I have to be honest. This season there are not that many new anime I am watching. Nothing really caught my attention or I couldn’t even finish the first episode. But there are a few that I am watching. And I also included a section for continued series from the Fall.


Action, comedy


Fukuoka is a city in which the crime has reached new heights. In the Hakata ward there are many individuals with special talent that are professional killers, detectives, informants and professional revenge seekers. Private detective Banba is on a case in which he uncovers a dark conspiracy.


This is literally my fav anime of the season. I always like assassins and dangerous characters. The series also has some funny moments as well. The characters are pretty cool. Nothing original because I have seen similar characters like these in other anime. The story is pretty good and now we are going into another arc. But I do have to say I always look forward to seeing this series every week.


Anime: Kokkoku Genre: Horror, Mystery, Drama


Juri Yukawa is trying to move out of her family’s house which consist of her working mother, laid off Father, NEET brother, single parent sister and her sister’s son. She fails at 19 interviews she recently had and feels there is no hope for her family except to try and raise her nephew as a successful adult.

One day when her brother Tsubasa picks up their nephew from school they violently are kidnapped and held for ransom by a mysterious organization. They are held for 5 million yen and the family has 30mins to deliver the money.

With this urgent matter at hand Juri’s grandfather reveals a family secret. Juri, her father and grandfather offer their blood to a mystical stone, which then they enter a world of “Stais” a version of their world where everyone stops except the users. They arrive at the location of where the brother and nephew are being held but are surprised to find the organization that kidnapped them are also able to move.


I’m still not sure how I feel about this series. It is something different and original. I do like that they can go into another form of our world. The story is not so bad but I can’t pin point what it is that puts me off about this show. I find it very entertaining but I don’t know what it is that I also have a hate relationship with the series.


Anime: Junji Ito Collection Genre: Horro


Manga artist Junji Ito’s manga has been adapted into an anime anthology series Junji Ito Collection a horror anime. Each week there are different stories and characters.


I love horror anime. I do think this anime and the different stories are either a hit or a miss. It’s not consistent. Some stories I find annoying or boring. Then other stories I’m enjoying it and find it pretty good. I would have this on my fav list if the stories were more hit than miss. I do have to say it does have a creepy factor with the anime. The artistic drawing is kind of freaky with their characters.


Anime: Boruto: The Next Generation Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen


Boruto the son of Naruto Uzumaki who is now the 7th Hokage is upset with his father choosing work over his family duties. Due to Naruto’s neglect Boruto becomes rebellious and has animosity towards his father. He decides he will follow his own path and achieving the life that he wants.


I have to say this series has gotten much better since it first started. It doesn’t have the slice of life feel anymore. Thank goodness. I am not a fan of slice of life. They now are fighting more. Boruto and his classmates are going on missions. It’s not Naruto but I am enjoying it.

Anime: Black Clover Genre: Shonen, Magic, Fantasy


Asta and Yuno are both raised as orphans in a small town outside of Clover Kingdom.
Asta dreams to become Wizard King but one problem… he wasn’t born with magic powers. He trains intensively his physical powers. Yuno has magic powers and is considered a prodigy with his powers. He dreams of becoming the Wizard King as well. Now at 15 they are both granted the opportunity to apply to become Wizards known at the Magic Knights. The show takes on us their journey of becoming the Wizard King.


Besides Asta’s crazy screaming which is still annoying to me. The series started to get better. We finally have a Villain that is worthy of my attention. The story is getting better. I am enjoying the typical Shounen main character has a goal and will continue to remind you every other 10mins of their goal. Haha

Anime: Garo Vanishing Line Genre: Action Fantasy, Science, Fiction, Demon


In Russell City, there is a plot that is beginning to prosper and can eventually cause a major problem. The first to hear about this plot is a man named Sword who fights in the Shadow Wars. He lost his little sister and the only clue he has is the word El Dorado. A girl named Sophie lost her older brother and is in need of help. Her only clue is the Word El Dorado as well which was left on his laptop. She runs into Sword and asks for his help during this Shadow war. Sword decides to help since they both have the same clue to find their loved ones.


It’s till fun and very adventurous. The action is crazy. It’s still a must watch for me.

Anime: The Magus Bride Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery


15 year old Chise Hatori left without any family and hope is bought for money by a non-human entity that is a sorcerer named Elias.

She begins a new life with him to one day become his wife. He teaches her how to use her magic and she begins to live a somewhat peaceful life. Though there are a few mishaps throughout her time with Elias.


I still love this show with the fantasy world we are in. I always get lost in this show. I really want to live in a magical world. If you aren’t watching this series then you better start.


What anime are you watching for the Winter 2018 season???




15 thoughts on “WINTER 2018 ANIME FAV AND LEAST FAV

  1. Totally agree about Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens. I’ve loved the whole series that’s out so far! And some with the Ito Junji Collection, it was okay to not so good to I’m partly confused why I’m still watching but now I’m still watching.

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  2. Yes your right in saying there isn’t much series coming out this fall… but I agree with your review regarding your selection:

    HAKATA TONKOTSU RAMENS – Definitely caught me off guard, I thought I’ll give it a look but I am hooked it’s very different story line but ver indepth characters, I am with you this is a worthy watch at present.

    KOKKOKU – never heard of it, so cannot comment, plus I only watch anime in english dubbed.

    JUNJI ITO COLLECTION – not my thing horror.. so can only go by what others comment on it.

    BORUTO: THE NEXT GENERATION – 100% definitely to watch!!!! Though for me I am just hanging out for the eng dub to come out for it… and though it will probably wont be until near the end of the year, it’s always worth the wait, as was its parent series in Naruto and Shippuden…

    BLACK CLOVER – now this is one of my fav at the moment, though it seems very short episodes I am digging anything to do with magic (like Fairy Tail), this could be a front runner for a long worth while series to watch, but like you say as long as you can get over Asta’s irritating screaming, then you’ll be fine…

    GARO VANISHING LINE – haven’t watched this yet, but I will be watching the series from the beginning with the other spin-offs etc; don’t want to ruin it by getting a head of myself.

    THE ANCIENT MAGUS BRIDE – and of course, another worthy series to watch; love the relationship dynamics between Chise and Elias, then with all the other magical/ mystic beings that pop-in-and-out too… Great watch and a must see!!!!

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  3. *Hangs Head in Shame* I’m so bad at keeping up and watching seasonal anime! Some of these sound right up my alley too! I did start Buroto awhile back though but I haven’t finished it. *Siiiiigggghh* It’s just no Naruto and I can’t seem to get over it. I keep hoping for the adult characters to come on the scene lol. I’m like Buroto go stand over there I want to see your dad!

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  4. I’m also really loving Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens at this point. It is my favourite pick up of the season and would be my favourite of the season except that March Comes in Like a Lion hasn’t finished yet (not that it is airing for the next few weeks but it will come back).

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  5. I absolutely love Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. It’s an amazing series that I think is defintely the biggest surprise of this season. The problem with Junji Ito Collection Is definitely it’s inconsistency. But even the stories that I like end up with usually very unresolved storylines.
    As for Black Clover….you are making me curious again. I said this last time. But now I have definitely grown even more curious. Gotta get back into this. 😊

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  6. I am really enjoying the ancient magus bride. Right now though I am watching dancing with devils which is pretty interesting. However a super annoying factor is the constant Need to break into song during critical moments. But overall it is worthy of a watch.

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