Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood review.


I started to watch the Fullmetal Alchemist movie on Netflix and right after I decided to rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime series. This week will be Fullmetal Alchemist week. I will be posting everything related to Fullmetal Alchemist. Yayy


Edward and Alphonse Elric were solely raised by their mother Trisha Elric after their father Van Honhenheim a powerful alchemist left the family. Both the brothers studied alchemy and went off on a journey to improve their skills through their teacher Izumi Curtis. One day their mother died form a lingering illness. Heartbroken the boys tried to perform human transmutation which is a taboo in the alchemy world to get their mother back. While performing the human transmutation something goes wrong and Alphonse loses his body, Edward loses his left leg. With Alphonse gone Edward sacrifices his right arm to return Alphonse’s soul and transfers it into an armored body.

Now with the sad consequences of what they have done they set out to look for the philosopher stone to help bring their original bodies back. While on this journey they run into many characters and also reveal a big secret within the military that involves the philosopher’s stone and homunculus.



Edward Elric becomes the youngest State Alchemist at the age of 12. He becomes a lap dog for the military carrying out missions. His mother dies when he is young and Edward performs human transmutation which cost him his left leg and his brother Al’s body. Ed sacrifices his right arm to bring back Al’s soul which he then seals into an armored suit. He and Al decides to go on a journey to find the philosopher’s stone to hopefully bring their original bodies back.



Alphonse Elric is Edward’s younger brother. After the failed human transmutation of trying to bring their mother back Al loses his body. With Edward sacrificing his right arm for Al’s soul he is able to bring Al’s soul back and seal it in an armored suit. Now Al and Edward are both on a journey to find the philosopher’s stone to hopefully bring their original bodies back.



Winry is a childhood friend of the Elric Brothers. Her and her grandmother took the brothers in as family after their mother died and their father walked out. Winry specializes in Automails (prosthetic body parts) and created a right arm and left leg for Edward. She is always worried about the brothers as they go on their missions.



Colonel Roy Mustang is known as the Fire Alchemist. He is a state Alchemist and also Edward’s direct superior. His goal is to become Führer of Amestris. After the death of his best friend Mae Hughes he is determined to find the person who is behind his murder. While trying to uncover the killer he stumbles upon a dark secret the military is involved with.



Lust is homunculus created by Father. She is the homunculus primary assassin. She assassinates any person with her spear like fingers that would find out Father’s plan and try to disrupt it. She is sadistic and has no mercy on anyone. She is there to be sure that Father’s plans get carried out.



Envy is a shapeshifting homunculus created by Father. Envy is androgynous looking. Throughout the series Envy is taking another’s identity and creating havoc and helping his Father’s plan to move smoothly. He is sadistic and loves to cause pain on humans.



Gluttony is a homunculus created by Father and like his name likes to eat everything. He especially likes to eat humans. He has a child like mind and mentality and is always seen with Lust who is like his mother figure.



The story is probably one of the best stories ever written. Taking Alchemy and making into something interesting and fun. I would have never looked as science being interesting and fun.

The story is also amazing because it has the loyalty of two brothers never leaving each other sides. Especially when Ed never gives up on his brother.

There are many sad and happy moments. There are even moments that make you determined do something great in your life.

There was a lot of action with the fights. Then the use of the alchemy were great. I loved seeing their powers put to use. Especially against the homunculus.

From beginning to ending the story never steers in a weird or make no sense direction. It all linked up so well.

The twist and turns throughout the series was great and learning more and more about the secret behind the philosopher’s stone kept me on the edge of my seat. The way they put all characters into use for the plot was well planned.


The pace of the film moved so well and perfectly. Each episode delivered something great and it never got boring to me. You are able to keep up with the story and never getting lost.


Well the characters made this such a great series. Each character was carefully created and their storylines were all just as valuable as the protagonists Edward and Alphonse.

First Edward is such an inspirational character. His devotion to his brother made me love this story so much. His drive to make sure he keeps his promise was amazing. He always had me with tears in my eyes because I felt his pain and drive. I also liked Ed a lot because he had a sense of humor. Every-time someone called him short he would go crazy but it was funny. Another thing about Ed I liked a lot was he always wanted to help someone. When someone was in need he was there to help. For a teen to take on so much shows he was strong character and perfect for a main character.

Alphonse was another perfectly mapped out character. He was a timid character but would fight when he had too. He would come up with some great plans to help him and his brother get out of a rut. What I did like that the writers did with his character was his fight with himself on whether he was real or not. Whether his brother planted fake memories in his mind. We have to remember he was a teen, so of course he can be naive and be manipulated by someone to think these things. But like his brother he was a fighter and always determined to help others. He was such a careless person.

Winry’s character was not one of those damsel in distress characters. Thank goodness. She had her moments of sadness but it made sense. Her parents were taken away from her. That strong scene of when she found out Scar was the killer made me cry. I mean omg I would have killed him but she didn’t. That took a lot of guts. I loved her feelings she had for the brothers. She always cared for them. I do also like her outburst when she gets mad at Edward for always messing up his automail hahah

Colonel Mustang was a great character. Knowing he is part of the military that has a secret and secretly working with his team to take them down was awesome. It was well planned and he did it so well and smoothly. His anger for the death of Mae Hughes was a fight he had with himself when he wanted to kill Envy so badly was such a great psychological scene. I think any normal human would have had the same anger and probably finished him off. But in the end his character played a major role in this storyline.

My favorite characters were the homunculus. I mean what a perfect way to use villains. They were vicious and had no mercy for humans. They were so hard to kill because of their regenerating skills. Their passion to carry out Father’s plan was great. They didn’t want anyone to stand in their way. They were a major factor in the storyline.

As for the other characters again they had some amazing characters in this series, from crazy Scar, to overly loving Mae Hughes, to strong females like Izumi and Armstrong. Every character had something special to offer and were perfect for the storyline.


Overall this is one of my favorite anime, from the characters to the storyline with the plots and twist. It will keep your interest from beginning to end. You will fall in love with the characters. This is a must watch if you haven’t done so already.

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  1. This has been on my to watch list forever, and every time I plan to start with it, something comes up to prevent me from starting on it. But I am determined now. After I finish with the current series that I am watching, this will be next: no more excuses. Oh…and of course: great post! 😊

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