When is someone considered an Otaku???


Hello Anime Lovers,

I was once speaking to my sister about this topic. She asked me if she was an Otaku. She does watch a lot of anime, probably as much as I do. The difference between us is I attend conventions, cosplay and I have my blog. So, I answered her yes you are an Otaku.

Well, first let’s look at the definition of Otaku.

Otaku: is a Japanese term for people with Obsessive interests, particularly in anime and manga.

In the past Otaku was a negative term, especially due to “The Otaku Murderer” in 1989. Recently, in Japan and other western countries the term has become positive. I use it to describe myself because I am obsessed with anime and manga. I’ve watched a few documentaries of Akihabara the Mecca of anime, manga, gaming and electronics and they have used this term to describe many of the fans who are spread out in this area. We also have an Otaku day which is December 15th.


Now, back to the topic, when is someone considered an Otaku? Hmmm as I think hard about this. I have seen memes that said because you watched Naruto doesn’t make you an Otaku. (Image above haha)

Well, I don’t know what others may think, but if I was to consider someone an Otaku I think they have to have seen at least 20 anime besides the big anime like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball and etc. I’m not saying watching those doesn’t mean you don’t like anime, but those are way too popular. There are so many good anime that should be watched and understood to really get into the anime world. Some other factors for me is if they binge watch anime often like I do. Knowing anime terms and genres like fan service, ecchi, Shounen, Mecha yaoi, yuri, and waifu just to name a few.

Now I do not want this post to sound like I’m attacking anyone who watches anime because you may not know those terms or are not binge watching anime. I’m happy that you do embrace anime but I’m just giving my opinion on when I will call someone an Otaku.

So what about you, when will you consider someone an Otaku?

12 thoughts on “When is someone considered an Otaku???

  1. This is hard to assess. Would someone who likes multiple Ghibli movies, but hates all other anime be considered an otaku? Maybe we should follow what gamers do. Have casual and hardocre gamers/otaku. If you only like Attack on Titan you are a casual otaku. If your bedroom is covered in posters, has a body pillow and a shelf packed with manga you are hardcore.

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  2. I don’t really use the word, but I’ve always considered someone an Otaku when they call themselves an Otaku. For myself, I don’t like labeling people, so I tend to keep quiet about my own thoughts and opinions relating to when calling someone something.

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  3. I’ve been a anime fan long enough to consider myself an Otaku and maybe I was at point my consumption was at an all time high but never really attached that to myself. I think it’s due to the negative of it but also because I’ve never really connected with others who consider themselves Otaku. Too hood for the nerds and too nerdy for the hood. So yeah


  4. I tend to put Otaku as synonymous with just being an anime fan. If you enjoy anime and identify as being an Otaku then you’ve made it in my book. I don’t really use the term myself though, it seemed to have a bit of a negative connotation back in the day even if it seems okay now

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  5. Most of my friends don’t watch anime and those who do only watch popular anime like Naruto, one piece…. So I never actually thought about it a but I do enjoy arguing about the favorite characters and scenes in the anime that are common between us….

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