Crunchyroll Casting call – Anime Fan Documentary Series

Credit: Crunchyroll.comΒ 

Hey fellow Anime Lovers,

You know when I hear anything that can be awesome for our community I must share it. Well here it goes….

Crunchyroll, one of the top anime sites in the USA is having a casting call for anime fans. They are looking for fans in which anime has changed their lives. They are going to create a documentary series.

Here is a link to the post. One big rule is you must be 18 and over. Sorry younglings.

The casting director has already reached out to me. She said I was her first interview. Which was exciting. We did a Skype interview and it was fun. She asked me many questions, about what was my first anime, how anime has changed my life and so many more, so fingers crossed I get picked.

So please fill out the application if you are interested. I feel each and every one of you def have something to offer for this series.

13 thoughts on “Crunchyroll Casting call – Anime Fan Documentary Series

  1. Maybe we will see you onscreen via Cruncyroll in addition to reading your opinions on WordPress. Let’s see who they pick. Shame that this is only for over eighteens. There are many young anime fans who I am sure have had their lives positively influenced by a series.

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  2. I submitted just for the hell of it. Thanks for the heads up. And good luck, I’m rooting for you. Hopefully you can lock this in. No telling what doors will open for you after an opportunity like this.

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