Who are some of your favorite non-anime animated characters?


TGIF! Today I wanted to switch it up a bit with my post. We all know I love anime. It is my life. Besides anime, I do watch other shows, cartoons and movies. I know majority of us do.

This post is to find out more about my readers, and for me to let you know a bit more about me. Who are some of your favorite non-anime animated characters?

The list below is made up with my favorite animated characters.The first two are my ultimate favorite characters that I have tattoos of them both. (Wow)

Check it out!!



When I was younger, I believe I was the only girl or rather kid who had the craziest favorite character. All the other girls liked princesses (I do like Cinderella who is on the list) and the boys liked superheroes. Then you had me, the one who was crazy for The Joker.

Why the joker?? Well, I didn’t know this then, but I love crazy, don’t play by the rules, bad characters. The joker was the epitome of what society didn’t want people to be. He had goals and he was going to do anything he can to achieve them. He was such a ruthless character that he killed Robin. He killed who ever he wanted. He tried so many times to kill Batman his nemesis. He did not care what others thought of him. I like the Joker because he did what he wanted.

Maybe in a way I want to be like that. Not crazy kill people and rob banks. Haha I want to just play by my rules and not care what society has to say. I think that is why I like the joker so much.

My favorite portrayal of The Joker was Heath Ledger. He was the closest to the comic booker version. I liked many of the other portrayals, but his was my ultimate Joker.


This character is not animated but still is awesome. I am an avid fan of Tim Burton. I’ve watched many of his movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood and both the Batman movies. When The Nightmare before Christmas came out I was obsessed. I can still watch this movie till this day.

The main character Jack Skellington was relatable. I was in H.S when this movie came out and I too wanted something different in my life. I was so tired of the same everyday routine. I wanted to go out and try something different. Since I was in HS I was very limited, but when college came around I was able to explore. I’ll save that story for another time.

Another reason I love Jack and the whole movie is because I am obsessed with Halloween. My apartment is Halloween themed and I have a lot of Jack Skellington decor around. It doesn’t look tacky. My left arm is completely tatted up with a Halloween theme. I have a few Nightmare before Christmas characters but Jack is the center.

I do not use obsessed lightly when it comes to Jack. Haha


This is a random one, but I really like Peter Griffin. I love Family Guy because it’s politically messed up. I can’t help but laugh because sometimes you have to laugh at society.

Peter is my favorite character because he is hilarious. He is so dumb you can’t help but laugh. At times he can be smart which is rare, but he has his moments. I like how he treats others, especially his family. He is so obnoxious and rude. He is rarely ever kind. He can be kind but it’s not often at all.

I love his fighting scenes with the chicken which he always comes out on top. When I watch the show I enjoy Peter so much.

In my daily life Im always caught quoting so much from Peter. He is just me on the inside haha


This is one of my favorite villains who had a change of heart. He was another one that was against society because everyone in Who town were so happy and joyous. It can be sickening. Hahha When he stole the Christmas gifts it was such a great heist. He was down for whatever can do to hurt the town.

I loved his evil grin when he was about to do something devious. He was just an awesome character. A classic one as well that will live on forever.

Every Christmas I must watch this movie when it comes on. The Jim Carrey version is a great one as well. It was hilarious.


I mean how can you hate Cartman. The sh*t that comes out of his mouth is so vile and I love it. He is prejudice, racist and an asshole. He is an unforgettable character.

If you think about it, he comes from a broken home. His mother is always doing pornos or some sexual activities. He has no father around. He had no real guidance.

I always wonder how his friends remain friends with him. He is always doing anything to bring Kyle down. He always teases Kenny about being poor. I guess they deep down have a love for him. Hahah

I am all for Cartman because he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He uses people around him to benefit himself. Whatever he does will be entertaining in a crude way. That is why he is on my list of favorite characters.


Bugs Bunny holds a special place in my heart. My dad use to call me Bugs Bunny. I was a prankster like him. I was slick and a smart ass.

His episodes were always classics from his feud with Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, the Tasmanian devil, Marvin the Martian and so many more. I always had to watch to see how he would get out of situations. How he was going to dress up into someone else and trick his opponent. Bugs was a total cross dresser hahah.

He was just entertaining and he is another classic character as well. Plus his catch phrase “What’s up doc” GREAT!!!



Cinderella was my first favorite character ever. When I was younger around 2 years old I lived in England for maybe 4 almost 5 years. My father was in the air force and he was stationed there. I grew up in a country where there were real life prince and princesses. As a kid I thought I could become a princess. I thought because I lived in a land with royalty I can become one. (Dumb me)

I loved Cinderella because she came from nothing and became a princess. I thought the same would happen to me. I was ready to be a princess and live a fairytale life. I would dress up in pink everyday. Where cute skirts and dresses. I was a girly girl. Well that all changed when I moved to America and was older and learned about life. That is when the Joker became my favorite character. Hahha I still love Cinderella because she is my favorite princess.

Now, these 7 characters I’ve named had a real impact on me. I get excited whenever they are on the screen. There is a pattern where many of them play against society. I guess I am just a rule breaker and probably anti society.

There are many fun and crazy characters I love that I didn’t name. Here are some honorable mentions Randy (South Park) Tina and Louise (Bob’s Burgers) Genie (Aladdin) , Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes), and Stewie (Family Guy)

Would love to hear about your favorite characters?

28 thoughts on “Who are some of your favorite non-anime animated characters?

  1. Okay, two characters stick out in my head because both could be how I look at life. Butt Head (from beavis and butt head) because he was so clueless and such a dip. I try to embody him every time someone tells me I can’t do something I know I can do. Or dealing with someone who tells me “god” loves me.. The other is Dante from the game Devil May Cry. His banter in a fight (& before) gets me grinning!

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      1. Seriously, I’ve watched the show almost weekly, & think my mom must’ve thought I’d turn out badly. 🙂 Nowadays, when people tell me something negative or puts god in their statement, I’m channeling Butt head and thinking, “Uhhh, um, like could you like shut up or something?” 🙂

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      2. I recall three Summers ago, I took my R/C truck to the church parking lot two blocks away and started running it. Some guy who looked like a homeless drunk came up on a bike asking if “my people” know where I was? My inner Butt head came out and I said, Uhhhhhhhh, yeah dude… Do your people know where your dumb ass is?” He left, but I hate when people see the chair and assume things.

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  2. This is definitely a fun list! Anime characters definitely tend to be my faves, but outside that realm there are also a lot of quality characters like:

    Superman (DC)
    Cyclops (Marvel)
    Adam Tauras (RWBY)
    Starlight Glimmer (MLP)
    Samurai Jack (The lead)

    Off the top I’d list those right away and I was keeping it to 1 per franchise or else the RWBY characters would definitely take all of my top 5 spots!

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  3. I could honestly make a long list but some of my favorites are
    – Yumi, Odd, & Ulrich (Code Lyoko)
    -Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender
    -Galvatron & Starscream (Transformers G1)
    -Brian & Stewie (Family Guy)
    -Rex, Fives, Ashoka, Obi-wan, & Darth Maul (Star Wars the Clone Wars)
    -Cleveland Brown

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  4. good question:
    -Fry and Bender (Futurama) though all characters can be hilarious
    -Kenny (South Park) since he’s somewhat relatable; he’s just there. Things happen to him but he ends up just being part of the chaos without any real purpose.
    -Peter Griffin (Family guy), same reasons as you.
    -all the characters (a town called panic), it’s quite an experience when watching these characters
    -Huey and Riley (The Boondocks), yes they are rude and offensive but their lifestyles are ridiculous (and it,sadly, shows the current mess in society, how some judge people wrongly and never blink an eye to the most noticeable evidence/events)
    -Ted (Ted), if you’re accepting CGI as animation
    -Angry Kid (Angry Kid), it’s hard to decide if angry kid is animated or not, since it’s a real man who wears a mask and, through the use of stop motion, forms an animated character. Nonetheless, angry kid is quite a mischievous teenager that can give quite a chuckle.


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