So, I read a lot of websites and forums. I feel like I have to keep my readers up to date with what I find interesting in the news.

This past weekend there was an event promoting Anime Tourism in none other than the anime capital of the world; Akihabara!


Governor Yuriko Koike, professional Cosplayer Enako who attended as Asuna from Sword Art Online and others were promoting a smartphone app called Anime Tourism 2018 to of course, promote Anime Tourism.

The app features characters from Sword Art Online, which uses an AR that allows the user to receive digital stamp rally, where the user can visit 12 locations and gain points in which you can exchange for real merchandise. (Why wasn’t this there when I was in Japan?)

So a while back I did a post about Tokyo’s governor Yuriko Koike who wants to turn Tokyo into Anime land. She is a big fan of anime and Cosplaying. (Wish my governor was like that) Well it looks like it’s slowly but surely moving a long. Super excited.

Tokyo, Japan turned into Anime Land?

What do you think about this new app? Do you think it will help with Anime Tourism?

Check our the promo video on how the app works.

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