Summer 2018 Anime- Final Thoughts


I know I didn’t get to post my half way thoughts on the summer series but at least I will post my final thoughts. This season I really didn’t watch anything new except two series, Angels of Death and Cells at Work. All the other series were old series with new seasons or just continued. All the new series they had just didn’t catch my attention.


Anime: Angels of Death Genre: Horror


Rachel Gardner wakes up in a basement and has no idea where she is at. She losts all her memories. She runs into Zack a scythe wielding maniac with bandages covering his whole body. She begs him to kill her. Zack promises to kill her after she helps him get out of this unknown building. Zack and Rachel become partners in this series wandering throughout this unusual building visiting different floors and running into some crazy characters.


This series was one of my favs. I did not know what to expect from this series, but it was crazy. There were so many crazy characters. The storyline was all over the place. The only thing that kind of bothered me was how long it took to find out why everyone was there. I do wish I had a back story to all of the characters. It is not your typical anime where everything makes since but It is still entertaining. You can’t help but love Zack the main character.

Anime: Cells at Work   Genre: Comedy


This series is about the human body which consists of 37 Trillion cells. Throughout this series we witness the different duties of each cell in our body. The main characters are the red blood cell who carries the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and the white blood cell who fights and kills bacteria that is trying to harm the body.


At first I wasn’t going to watch this series. Then one of my friends I follow on Instagram kept posting images about it. So, I became curious and started watching it. I binged watched the first 5 episodes and was ready for episode 6 to come out. Haha it was just something different. It is educational, funny and very entertaining. You are actually learning about your body but in a fun way. I just didn’t expect this to be a must watch. So give it a try if you haven’t.


Anime: Attack on Titan season 3   Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen


After finding out that among Humanity there were humans that can change into Titans like Eren Jaeger and Annie leonhardt, Levi’s team must get to Eren’s old house that was crushed in the first destruction and find his basement to find out a secret to why there are titans. Another group of scouts are looking for a whole in a wall to close because there are Titans freely running around the walls that were supposed to protect mankind. There are many secrets that must be answered, why are there Titans in the wall? What does the church have to do with the Titans?


Now, we all know I’m an avid fan of Attack on Titan. Well, this season was a bit of a disappointment for me. I’ve read the manga but some reason the anime made it annoying to watch. All the secrets they were supposed to reveal took forever to get too. Then when they did finally reveal them, it wasn’t as exciting as you would have expected it. When I read the manga I was falling out my chair from the excitement. I don’t think it’s because I knew of the secrets I just didn’t like how they approached them this season. Like season 2 even though I knew a lot of those secrets it still made me jump watching it. Also, there was barely any titans in season 3.haha but overall I still watched because its Attack on Titan.

Free! Dive to the Future   Genre: Sports (swimming) Drama, Slice of life


Haru, Rin, Makoto and Nagisa were young boys who swam together in a relay race and won. The feeling of winning made them extremely happy. Rin moves to Australia to achieve his goal of one day swimming competitively in the olympics. During one of his winter breaks he comes back to Japan and meets up with Haru for a race, but is beaten and his feelings are hurt. After seeing this Haru gives up swimming competitively. Now as teens Nagisa enters Iwatobi highschool where Haru and Makoto both attend. One day they run into Rin who they thought was still in Australia. He challenges Haru to a race and beats him. After this race Nagisa is inspired to create a swim club at the school. Haru begins to get his passion back for competitive swimming, but refuses to swim relay only freestyle. Nagisa recruits another member Rei for their swim club to become an official club. Now they must take Iwatobi’s swim club to the nationals to compete against Rin who attends Samezuka Academy.


I have a hate love relationship with Free. I love how hot the characters are. I love the relationship between the characters. What I hate is how boring this series can sometimes be. I hate how they drag out a storyline that can be done in two episodes. I wish the competition of the swimming was more intense. Especially since it is a sports anime it should have some more adrenaline added to it. It is really a drama and can be over dramatic at times.


Anime: My Hero Academia   Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen


Izuku Midoriya dreams of becoming a super hero but was born without any superpowers in a world where it’s the norm. His favorite super hero All Might discovers the passion in Midoriya and shares his powers with him. He enrolls Midoriya into a High school that trains students to become superheroes.


This was season 3 continued and I wasn’t really excited. It was still entertaining but I need villains. They were doing too many tests. I get it they have to practice and be scored on their hero skills. I just liked tension. I need bad guys. I need fighting. I still like the characters and the story but I really am obsessed with villains. I did like to see the personal growth of each of the characters.

Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.  Genre: Shounen, Martial arts, Action, Superpowers, Comedy


Boruto the son of Naruto Uzumaki who is now the 7th Hokage is upset with his father choosing work over his family duties. Due to Naruto’s neglect Boruto becomes rebellious and has animosity towards his father. He decides he will follow his own path and achieving the life that he wants.


I had to bring this back to speak about. Boruto has been delivering lately and I am super happy about it. I remember I had a rant post about how the series was becoming a more of slice of life. Lately, it has been stepping it up with villains and more conflict. The kids are growing up and learning more about their abilities. The old characters from Naruto are even more involved as well. So I would def say keep watching this or go back to watching it.

Anime: Black Clover Genre: Shonen, Magic, Fantasy


Asta and Yuno are both raised as orphans in a small town outside of Clover Kingdom.

Asta dreams to become Wizard King but one problem… he wasn’t born with magic powers. He trains intensively his physical powers. Yuno has magic powers and is considered a prodigy with his powers. He dreams of becoming the Wizard King as well. Now at 15 they are both granted the opportunity to apply to become Wizards known at the Magic Knights. The show takes on us their journey of becoming the Wizard King.


I have to say at first this series was kind of annoying because of Asta the main character always screaming. Recently, he has calm down a lot. I grew to really like him. The characters are all becoming really likable. The story is getting much better because they have these crazy villains that are super powerful. The fighting scenes are really good. I am not a fan of magic anime but this series is really good. I do have to say it is very entertaining.

Tell me your thoughts on the summer series. Were there any you’ve watched that I haven’t?

8 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Anime- Final Thoughts

  1. Cells at Work wasn’t a top tier show, but I enjoyed watching it all the same. A nice mix of education and humour. I like the hero versus villain fights in My Hero Academia too, so I can understand your frustration with the tests, Perhaps now that the class have a hero licence we will see more life and death battles.

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  2. Cells at work was serious fun! I never expected to like it this much as it’s not the kind of show that I usually would watch. But it ended up being the surprise of the season for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of Angels of Death though, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have to agree with you on Zack though…he definitely started growing on me 😊😊

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  3. Cells at Work was such a surprising show. I definitely didn’t have it on my radar before watching the first episode and then I just fell in love with it. Glad it managed to stay mostly fun throughout the whole season and I kind of wish there was more.

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