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Hello anime lovers!! Today is day 5 of my Fullmetal Alchemist week. I’m enjoying this week because I truly am obsessed with this anime.

Well today I wanted to ask “Which Fullmetal Alchemist character would you like to spend a day with??? I have to say there are so many characters I would loooveee to Spend a day with like Edward because he is pretty cool, Colonel Roy Mustang because he is hot and Envy because Envy is just freaking cool. I would love to cause havoc hahah

Well the character I’ve decided to choose is Van Hohenheim the Elric Brother’s Father and the oldest Alchemist in the world.



The reason why I chose Van Hohenheim is because he is older than any other living person in the world. He started off as a slave and became a Alchemist with the help of the homunculus in the tube. Being the oldest person I would love to hear about his adventures, how the world has changed and what he has witnessed while living through all these periods of life. I will like to know all about the people he has run into. I love history so why not learn about his history and the history of the world.

Another reason I will like to hang with Hohenheim is because he can teach me alchemy. I will like to learn all the basics I need to become a Alchemist. Then I will go on studying it on my own after he has helped me.

Last, I would love to speak to him about how he came up with his plan to counterattack Father’s plan. I know the anime showed it but I want to speak to him about it. Also, want to know how he decided to use the souls in him to create his plan.

I just feel out of all the characters Hohenheim has the most knowledge I need to know about the Fullmetal Alchemist world. He seemed pretty awesome too. 😀

So, which FMA character would you like to spend the day with????




  1. I’d pick Riza. Probably just so we can have a girl’s day and maybe she teaches me how to probably use a gun lol. She just seems like the easiest and most level headed character to talk too.

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