Attack on Titan season 3 – on Toonami


As many of you should know, I am an avid fan of Attack on Titan. I love the anime and the manga. So, I’m super excited probably beyond excited Season 3 will be released July 22nd. Omggggggg I am so ready!

There are so many secrets and plot twists that are too come. I just can’t wait.

Well besides the anime being released in Japan on the 22nd it will be coming to Toonami on the 18th of August. So another awesome line up for adult Swim. Yay

Who else is excited like me for Season 3???

13 thoughts on “Attack on Titan season 3 – on Toonami

  1. I’m cautiously interested. Season 2 just added more confusion to the story and didn’t progress many of the mysteries from season 1, so I refuse to set any expectations going into season 3 and this season might be the last I tune in for regardless of whether it continues if it doesn’t start doing something with the story already laid out.

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