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Hey fellow Anime Lovers,

How are you all doing!!!!!!

I know it’s been a little over two months since I’ve posted anything. Life has been crazy at work. Nothing bad. It was just super busy. So I really didn’t have time to write anything.

One thing that didn’t stop was me watching anime. Haha That is just part of my lifestyle. I’ve been posting on Instagram a lot because it quicker just to post then write. So be sure to follow my Instagram because I am more active on there. @anime_girls_nyc

So, now things are going to be more calmer in life I am ready to jump back into blogging because I still have a passion for it. The most important is reconnecting with all my bloggers friends on here. I’ll be sure to catch up with all your posts.

Yayyy, I’m back!!!


  1. Woohoo! That is awesome! 😊😊 Very nice to see you back here again, as I was honestly a bit worried that something might have happened to you.
    Looking forward to seeing your posts here again: Welcome back!! 😊😊

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