New York Comic Con – Day 3 (Saturday)


This was my 5th year attending New York Comic Con. I always attend on Saturday because it is the best day. There were many attendees. The floor was packed. It was fun hanging with people who had the same interest as yourself. No judgement, just all fun and games.



The convention floor was packed. There was so much going on. There was a lot of Dragon Ball Z displays because of the new Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. I saw many Dragon Ball fans. The most awesome thing there was the huge Shenron display hanging from the ceiling. It was incredible. I felt like I collected all seven dragon balls and I was able to make my wish. Hahah

The merchandise floor is beautiful and tempting to look at. I wanted to buy everything. The only problem is everything was so expensive. I had to control myself from buying anything. My best friend William bought a t-shirt with a cute anime girl on it. There was Japanese writing on it and he didn’t know it said Waifu. Haha He just thought it was a cute shirt. Hahaha


I love Artist Alley because of all the talent you will find. The artists are extremely amazing. I wish I had talent like they do. You will find all kinds of artists from comics, manga, anime and more. I appreciate conventions helping artists to showcase their work.


There cannot be a convention without a gaming section. Of course, that section was filled with gamers trying to win their game. The line was not as long as I thought it would be but there were many people in that section anyways. I did not play because I know I would suck. Haha


Last year I believe I mentioned that many attendees are not dressing up as much. Many of them are wearing t-shirts. This year I believe there were more t-shirts than cosplayers. As for the cosplayers, there were still a good amount. The cosplayers did not come to disappoint. Every year my niece and I count how many Deadpools (21), Jokers (22) and Harley Quinns (25) there are. The funny thing is I heard some people whispering things like “ugh another Deadpool” and “How many Harley Quinns is that?” Haha I find that funny because these three costumes become so repetitive. Well, I am happy that they were dressing up.

One thing I have to mention is My Hero Academia was very popular this year. There were so many cosplayers dressed as the characters. I was so happy to see this. I love that show.


There were a huge amount of panels. It was hard to attend them all. The lines for the panels were long. I wish there was something like a speed pass to attend more panels. I was able to attend some panels.


The Shonen Jump Panel was the only anime one I was able to attend. The beginning of the panel was annoying because it felt like an infomercial. They kept showing us merchandise they were selling at their booth. This lasted for a least 15 minutes.

Finally the guest appeared on stage. First, two creators from RWBY were speaking about the upcoming season 6. They also spoke about how RWBY is now being dubbed in Japanese. It will now be created into a manga Japan as well. They made it to the Japanese market which is an ultimate victory for them.

The next guests were two voice actors from Boruto (Amanda Miller voices Boruto and Colleen O’Shaughnessy as Chocho) speaking about their experiences and how they do and don’t relate to their characters.

Throughout the panel they had audience participation with quizzes and winning prizes. It was pretty fun.

They announced that One Punch Man season 2 will premiere April 2019. They previewed the trailer. It looked really awesome.

Overall the panel was great and entertaining.



Every year I arrive to NYCC early just to get my badge scanned so I am able to attend the cosplay competition. It is the highlight of comic con for me.

This year the cosplayers stepped it up. The costumes were amazing. The details and execution of the costumes cannot be described. You have to see them in person.


Every year they have three judges. This year the judges were Ana Crabtree, Phillip O’ Dango and Jacqueline Collins. Phillip was the first judge I’ve seen actually attend in cosplay. It was pretty cool.

For the competition there were three categories FX, needlework, and Armor. Each category had some amazing competitors.

(Sorry my images are not the best)








After the top three winners of each category was announced, it came down to the top three for overall show.

Third place received a check of $500, second place received $1000 and the winner received $1500 and goes on to represent NY in the global competition.

My images suck on my phone so here are images from the instagrams of New York Comic Con and Singer Sewing Company.

Top 3 


Top Winner 



After the competition I ran out of there because walking for almost 12hrs can be exhausting. I just wanted my bed.

I do have to say I did enjoy myself. My group was extremely happy with the experience. I will be attending next year if I do get tickets in time. Haha

Did you attend the convention?

9 thoughts on “New York Comic Con – Day 3 (Saturday)

  1. This is great. Glad you had such a great time! I was there too and reflect a similar experience, except I’ve never gone to the Cosplay Competition. It’s definitely a must-do for next year, if we get tickets…haha!

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