Which are some of your favorite anime school uniforms?


First I have to mention, I never had a uniform for school. The schools I attended it was not mandatory to wear. When I watch anime I get jealous of all the cute uniforms they get to wear. When I was in Japan there were many cute uniforms. There were also some that was not so cute. Haha

Majority of the anime I watch, many of the characters are wearing school uniforms. Of course, I like the girls uniforms the most. The boys uniforms are okay. It’s the female character’s uniforms that are super cute that I want to wear them as an outfit.


Some of my favorite uniforms are;

1. Classroom of the Elite
2. Charlotte
3. Food Wars
4. Love Live!
5. Ouran High School Host Club


Now, if I had to choose which character’s uniforms I will like to have, first I have to go with Erina from Food Wars. I just love the coloring. The Navy blue jacket is one of my favorites. I like the Navy color with the tan/brown skirt, plus the thigh high blue socks. I will like to wear this as an outfit.


If I had to choose a male character I have to go with Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. I love his dark blue vest with his grey pants. The dark blue with the gray is paired well.

Here are some questions for you;

Did you have to wear a school uniform?

If yes, what color was it?

Last, which anime school uniform do you like??


14 thoughts on “Which are some of your favorite anime school uniforms?

  1. I went to a few schools, all having uniforms but here’s one!

    Mine consisted of a burgundy blazer, with the school logo on it, a black jumper underneath the blazer (only to wear with the winter uniform), a white short sleeved revere collared button up, a red and black pleated skirt, black knee socks, and for outdoor shoes, black leather shoes, and for indoor, white indoor shoes.
    We had a summer and winter uniform but that was the standard one of my uniform-


  2. I used to wear a brown skirt with a white collared shirt that has grey stripes on it. This combines with a red tie.
    Honestly the skirt was a bit uncomfortable so I’ve always wanted trousers. Assassination Classroom’s Karma’s is my favourite! But then he doesn’t really follow the code so hahaha.

    I guess Jozenji’s is another favourite of mine!


  3. I never had to wear a uniform fortunately since putting on anything fancy is too much work for me! Whenever I have to dress up for an interview or something I have to get up an extra 30-40 minutes early and it feels like such a drag. I do think that once I have a uniform on it would feel cool though. My favorite uniform is the one from Yu Yu Hakusho that Yusuke had to wear. The traditional green really stands out

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