I Can’t believe how many seasons there have been of Pokémon. It was one of the first anime I’ve watched as a kid and it’s still going. Wow it blows m mind.

The new Series is called Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures. The series premieres on March 24th on Disney XD. Hmm interesting. I do have that channel. Haha kind of Random.

Live watched the trailer and the artist drawing is so old school. I am not sure if I am a fan of it. Ash looks super weird. Check out the trailer below.

What are are your thoughts???

17 thoughts on “POKÈMON SEASON 21 -COMING SOON

  1. I often bash Naruto for being long, but Pokemon must have it beat by quite the distance. Twenty one seasons? That must be over a thousand episodes. I prefer the old character designs to the ones shown in that trailer, but no biggie. These days I am more interested in the games than the anime.

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  2. Honestly, f that show now. Ash has a new chick every season and all her cares about is Pokemon, which is fine because i hate harem animes, but for fucks sake he hasnt won a pokemon championship. In XY n XYZ he had a op graninja that could mega evolve without a megastone, and he still lost. Really? he also has a Charizard that he can make mega evolve if he wanted to. WTF!!?? he can’t win??
    and what about chicks? dis foo had Serina begging to be with him. freaking everyone knew it, even that one chick with the Farfetched. But no, Ash is still didn’t hit her up. Screw this show.
    the worst part is that it’s got me like an idiot watching every new season hoping to god he smashes

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  3. I watched Pokemon so many years ago. I was a big fan then but I stopped watching it once it stopped airing on TV. I never knew it extended into this many seasons! Will be giving this trailer a try anyway!

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