Which are some of your favorite anime school uniforms?


First I have to mention, I never had a uniform for school. The schools I attended it was not mandatory to wear. When I watch anime I get jealous of all the cute uniforms they get to wear. When I was in Japan there were many cute uniforms. There were also some that was not so cute. Haha

Majority of the anime I watch, many of the characters are wearing school uniforms. Of course, I like the girls uniforms the most. The boys uniforms are okay. It’s the female character’s uniforms that are super cute that I want to wear them as an outfit.


Some of my favorite uniforms are;

1. Classroom of the Elite
2. Charlotte
3. Food Wars
4. Love Live!
5. Ouran High School Host Club


Now, if I had to choose which character’s uniforms I will like to have, first I have to go with Erina from Food Wars. I just love the coloring. The Navy blue jacket is one of my favorites. I like the Navy color with the tan/brown skirt, plus the thigh high blue socks. I will like to wear this as an outfit.


If I had to choose a male character I have to go with Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. I love his dark blue vest with his grey pants. The dark blue with the gray is paired well.

Here are some questions for you;

Did you have to wear a school uniform?

If yes, what color was it?

Last, which anime school uniform do you like??


12 thoughts on “Which are some of your favorite anime school uniforms?

  1. I never had to wear a uniform fortunately since putting on anything fancy is too much work for me! Whenever I have to dress up for an interview or something I have to get up an extra 30-40 minutes early and it feels like such a drag. I do think that once I have a uniform on it would feel cool though. My favorite uniform is the one from Yu Yu Hakusho that Yusuke had to wear. The traditional green really stands out

  2. In Holland we don’t have school uniforms, so I guess that answered your first question 😊
    As for your second, I really liked the uniforms in Orange. I loved the colour scheme in that anime 😊

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