Naruto – A Little rant!


Well this isn’t that much of a rant but just an upsetting analysis I’ve realized. So Naruto is one of the big anime that I’ve watched, All episodes and now I’m watching Boruto. Naruto is one of my fav characters because he taught me a lesson in life to never give up and focus on what you want.

Now, my little upsetting analysis is that Naruto is so goofy looking now I can’t deal. Yes, this is what I’m complaining about. Why does he look like this now?

When he was a kid he was sooo adorable and cute. Really goofy but still a cute kid. Then when he became a teen he had his goofy ways but he became more serious and was super cute. Like a hottie. Now as Hokage he looks like a loser and so weird. Why couldn’t the artist come up with a better design for him? I mean they kept my husband Kakashi looking good even when he got older. Why couldn’t they do that for Naruto?

I had to speak about this because I am a huge fan girl when it comes to hot or cute male characters. I need to continue to fan girl over characters I always liked. Hahaha this is unfair when they make the characters look bad when they get older. Ughh

Sorry just had had to get that off my chest. Watching  Boruto has me all upset because Naruto is more involved in the series now and it’s getting frustrating seeing him like this. I wish I can draw so I can create a new character design for him.

Hahah okay that is enough from me, the crazy fan girl. Hahaha


19 thoughts on “Naruto – A Little rant!

  1. This had me rollin’.LOL I have to agree with you though. They got naruto out here looking all scraggly like no one loves him and it’s said. I know boruto is under the control different mangaka but this is Kishimoto fault for laying the foundation. they need to fix this asap.

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  2. The way Naruto looks now makes sense. By the time Boruto rolls around Naruto and his generation are at least in their early 30’s and being the Hokage we can see Naruto is constantly busy and under stress so it wouldn’t make sense to have him look too good.

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  3. I think most of the adult characters in Naruto/Boruto don’t really look good. When they were kids they were kind of unique and interesting, but the adults are all drawn kind of generically and it’s dull. Kakashi stood out because of the mask and the way he wore his headband, and Anko because she was rather different from everyone else.

    Most everyone who was a kid in Naruto now looks boring or just plain dumb as an adult in Boruto.

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