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Now when I attended Anime NYC I didn’t get tickets to see the premiere of Full Metal Alchemist live action film. So I was kind of upset. But now it will be arriving on Netflix on February 19th. Yayy

Now as I alwayyyyyyyssss say, live actions are usually or more so always bad, but since I saw Erased live action series on Netflix I enjoyed it. I have a little bit of hope for this film.

Will you be watching????

Check out the trailer below.


  1. Freaking out very hard right now and hoping that this will be as awesome as the anime and manga. Has there been a confimed release date for Netflix yet, I’ve heard they’re about to start releasing projects as early as next month

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  2. Yes definitely will be!! But yes your also right in saying so… there is some hope since Erased came out recently… Fingers crossed they don’t ruin another classic Anime… Question did you get my post on your summary of 2017 anime??


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