My top 5 least favorite characters in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!


Well it is Day 4 of FullMetal Alchemist week. Yesterday I spoke about my top 5 fav characters from the series. I’ve read your comments of your favorite characters from the series as well. Thanks for that. It’s always great to see what others think.

Today is about my 5 least Fav characters from the series. Now this one was harder to do because there wasn’t really any characters I hated. I mean every character was awesome. But there were a few that I did dislike. Check it out!! 😀



I mean, what can I say, so many people hate Tucker because he was an obsessed Alchemist. (SPOILER) He became so obsessed to create Chimeras and wanted to make them speaks he used his own family. We all went bat shit crazy when we saw he transformed his daughter Nina and their dog Alexander into a Chimera. I mean how messed up can a person be. So he is definitely on my least fav list.



The chimeras in this series were kind of annoying. The chimeras that can change from a human into their animal selfs. Every time they showed them or when they speak I just rolled my eyes. Even when they changed to the good side I still didn’t care for them that much. I could have done without them in the series.



I loved all the homunculus except Sloth. He was really weird and too much of a headache. I hated his demeanor. I was so mad at the fight he had with the Armstrong siblings because he just didn’t die. Ughh I was happy the other homunculus didn’t die right away but his character I wished died right away. For the little time he had in the series he def caused a havoc.



These things just creeped me out. I didn’t like the look of them. I didn’t like their mindless mentality. I hate that they were not easy to kill. They were such a menace to the other characters. Ughh they were just the worst. I’m glad they were only at the end of the series.



This doctor was so horrible. He was one of the main characters behind this whole plot of the story. He and father were working together to have father’s plan happen. He was one of the main Factors that used humans to create the philosopher’s stone. Then towards the end when he took Colonel Roy Mustang and created the last human transmutation with him it was crazy. He set off the final steps for father’s plan. Ughh hated him so much for it.


So those are my top 5 least favorite characters from the series. Again, there really wasn’t many characters I truly disliked too much. So I do not have any honorable mentions for this post. Hahah

Who are your least favorite characters from the FMA Brotherhood series???

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