Anime pet peeves!! What are yours??



I am an avid fan of anime. I really do love it. But I have to be honest, there are some things about anime that irks me. Sometimes these pet peeves can make me not like an anime especially if it’s too much of it.


I don’t mind fan service. I think it’s fine now and then. But when it’s overbearing throughout a show then it gets annoying. Now the fan service that irks me the most is when the females are over-sexualized and it takes away from the plot or it has nothing to do with the plot. Another, the accidental male falls on to the female boobs. Two shows that had it the most and it could have been a really good show but they over did the fan service were Trinity Seven and Rosario + Vampire. They both had some interesting storylines but the fan service was over done to me I couldn’t bear it. Again, I don’t mind Fan service but when it’s over done it can really mess up a show for me. I actually find it funny when the boys have nose bleeds from seeing sexy girls hahah.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate when they have a weak or really annoying girl. I get so annoyed while watching the series all they do is cry, complain or always have to be saved all the time. Like die already!! Haha I hate the weak annoying girls like Sakura from Naruto, Yuuki from Vampire Knight and Orihime from Bleach just to name a few. Why can’t we have more extra cute, extra cool or extra strong girls?



I guess because this is taboo where I am from, I do get uncomfortable with incestuous anime. I just find it weird. I don’t Judge anyone who likes to watch it. I just know when a whole show is based off of that I cannot watch it. I like to just keep it to a brother always talking about his sister. The only show that has the incestuous relationship but I still like is No Game No Life. It’s just a good show. I stopped watching Kaze no Stigma and The irregular at Magic school because of that. I’m so particular hahah



This is not a huge pet peeve but it can be annoying. I get it if the bad guy licked their lips once or twice to prove a point. But not every time they talk. It can be distracting. At least to me. But I am picky person.



Sometimes I don’t mind fillers but when you have way too many it can be annoying. Just get on with the story. Now if the fillers have an actual meaning to the storyline somewhere in the episode then fine. But if it’s just a another way to add some slice of life to the series then I don’t need it. Naruto is infamous for fillers . I think if we eliminated the fillers the series probably would be 200 episodes instead of 500 hahah.

I don’t have too many pet peeves but these really can irk me. I have stopped watching series when the first 3 pet peeves can be overbearing. Ugh

What are some of your anime Pet Peeves?

34 thoughts on “Anime pet peeves!! What are yours??

  1. Actually I find really strong girls(i.e. Mary Sues) who can do everything perfectly to be annoying (e.g. the lead in Maid-same and that show which find ) and immersion breaking lol which is why I prefer weak innocent girls (e.g. the lead in princess tutu) in anime although that can get annoying too if overdone. Actually what I find much more annoying than weak innocent girls is weak MCs.

    Incest relationships can be interesting if they are not treated as a joke. Koi Kaze is absolutely brilliant. And oreimo is not that bad either even if it was all about that.

    The fanservice is aimed at guys because guys in general like sexual humour so I can see why you would find it annoying. Personally I found the fan service in Free! to be extremely annoying. To each their own I guess.

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  2. Interesting post! Fan service is mixed, but I don’t like it a lot in Rosario Vampire even though I like the series. I guess it’s because I read the manga and the anime tends to focus on skirts and breasts. The weak characters like you mentioned about Sakura is annoying. It’s mentioned in the anime that she is smart, but she doesn’t do well in combat and she always need Naruto and Sasuke. I think she did better in Shippuden. Maybe it’s me, but I just prefer simple attacks and powers like Dragon Ball or Naruto. I am watching Hunter x Hunter and it’s kind of confusing on how the characters use Nen.


  3. I dislike filler too. That’s the main reason why I avoided Naruto and gave up on Bleach. My biggest anime gripe however are shows that don’t have a proper ending. I am okay with fan service. Thank goodness that sexy girls don’t give me nose bleeds. I would faint all the time if that were the case!

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    1. I agree too bad endings are never good. Especially if the show was doing so well. Then the ending is bad can mess up your whole thoughts on the show. And hahaha yes I’m glad you don’t get nose bleeds as well. Won’t have enough blood after a while haha

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  4. My biggest pet peeve isn’t one with plots or characters but when the detailing in the art isn’t consistent. I didn’t realize how much that irked me until recently, like Episode 7 of the Ito Junji collection where some main frames just… completely decreased in quality. Like they ran of budget to finish fine details for the rest of the series so they just laughed it off and rolled out with it anyway.

    I just started watching Kakuriyo no Tadomeshi and HOLY SHIT IS IT OBVIOUS WHERE THE MONEY WENT. All the male characters; hot, normal eyes well detailed. The main girl? Her eyes are so off putting. I mean they’re too large, her face shape isn’t consistent. It’s like her eyes are suppose to be super shoujo style but it clashed so to ease up they just made a low quality version.

    Just… make it all consistently shitty or get the budget to do it right. I get that main characters should have more refined details then a side character but when even the MAIN characters look like crap half-way through that irks me beyond belief. (Same with your list though.

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  5. Fan service is a huge pet peeve of mine! I’m also female and straight, so these moments do nothing for me. (the ones geared towards me make me feel dirty and awkward too lol) The bouncy breasts look painful and the girls just magically getting their breasts grabbed is stupid.

    Strong girls who are weak is one of mine too. The girls you mentioned are all strong, but they become weak because of the story. It’s annoying, because you know that they could do better.

    One thing that I hate, that you didn’t mention, is girls hitting guys and it being funny. It’s almost never funny.

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  6. I don’t mind fillers. Especially, if it’s a show I really like because then I get to see more. In terms of adaptation from manga to animation are written by two different writers so it makes since that the story is slightly different.

    Pet peeves 1 and 3 are definite no no. I don’t care for two much and the licking lips thing never crossed my mind. lol

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  7. I agree with all of the ones you put but I gotta add a few.

    1) The sudden comeback victory via friendship: it’s just stupid, if you’re getting your ass beat you won’t win just because you thought of your friends

    2) Out of place comedy: nothing ruins a serious moment like a random joke

    3) Announcing your attack: just why

    4) Letting your opponent power up

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  8. I really hate the overly stupid character when they are supposed to be funny or cute. I find stupid annoying and these characters usually drive me up the wall. It the reason Black Star is my least favourite character from Soul Eater. He is stupid, impulsive, and just stupid. Every scene he is in until the half-way point makes me want him to be killed. He does get one good moment when he helps Tsubaki, and then he is back to being annoying.

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  9. All right, bear with me, because I’ve got a few.

    1: Best friend archetypes. With most male main characters… And yes, I do mean most of them… There are two friends they’re destined to have one or the other of. The first one is the girl-crazy male friend who’s way more outgoing and expressive than the MC, and in all likelihood, will go unnoticed while all the female characters instead fawn over the MC. The other one, which is much more consistent, is the female childhood friend who’s in love with MC, but NEVER winds up with him, as he doesn’t see her romantically. Pay attention, you start to see these characters all over the gorram place.

    2: Villain archetypes. When it comes to villains in anime, there are two predominant traits you’re going to see a lot of… Bad guys with long white hair, and bad guys who look like effeminate clowns. Basically, at least half the villains I’ve ever seen in anime were either Sephiroth or Kefka, and it gets kind of annoying.

    3: Cheek talking. You know, when you’re seeing a character from the side, and their mouth is opening up in the middle of their bloody cheek? It’s the cringiest freaking thing ever.

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  10. You hit most of my pet peeves from anime, the fan service with the accidental sexual contact, the female characters who have an over the top dependence on the male lead, and the incest relationships. The only one that is missing is the clueless protagonist in harem anime. All four of those can and have ruined anime for me.

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