realm alone.

Wha are your thoughts??

28 thoughts on “My Hero Academia – Live Action???

  1. Personally, I like My Hero Academia and I know it’s popular, but I got a bad feeling about a live-action adaptation movie based on the series. For some reason, I am getting Netflix Death Note vibes.

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  2. Yeah I’m pretty sure you’re right that this film is gonna be a train wreck. If it ever comes out that is, I feel like half of these live action anime based films never make it past production. If it does come out, maybe it’ll at least be entertaining

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  3. I haven’t seen the anime outside of like one episode but even that was enough to let me know that this just won’t translate to a live action well. If they want to do a live action then make one for Gangsta, Black Lagoon, City Hunter, or anything that’s more realistic.

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      1. I’m just curious. Why wouldn’t you want Hollywood to do it. Imo these kind of series would be right up their alley since it could easily attract a mainstream audience.

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      2. I mean the casting would be slightly better here tbh. I can see them casting Donnie Yen as Nicholas and the guy that plays Thor as Worrick in Gangsta. Now with Black Lagoon it would be harder to find anyone really suitable for any roles outside of Terry Crews as Dutch.

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      3. Rhames is a bit too old. I could honestly see a guy like Lawrence Fishburne playing him if they got desperate. Revy would be hard to cast because there’s not really anyone who could pull off the look she should have and keep the vibe she gives off.

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  4. Your absolutely right!!! Hollywood (the Western film industry in general)… continue to deface the great and noble work of many anime… look at GITS.. terrible adaptation… not that I have anything against Scarlett… but just terrible… and I haven’t even watched the movie… just seeing the shorts and trailers were enough to put me off!!!

    Then you have the Netflix adaptation of Death Note starring Willem Defoe (voice)… again crap, crap, crap!!!

    And of course who can forget (try to forget) the DBZ Evo BS movie they pulled… do I need to say anything more..

    Leave the live action to the originators… the Japanese!!! if HW wants to poke their nose in… then give them the finance, backing… but leave the creativity and originality with the source material and creators…

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  5. Why turn this into a live action thing? Seriously…why?? I know why: because they can make a ton of money and simply cash in on the superhero craze that seems to be going on these days. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised for this…but I have my doubts to be honest. Sigh…totally agree with you…they should just simply leave this alone 😢

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