Cells at Work – Anime review



This series is about the human body which consists of 37 Trillion cells. Throughout this series we witness the different duties of each cell in our body. The main characters are the red blood cell who carries the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and the white blood cell who fights and kills bacteria that is trying to harm the body.



Red Blood Cell is a new cell who just started her job, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the body. She is clumsy and gets lost many times. She is still determined to finish the job no matter what.


White Blood Cell’s job is to kill bacteria, germs and viruses to protect the body. He is very brutal when he is doing his job, but when you get to know him he is rather sweet.


Killer T is viewed as angry, aggressive and very loud. He is the leader of the Killer T cells. He is a very harsh leader. Killer T cells are another form of white blood cells that kills foreign matter and unhealthy cells.



These cells appear sweet and look like lovable maids, but they are equipped with weapons to fight bacteria, germs and viruses. They are a type of white blood cell and are there to protect the body.



They are the cells that help reconstruct the body from injuries. Throughout the series they are near a construction site that is repairing the body.


This series caught many people by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect. I am happy I watched it. It was funny and entertaining. I binged watched this series.

I wish this was shown in my biology class when I was younger. I would have known about the human body much better. This is a perfect way to keep a person’s attention with learning. Instead of those boring science classes I had to sit in.

I do have to say, I wonder whose body they were in that had this many problems?haha


The storyline was unique and perfect. They took the human body and created a story around all the troubles the body goes through. Each episode taught the viewer how each cell’s duty helped protect or cured the problem within the body. Some episodes dealt with influenza, food poisoning, Allergies and many more.

Throughout the series the narrator explains what each cells duty entails. Her voice was sweet as well.


The pace of the series was spot on. There were no moments where you get bored. Once there is a down time then suddenly a virus, germ or bacteria comes through to cause havoc. You will be engaged in this series from beginning to end.


In this series, at least for me, I didn’t grow to love a character and connect to them. The characters are very much likable. They all have their own quirks.

Red Blood Cell, even though she is clumsy and all over the place you can’t help but like her. She is funny and super cute. I did like her determination to fulfill her duties as a red blood cell. I found it funny that majority of the time she was being attacked by the viruses and bacteria. She was lucky to have White Blood Cell around to save her.

White Blood Cell was one of my favorite characters from the series. I loved when he fights the bacteria, germs and viruses. He ends up all bloody and yet speaks to the other cells all sweet while the blood is gushed all over him. Haha he was ready to fight at a drop of a dime.

Killer T was a brute character but I did like him. He was like a drill sergeant. He was another one that was ready to fight when needed. He was also hard on the younger cells which were called Naive.

My favorite of all favorites were the Platelets. They were soooooo and I mean soooooo adorable. Their voices were super cute. They were drawn to look super cute. I melted every-time they were on the screen.

As for character growth there isn’t any. You do see Red Blood Cell become a mentor for a new red blood cell. The last episode you see her willingness to continue her duties even though the body is malfunctioning.

I do like you got to see some of the cells past history. It was put in pretty quickly but did explain a few things about the characters.

Overall, the show is a great series. It is very entertaining and fun. It has many funny moments. I will recommend this for everyone to watch.

9 thoughts on “Cells at Work – Anime review

  1. I am definitely watching this today, you have convinced me😊.. i never wanted to watch it at first because i thought it was going to basically be a remake of “Osmosis Jones” but you hav reviewed it in such a great and convincing way. I’m in lol

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  2. This was definitely a lot of fun and quite the unexpected hit last season. I ended up really having a great time with the blood cells and learning a little bit about the body. That and waiting for platelet sightings. They were just adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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