Why is Love Live! so hated???


Love Live! is so well loved among many anime fans. When I was in Japan there were so many posters everywhere of this show. When I went to the arcade many of the prizes were of the characters from this series. During Halloween I’ve seen some girls and guys (yes guys) dressed as some of the characters from the show.

Now as much as this show is loved, its hated just a much too. Recently I’ve been reading in the news some crazy things regarding this show. The other day a high school student was arrested for making bomb threats against the Love Live! sunshine concert. Then the week before someone vandalized all the manholes in Numazu, Japan that were Love Live themed. There is even a twitter account called @ihatelovelive where they really post hateful things against the show and characters. Even last year I read about another person send g threats to all Love Live fans. Crazy world.


Now, I am not a fan of this show. It was too goodie, happy and kind of annoying. But I’m not going to go all out to make death threats or do insane things like these people. But what makes them this angry over a series?

I don’t know the answer, but maybe one theory could be as I stated this show is literally posted everywhere in Japan. Maybe these people are so tired of seeing it. Maybe it’s annoying to them. That’s like many Americans seeing the Kardashians everywhere hahah

What are your thoughts on this? Is it that serious to hate a show that much to commit a crime?



After learning her school Otonokizaka Academy is scheduled to close due to low applicants, Honoka Kōsaka is determined to try and keep it open. She visits her little sister’s school UTX and sees a crowd watching an A-Rise Music video. Honoka realizes that school idols are very popular. Her and friends at Otonokizaka Academy decide to create a group to attract new students. They become successful and help prevent the school from closing. Due to their new success the girls decide to aim higher and participate in the Love Live, the ultimate school idol competition that features the best groups in the country.


9 thoughts on “Why is Love Live! so hated???

  1. As with all forms of entertainment, people are allowed to not like it if they don’t like it, but they really shouldn’t interfere with those who do like it and there is never a good reason to threaten or intimidate people who work on something. Again, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Feel free to write about why you don’t like it or make videos explaining why it isn’t very good.

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  2. Having not seen the show I can’t really judge it, but as with any anime you will always have people that hate it so much that it becomes completely irrational (Sword Art Online is a prime example for that). I always think that no matter how much you hate a series, one should always respect the opinion of another who likes the series. Luckily most people do, but there always a few exceptions unfortunately 😦

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  3. Honestly, it’s more or less the show is hated because the fan base for it just… gross to say the least. The majority of the fans are male, between the ages of I’d guess 15-28 or so. A lot of them give off the fedora-wearing, neck bread stereotype in America and it’s not so much different in Japan from when I lived there (2015-16). They act entitled to these fictional, and their real-life counterparts and that’s off-putting to a lot of people (especially women). The amount of well, XX owes it to me that she’s popular is a very common defense for them to say. They are quick to call out fake fans of the series and of the specific members, and then act like they were wronged when people tell them they’re being judge-mental and entitled. Pretty much, take every bad stereotype of anime fans combined with all bad stereotypes of idol fans, condense it 100% and you have a strong percentage of the Japanese male fanbase for this series (irl and online). Like, I thought I got weird looks for liking Johnny’s groups but the looks guys especially get for admitting they like Love-Live in Japan is WILD. It’s a very polarizing topic that I could get into more, but I won’t since I’m merely a commenter.

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