Anime kids I want to adopt


Weird topic, I know. But when I watch anime there are some anime kids I wish could be my kids. So when I adopt kids I want them to kind of be like these kids which all have some cool, crazy or fun aspects about them. Now my choices are kids, not older teens because they all have issues haha.



I like Boruto because he is super cute, such a cool boy and not goofy like his father. He can fight and he gets along with everyone. I like that he is a great big brother to his younger sister.



I like Shikadai because he is like his father. Quiet but super smart. Can analyze a situation and handle it in the best manner possible. Plus he is cute too. I love his ponytail.



Killua is super adorable, I love his style, out of all the characters in Hunter x Hunter he had the most outfit change. His outfits is exactly how I want to dress my son. I love his haircut too. He is my ideal look of how my son should look. Haha



I love Ed. She was so ambiguous in her look. I really liked her crazy and energetic ways. She did the most random things but you can’t help but laugh. I do want a kid that is a hacker so I can benefit from it. Hahahah



Shiro was just super adorable, she was so girly but was a super talented gamer. Usually, you think of boys when it comes to gaming, but she def was at the top when it comes to gamers. I love her purple dress and long gray hair.



Hatchin was a survivor. She was able to adapt to any situation she was put in, especially riding around with Michiko who had danger follow her wherever she may go. But Hatchin was a ride or die kid. I loved her ambiguous look as well, she was super adorable and very independent.

If you can adopt any anime kid, who would it be?

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