If you can have any Fullmetal Alchemist characters power, who would it Be???


Today is Day 6 of my fullmetal Alchemist week. I hope some of you have already started watching the series since my Day 1 post. Haha

Today I want to talk about which character from the series powers would you like to have?

There were a few that I found pretty cool, well Edwards Alchemy was one of my favs, Colonel Roy Mustang was another cool one. But the one character’s power I will like to have is a Homunculus and it’s Envy!!



Envy has the ability to change his form into another person’s identity. He also is a Homunculus so when he gets harmed he can regenerate.

Envy’s power was so cool. I mean I would love to change into someone whenever I want. I would change into Bill Gates (richest man in the world) and have his money. I would probably change in to Donald Trump and resign as president. Ughh if only that can happen.

The infinite amount of people I can change in too would be amazing. I would probably change into my boss at work and give myself a raise. A high raise. Hmm I would also probably change into my mother and tell my sister that I am her favorite. Hahahaha

The only thing I didn’t like about Envy’s powers was when he changed into his true form. Ugh he looked so ugly. The huge green body with the little souls sticking out of his neck was creepy. I like when his form looked human.

So, if you can have any FMA character’s powers who would it be???

17 thoughts on “If you can have any Fullmetal Alchemist characters power, who would it Be???

  1. As much as Roy’s flames are definitely appealing (something awesome about fire), I’d have to go with Greed’s ultimate shield. From a practical point of view it is a fairly useful power for daily life.

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  2. Let’s see… This is an odd choice, but I think I’d go for the original Sloth’s ability to turn into water. I don’t know quite what I’d use it for, it’s just the idea of turning into water at will just feels like a sensation that I’d really enjoy.

    Actually, now that I think of it, I’d be able to use it to fit through tight spaces, and travel around inconspicuously, which would be pretty useful.

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  3. Definitely Roy’s power for me! The sheer amount of fire he was able to generate from a single lighter is awesome. You’d be a dangerous fighter no matter where the battleground was and I’ve always been partial to fire type characters

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