6865C93B-00A4-494D-A898-72C98B042A65Someone on Instagram posted the image above The old Big 3 and the new big 3. Well of course she received a lot of comments. Some agreeing and some disagreeing.



Well letโ€™s start with the old big 3. A lot of the comments I saw people were agreeing with the old big 3. Then you have many commenting what about Goku? Now I have to agree with the Goku commenters. Goku is one of the old big anime. Dragon ball was the breakthrough anime that put the stamp in the western world for more anime to Crossover.

Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are def part of the big anime, they each have well over 300 episodes. One piece of course have the most well over 1000. (Geez) But they are very popular anime that have on going stories that you follow. They also have characters you grew with through all their changes and developments.


With the New Big 3, the image has My Hero Academia, Boruto and Black Clover. The comments I saw was YES for My Hero Academia. I didnโ€™t see any negative comments for that series. Then it was kind of a split decision with Boruto, one comment said โ€œyay Boruto โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโ€then another comment said โ€œBoruto is Shit. (๐Ÿ˜ณ) last, I saw so many negative comments for Black Clover. Many of the comments were complaining about Asta the main character.


I do believe My Hero Academia has what it takes to be one of the next staples in anime. It has a lot of great characters, the story line is amazing and character development is and going to be amazing. Boruto I feel will be a big anime by default because of Naruto. It started getting better from when it first started but will it hold up against his fatherโ€™s series? Maybe not, but many Naruto fans will watch. As for Black Clover I donโ€™t know if it will be a big one yet. I find the show to be entertaining and yet annoying as well. I do know Shounen anime usually does really well because anime fans tend to gravitate to Shounen. I guess we will see. But my opinion is Black Clover has a long way to go.


What are your thoughts on the big 3s old and new?


50 thoughts on “THE OLD BIG 3 and THE NEW BIG 3 in ANIME?

  1. It should really be the old Big 4 and it would Naruto,Bleach,One Piece and DBZ.

    The new Big 3 should be My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan not Boruto


  2. MHA , One Piece And AOT especially since episode 50 was released i believe the hype will revert to being revolving around AOT


      1. New big 3: Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan. Boruto anime is more of a slice of life than a shounen


  3. The old big three are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. But since Bleach rate popularity became drop because of trash plot (there is a rumor that editor or publisher intervene author), they changed member be Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail. Naruto was ended, and so was Fairy Tail. Boruto is alternate version of future story, but not from author. So, the new big three become One Piece, Boku no Hero and Black Clover. Those animes from Old and New Generation always become long-serial, not seasonal. So, it means seasonal anime not include.


  4. I like the big old 3 including Dragon Ball Z and Samurai X
    But I think The new 3 will be Dragon Ball Super, One Piece and My Hero Academia followed by Boruto, Goblin Slayer and Radiant….. and nobody cares about Black Clover….. til Asta died or something.


    1. Black clover is good idek why or how people can dislike it the story is going good but the only thing is that the main goal is repetitive and there are many anime that have similar goals so thats not an excuse


  5. First I would like to state that one piece will not be leaving the big three itโ€™s gonna hold itโ€™s spot. Next is that My hero is the second seat. Now although boruto and black clover are at similar levels with this I believe itโ€™s gonna come down to the fact that boruto is the sequel to Naruto so it just absorbs all of the fans giving it a head start making it more likely to become the a member of the big three

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    1. I agree. One piece is going to keep going and keep strong as a top anime. Also, I do agree Boruto will come out on top of Black Clover because of Naruto being a popular anime. It gives the Naruto fans more of the series but with their kids.


  6. Honestly I can see BNHA, maybe Boruto, but honestly I don’t think Black Clover will be part of ‘The Next Big 3’ because I think One Piece is still going strong.

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  7. You know, when I saw this post was going to be about “The old big 3,” I thought that meant you’d be talking about Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Outlaw Star.

    Hot damn I feel old.

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  8. Totally agree with my hero academia ๐Ÿ˜‰ awesome show with great characters, story, music and potential. not very sure about boruto simply because I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet but I’m sure thanks to Naruto it will have fans already lined up to see their new young hero in action. as for black clover I have seen a few episodes and think the story has great potential but like most people have said the main character is rather annoying lol. it is certainly not as popular as the other two but maybe it might pick up, we will have to see.

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  9. Love it or hate it Naruto has staying power, given that it features in both of the Big Threes. Isn’t One Piece still running? That would make it part of the current big three in place of Black Clover. Right now there isn’t really a trio of shows that dominate like Bleach/One Piece/Naruto did during their prime.

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  10. I think it is quite possible that these three will become maybe a fraction of what the big three were in popularity, except for the juggernaut of the three My Hero Academia. As much as I like Boruto and would like more to watch it, I see more people bashing it because it isn’t Naruto or that it is “too much” like Naruto. It doesn’t fall into the popularity spectrum purely because of its uphill battle I feel. Black Clover on the other hand, I think if the bad press its anime was receiving wasn’t enough to almost quiet its ascension then Asta’s roar certainly is doing a good job of keeping it as a meme. Whether that will make it stay in the consciousness of fans I have no idea, but I can say it may follow more the path of Bleach fading into obscurity down the line and forgotten a bit during the discussion phase. I think the only one that has a chance so far to garner widespread appeal would be My Hero Academia and so far it is doing a good job of that.

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  11. Like others have said, Academia isn’t going anywhere for a while. The others, I’m not sure of, but MHA is definitely the hit Shonen Jump magazine needed to fill in its gaps after so many of the other big hits have finished.

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  12. At the end of the day… whatever the case is… any new anime series that come out have of course large shoes to fill and this will come down to the authors/ creators of the series and the artists… if they cannot keep the great story telling and design work coming through… this bodes not well for these well mentioned series (and many other unnamed new series coming up/ out)… they are susceptible to be dropped or even not completed (for various reasons) as we have seen with many over the years (which should be a crime)

    Naruto, Bleach, One Piece… they have stood the test of time merely because of the great followings… even in and out when fillers, random arcs, random characters were thrown in/ introduced in any of these series… The fans (and haters alike) have lifted these Big 3 to where they are today… The new blood of series coming through over time can also reach these elevations but like I say unless they are given more then 25 episodes (or more than 2 seasons)… there is no hope for these new comers which is a damn shame…

    The new 3 mentioned: Boruto, Black Clover, My Hero Academia have already proven they can show some umpf in what they bring to the table… I believe its too early to write them off just yet… but yeah… lets home they get some momentum before we cast judgement…

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  13. My personal opinion is that Black Clover just isn’t appealing enough to end up as one of the big titles people talk about long term. I stopped watching at episode 13 and rarely even think about it until I see a post on it. Though, possibly I think the issue is that anime is moving away from these massive ongoing series.

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  14. My Hero Academia is the only one of the 3 I’ve had a chance to watch. And so far, I think the show is bomb. I like all the characters a lot. Would not be against it being considered one of the new big 3 at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Itโ€™s funny, since I was the Japanese version his voice is loud and annoying in Japanese. But when I heard his English voice I was disgusted haha. It just sounded all so wrong. Haha


  15. I stopped watching Black Clover. I just could not take Asta’s screaming voice anymore (lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚), but I also did not really enjoy the series as a whole. Maybe I will get back to it at some point, but for now I am pretty much content with the series I am currently watching ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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  16. I have to agree with My Hero Academia. It definitely has a large chance of becoming one of the new big anime. I’m not sure about Boruto, since it’s kind of a spin-off of Naruto, but if the fans like it as much of the original, then yeah, I guess so. I’m doubting Black Clover’s ability to climb up the ranks and sit at the top. I read part of the first manga and couldn’t finish it because it felt like a Naruto rip-off. But who knows?

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