I am sure you have seen many OWLS’ members say it’s been 1 year since this group started. We are still going strong and also had some new members join. I am super proud to be part of a group that supports Otakus who are discriminated against. I like to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. As an anime community I feel we should always support each other.

The Owls each month hold a blog tour that is themed base. We take an anime and relate it to the theme for that month. Well this month the theme is “Revival” which is perfect since it is a new year.

A new year implies “new beginnings.”Yet, rather than discussing the “new,” we will be discussing the “revival”. “Revival”has multiple definitions, but the meaning we will be focusing on is the improvement, development, or refinement of something. Our posts will be about characters that undergo a positive or negative transformation and what we can learn from them.

Check out Gigi from Animepalooza whose tour was before mine. Check out her video.



Now the character I will be focusing on is Michiko from Michiko and Hatchin. The reason why I chose Michiko is because the creators captured the raw and hardcore attitude of Michiko. She comes from the urban cities of South America. I have watched many foreign films that are from South America my favorite being City of Gods and the series really felt like the real deal even with their depiction of Michiko. But throughout the series we start to see a different side to Michiko. Not too tough and we start to see a softer and caring side.


From the start Michiko didn’t have an amazing life. She grew up in an orphanage run by Seria who uses the orphanage as a place to buy and sell kids. One kid was Michiko’s friend Yolanda. Michiko really hated Seria for her evil ways. We see in one episode Michiko trying to steal a money box from the orphanage.

When Michiko is older she is seen in a prison van arrested for property damage, acts that were associated with the Fantasma gang. While in prison Michiko escapes the prison 4 times even though this prison is supposed to be inescapable. Her final break out she is out for good and is on the run.

Now out of prison she wants to find her former lover Hiroshi. Although he is said to have died in a bus explosion Michiko believes he is alive. She rescues his daughter Hana from her abusive foster parents. They both set out to find Hiroshi together.


During this crazy adventure Michiko and Hana both are always arguing and bickering with each other. Many times they have split up but they always come back to each other. Michiko begins to warm up and becomes more maternal towards Hana. She starts to lose her thuggish ways and becomes more caring. We kind of start seeing Michiko’s “revival” through her relationship with Hana.

While on the run and in search for Hiroshi Michiko is faced with many obstacles. One being Satoshi a leader of a gang who is out to kill her and the other is the cops who are constantly on her trail. She still keeps her bad girl momentum and fights off Satoshi and then also escaping the cops. All while protecting Hana. But she knows there is a goal that must be accomplished; She and Hana must get to Hiroshi.

In the end she finally finds Hiroshi who is perfectly fine and loving his free spirited life. She leaves Hana with her father knowing she can trust him to take care of her. Michiko leaves and goes on the run again. While Hana is with her father she receives unnamed packages in the mail and knows it’s from Michiko. So Michiko still cared for her in the end.

Just because someone grew up with a harder life style doesn’t mean they can’t change. Sometimes it can take someone or something that can change them. As for Michiko it was Hana. Though in the beginning they didn’t get along and bickered so much, however they both realized they were very similar in many ways. They both have strong personalities. Both come from homes that were abusive and didn’t have their parents around. Then they both had the same goal of finding Hiroshi. These were def many factors that played into Michiko eventually warming up to Hana.

Even in our lives whether we grew up with a hard life or an easy going life, sometimes we all have a change in ourselves. Our own personal “revival”. I think all humans change in certain ways. We may have a person, place or thing that can set that in motion. Just like Michiko did with Hana.

I have many friends that had many changes in their lives and I have to say wow. Some of them were very angry teens and now are probably way more calmer than I am. Two grew up always fighting and now have kids and know they had to change. I have a cousin who was an introvert and now has so many friends because she met that one friend who she felt comfortable with that helped her break out her shell. Myself, I have grown up from being very smart ass and class clown that when I went into college I knew I needed to grow up. It was college for me that helped me change and become more of an adult. Sometimes a person needs a little push or a little help to change. I have seen it first hand with my friends and family.

That is why I chose Michiko because she has changed throughout the series and you become closer to her character because you get to know her better.


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ease be sure to check out Auri (Manga Toritsukareru Koto) on Jan 27,

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  1. You a class clown back in High school? After actually meeting you, I can totally see that. LOL But yeah. Michiko is a very interesting character. It was nice seeing her change gradually. She back pedal alot which made it that much more meaningful. I’m convinced that she’s Hana biological mother.

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  2. I have enormous respect for people that change themselves in order to become better persons. Especially if those changes are hard fought ones. And if a friend can help with that, it is even better. So yeah, this is so true 😊😊 As usual I again don’t know this anime (please don’t hate me 🙈🙈🙈), but it sounds like one I should check out really soon. Great post! 😊

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